Reno's Life: Chp 57

"Right here, Uncle Reno?"

"There's just fine, yo"

Marlene placed a skateboard on the ground in front of Reno and backed away a few feet. Denzel was standing next to Marlene with a video camera in hand.

"Ready, Uncle Reno?"

"You bet. Is it recording?"


"What is going on in here?"

Tifa entered the room with a silver tray in her arms and looked at them all curiously. Marlene ran up to her and hugged her tightly.

"Tifa! We're all going to make a funny video and send it in to that tv show to win money!"

"Yeah!" Denzel agreed. "Reno said he's gonna help us!"

"Oh, is he?"

"You bet, yo!" He put one foot on the skateboard and grinned.

"Well, that sounds fun. What's he going to do?"

"I'm going to jump onto this skateboard as hard as he could and see what happens!"

"Um, that sounds a bit dangerous, Reno..."

"Ah, I'll be fine. I've bumped my head quite a few times and I'm still alive, right?"

"I guess, but..."

"Don't worry! It'll be easy! Still recording, Denzel?"

"You bet!"

"Wait! Uncle Reno! I think it would be funnier if you put the skateboard in front of the doorway and act as if you walked in on it by accident!"

"Good thinking, Marlene. I'll do just that, yo"

Reno kicked the skateboard in front of the doorway and just as he started heading after it, he heard someone running towards the room and calling out from the hall.

"I'm back, and I have something urgent to- GAH!"

Cloud, who was the one who dashed into the room, accidentally stepped onto the skateboard and it raced forward. He crashed into the coffee table which was sitting in the middle of the room and fell onto it, instantly snapping it in two. The skateboard flew out before Cloud hit the ground and slammed into a table, which had a crystal bowl full of peaches sitting on the edge.

"My favorite bowl!", Tifa cried.

The spiky blonde jumped up from the ruined coffee table and dove to catch it. He narrowly missed, causing it to fall onto his head after pummeling him with large, heavy, hard round fruits.

Cloud sat up and lifted the bowl off of his head, revealing an angry, murderous glowing eyes.

Marlene, Denzel, Tifa, and Reno stared at Cloud with wide eyes.

"U-Um...I have to clean my room!", Marlene said, racing out of the room.

"I have to help!", Denzel said, running after her.

"I have to help them clean Marlene's room!", Tifa said, following the children.

"...I hope we got that on tape, yo!"

Bonus Chapter!

Sephiroth was sitting quietly at his desk, working hard on his paperwork, when suddenly he saw the door to his office open slightly. But before he could get a good look at who was there, a barrage of water balloons shot at him, hitting him directly in the face, chest, and arms.

The attacker fled from the scene before Sephiroth even knew what (or who) hit him. The silver haired general looked down at his soggy paper work and growled. Five hours of work, gone. Just like that.

Sephiroth jumped out of his chair and over the desk in a single leap. He kicked the door to his office open and ran out of the room in search of this practical joker.

Meanwhile, Zack was in the hallway, on his way to the president's office to give him a bunch of files he's recently completed. He held the three folders under his left arm and had his hands in his pockets.

Cloud turned a corner, ran towards the dark-haired Soldier, and tossed a few water balloons at him. Zack held up his hands and instantly caught them.

"Don't you know that's no good, Spiky? You're not fast enough to hit me! Especially when I see you throw 'em like that. Eh?"

The blonde ran right past him and around a different corner. Zack looked down at the balloons in his hands, then up again, and gasped. He dropped them and tried to run away, but it was no good.

A very wet and very, very, very angry Sephiroth caught him by his collar and held him up a few good inches from the ground.

"So you're the culprit"


"You think you could have gotten away with that?"

"With w-what?"

"Don't play stupid with me! You're going to stay here after work and finish up every single of my reports that you drenched. Do you hear me?"

"But I-"

"Do you hear me?!"

"Y-Yes sir..."

Cloud smirked at Zack from around the corner and held up a sign scribbled with red sharpie.

'April Fools Revenge >=)'

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