Hogwarts Idal

Cast and Characters

Amanda as Dumbledore

Kelli as Peter

Chrystal as Dobby

Naomi as Luna

Janet as Hermione

Kory as Ron

Jes(s) as Voldemort

Stephonie as Ginny

Kim as Harry

Jeni as Snape

Albus Dumbledore walked down the stairs of Hogwarts School. He wore a big baggy pants that hung so that is moon and star boxers could be seen. His red shirt that read 'Your Mum' was only tucked in on one side. His hat was backwards and his one ear held an earring.

"Yo, yo, you welcome to my SCHOOL! Today we will be doing 'Hogwarts Idal' rap style! So let it begin..."


I have big blue eyes

Sorry they don't lie

For a very old guy

I sure am wise

As the Polly juice bubbles

Harry's askin' for trouble

You better down the cup

Hope you don't throw up!

McGonagall is lovely

watch out for fluffy

you better move quickly

Hogwarts is mine

Don't cross the line

You know I'm fine

I'm Dumbledore


Hogwarts is gonna burn

Now it's my turn

Stab Harry in the eye

Keep Snape's big lie

Hogwarts is gonna burn

It's about time you learn

Ginny's gonna give you a kiss

You have one last bliss

Hogwarts is gonna burn

Your the one she yearns for

You better fly

or you'll die


All my life spent being outcast,

Made fun of because of who I am

Those years spent being made fun of,

I used to devise a plan

I spent 7 years at Hogwarts

to get my degree

And pay back all those people

who made fun of me.

After my turn was up

I went into hiding

Pretending to be a rat named Scabbers,

And no one knew I was lying.

I stayed in his shadow

waiting for my shot at glory

I never knew taking care of Tom

would be so boring.

Now Harry will help me

in killing the fake dark lord,

And when I come to power

I'll turn Harry into a gourd.

Hogwarts will burn,

The teachers will die

I'll kill all the Weasley children,

To see Mrs. Weasley cry!

I will roast marshmallows

on the flames of the school,

and laugh as the memories

of the kids who thought it was cool.

Once Hogwarts is burnt

and the memories are gone

and take my place at the throne

"What are you going to do?" Voldemort asked tapping his foot on the ground.

"Nothing Sir." Peter said turning into a rat and running away for his life.


My name is Ginny and I go to Hogwarts,

home of warlocks and witches and animagi

Okay I gotta fly

when you want to learn some magic

come and see me next time

"I cant rap!' Ginny's face starts to turn blood red as she walks away into the darkness her head low.


Man, I hate this school

It is such a bore

And how about

That Dumbledore

Just because hes head of Hogwarts

He thinks he's all that

Well I wanna say

Thats not a face.

So how about

This school I'm in?

I can't believe

I'm here again.

I get scared


By Harry

And Hermione...

We always

Go around the school


for something to do

But no matter

what goes on

I can always

Laugh at this song

"Seems the Weasley's can't rap... Don't quite you day job!"


Hey, yo check it,

Listen to me

I'm a teacher at Hogwarts

and I know that ain't cool

Just give me a year

and I'll be king of the school

None of ya can compete

against me

I'll have you geggin on your knees

Enough of that now let me tell you about me

My name is Professor Snape

I wear a great big black cape

I hate Harry Potter

If I could I would slaughter

not only him

but his not good friends

He's my enemy for life

Nothin' can change that

That's not a lie

Its a FACT

Dumbledore thinks he's so cool

Being ruler of the school

Always letting Harry get away

You might say things about me

Behind my back

Just wait till next year

You wont know how to react

This is the end of the rap

Just remember I'll be back

I'm taking my vow

So now I bow

So now I say

we'll meet again

another day...

"Is that a threat?" asked Ron

"Hey I am cool thank you very much." Dumbledore said crossing his arms like he's going to say 'Yo'

"Your all posers!" Luna said walking forwards. "Now its my turn."


This here rap can't be normal

I'm Luna Lovegood and I'm forever formal

Although I can sometimes be in turmoil

Things at Hogwarts are Magical

My wand is very flammable

I don't try to catch it on fire

I would assume it would make me tire

Sometimes I don't make sense

I also make other people tense

But don't mind me

Because I am the who wants to flee

Is this a poem, or an overdone song/

Well I don't care

I won't rhyme

Or pay my fine

Do I have another line?

Witchcraft can be very scary

my legs are og so hairy

It doesn't make sense

To try to sell my mind for a pence

You wouldn't get very far

Even in a speeding muggle car!

Like I said before

My name is Luna Lovegood

And now I should

Make a rap

"So what normal stupid person knows what a pence is?" asked Dumbledore.

"I think its money." Snape replied.

"Why are Luna's legs so hairy?" asked Ginny.

"I have nothing to say..." Voldemort lowers his head and shakes it slightly


My name is Hermione Granger,

I'm a Muggle Born.

I spend more time reading than eating.

And Ron's emotional capacity is smaller than a fork.

I went to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry,

Harry Potter is my best friend,

Until the end,

Ron Weasley is my King.

Snapes a Git.

Crabbe and Goyle or Zeros

Malfoy's an evil Ferret.

And Ron Weasley is my Hero.

Lavenders a jerk.

She has to many perks,

Ron Weasley was a jerk,

He had to perks,

And he almost died.

The last line didnt rhyme,

Give me time.

Voldemort is gay,

There's no way to hid it.

It showed bright as day,

As he tried to abide it.

He hit on Harry,

As his last chance to live.

Harry laughed, but then realized He was going to give in.

Not really, Harry just killed him.

I'm Hermione Granger,

This rap is over,

Gotta make

An apple turnover

Ron Weasley is my sighficant,

He's my other,

But not like my brother

He's my lover.

Forever More,

This is the end

Ron Weasley is my Hero,

He's my friend.

"Hey you only said my name four times but Ron a million!" Harry smiled.

Ron stood there saying nothing.

"DUH! Hermione loves Ron." Dumbledore said putting an arm around Hermione and Ron.

"Now please tell me why I'm GAY!" Voldemort yelled.

"Gay means happy!" Dumbledore smiled. "Now Dobby your turn!"


My Name is Dobby and I like cool clothes

Big Jackets, big sweaters and really funky robes!

Mr. Harry Potter Sir is really great

He jumps, skips, and learns to bake!

Master Dumbledore doesn't like snakes.

He squishes, stomps and makes them paint!

Hogwarts School is the best you'll ever find

With witches, warlocks and Slythrin grime

Now this is the end of Dobby's rhyme, so

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

"That was cute Dobby!" Hermione said patting his head.

"NEXT!" Yelled Dumbledore

"Looks like I'm last. Best for last!"


Now this is the story all about how My life got flipped, turned upside down And I'd like to take a minute, just sit right there. I'll tell you how I became the legend of Magic everywhere.

In dull little England born and raised, Under a staircase is were I spent most of my days, chilling out, maxing, relaxing NOT cool, and shooting some spell balls outside of Wizard School, when a couple of guys said "We're up to no good" Started making trouble in my nice little magic school. I got into one little fight and Hagrid got scared and said "Your moving to Hogwarts, cause I'm really scared."

I raced for the train and when I got near the licenplate said "9 3/4" and had comfortable chairs. If anything I could say this train was rare. But I thought forget it, Yo home to Hogwarts...

I pulled up to about seven or eight and I looked about the place just a little bit scared "bye, bye England, Hello

"That's a wrap!Hermione said holding a clipboard and marked everyone off.

"Now out of this little group only nine can go on that means one has to stay behind. Cast your vote now!" Dumbledore snapped his fingers and pointed to the review button. "You know what to do and tell a friend!"

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