A/N: this takes place in their second year.

Disclaimer: Characters and Chamber of Secrets plot and events, etc. belong to J. K. Rowling. The original Eleanor Rigby song belongs to the Beatles

Hermione Granger Sung to the tune of Eleanor Rigby

Oh, look at all the Hogwarts students
Oh, look at all the Hogwarts students
Hermione Granger, picks up the books from the shelf where the sixth years have been
Lives behind textbooks
Waits at the washroom waiting for Myrtle to open the door

Who is it for?

Ronald and Harry
Where doesit all come from ?
All the potions stuff
Where doesit all belong ?

In the potion, intending to change their visage to sneak into the room
Slytherins live there
Look at them scheming. Seeing their Lord in the night when their teacher's asleep
people are scared
of Lord Voldemort
Where do they all come from?
All the Death Eaters
Where do they all belong?

Hermione Granger, was petrified close to the library where she dwelt
people found her,
holding a mirror, trying to see if the snake was lurking nearby

They all were saved

by Ronald and Harry
Where did they just come from
All the nasty and dirty
Where did they just come from

The Chamber of Secrets