Hogwarts Idol

Sorry It took so long.

Dumbledore walks out on stage with a mic in hand. "Welcome back lovely reviewers and other people out there. Now your thinking 'Who lost?' so I'll tell you. Drum roll please."


"Ginny Weasley!"

"What! How dear they vote against me? DO they know who I am? "

"Yes they do. Your Ginny Weasley but that's not the point. Lets start with Peter the best friend killer…"

"Sticks and stones buddy. Sticks and stones." Peter said taking the mic.


In a place dark and scary, my master lives. Feeding off of Unicorn blood, waiting to reclaim what was once his

By day he stows away in this haunted place, not afraid of the things it holds. Savoring the taste

The sun isn't visible, the trees cover the sky. Without this horrid wretched place, my master might die

While I deceive Ron and his friends, the forbidden forest has a guest, who doesn't quiet fit in


People usually rap about what they look like or what they wear, however I'm rapping about the Forbidden Forest for those of you who actually care

So just follow me and take a step inside, but remember to relax 'cuz of course I'm your tour guide

Inside this forest is many that will give you a scare, Like witch's, ghouls, ghosts, and spiders with enormous hair. Others like centars and dementors will bring you chills, followed by a long fright and just to ensure you, I hope it wont last all night.

Before I give you anymore heart attacks, I bring you out and let you smell the lilacs.

"Yes…..I thought you were the type of person to pee you pants when you went into the wood…."


"Yeah……Now The most wanted person in all the world. He has now nose or hair hes Voldemort!"

"You know for a dead guy you talk a lot." Voldemort rudely takes the mic from Dumbledore.


Oh my god, Ron look at Hermiones' legs

She has really hairy legs,

Watch out they'll straggle you,

They are really scary,

Cover your eyes,

She has really hairy legs,

You cannot lie,

Watch out they'll strangle you,

She has really hairy legs,

You'll get really tangled,

She has really hairy legs,

They look like the trees in the Forbidden Forest,

She has really hairy legs,

Buy her a razor to cut it free

She has really hairy legs,

They resemble the Forbidden Forest

"Here you go Hermione! One new razor!" Dumbledore places the razor in Hermiones hand with a book called 'My first razor'

"Oh its on Voldemort and I wont forget about this Dumbledore. Just watch and wait! Just watch and wait!"

"Okay then…. Ron your up!"


The Forbidden Forest

Where light has hardly shone

Such strange creatures

And things not really known

The Forbidden Forest

With shadows in the dark

Everything seems so evil

Right down to the tree dark

The Forbidden Forest

With creepy things all around

Sometimes their loud

Sometimes they don't make a sound

The Forbidden Forest

Has darkness that overcomes you

You get a deep feeling

That runs all the way through

The Forbidden Forest

And why cant I tell

The dangers that lurk there

Oh bloody hell

The Forbidden Forest

A never ending nightmare

You can go ahead and scream

But nothing in there cares

The Forbidden Forest

Just stay away,

No one wants to know what's in there

Not me anyway

"Ron Weasley do you kiss Hermione with that mouth? You should not have said 'bloody hell'. "

"No Ron only kisses Lavender with that mouth…."

"Hermione…" Ron goes into sad mode



Where the students play

Cause the disobey

Creatures rule by day and night

They feed off your fear and fright

You had better run

For this is no fun

Fall to the ground

Hope you don't make a sound

The Forbidden Forest

I try to tell

Sorry cant hear you yell!

You think I'm crazy

No just really lazy

Watch out for the ogre

You might become their burger

When you feel that spider on your back

Pray to me and don't look back

I'm Dumbledore that's a fact,

Heed my warnings or its your lack

There are no fords to save

Hope to see you next year

"Did you see how nice that is? I love to hear kids scream for help. If you cant listen then you shall die and slow and painful death."

Know one says a word……

Hermione Granger

Im Hermione Granger,

And Im back again.

Its a fact

That Im back,

So let me begin.

The Forbidden Forest is really scary,

Luna Lovegoods legs are really hairy,

Maybe she's the werewolf,

That went after Ron,

On that horrible day,

Before dawn.

But that can be right,

Because Luna fancies Neville,

Its in plain sight.

So who went after Ron,

On that horrible day before dawn?

It chased him into the forest,

It was raining, the sky was porous.

Spiders were everywhere,

But Ron didn't care,

Because this werewolf,

Was bigger than a bear.

This werewolf never bit him,

It was trying to hit on him,

Once you think about it,

Its hilarious.

Just think about it?

Isn't it funny?

Just a bit?

In the end Ronald Weasley got away,

And barely told a soul about this encounter,

Until today.

So this story took place,

Now its over,

Ron really wants me to go over

So he can hex me

Over and Over.

But I wont be hexed,

Because he as the best,

And that's the truth,

Boot to Boot.

"Hermione that was a lot about Ron…. Why?"

"Why! Why you ask? You ask why? Are you asking me WHY?"

"Er…..yes…" Small scared voice.

"I really don't know…"

"Now on to Dobby who had the most votes in the last round."


Listen up everybody in here

The Forbidden Forest is really weird

Don't go in there after dark

The big spiders in there will eat you up

But if you're in there watch your back

Because there are wolverines who need a snack

While you're in there watch for this

The silver unicorns a touch of bliss

But over all don't go in there

The Forbidden Forest will leave you scared

Again this is the end of Dobby's rhyme

So Happy New Year to all and to all a good night

"OH MY GOSH! We missed Christmas! NOOOOOO" Fall to ground in tears. Luna runs and and takes the mic.


Luna Lovegood

Im Luna Lovegood

And Im back

Im here to rap

And that's a fact

I've come to tell you some such story

I promise this time its not my glory

Its about a man who comes from Slytherin

He might just be another villain

Some say he came from the deep

Others say he came from a creek

But if hes a creature from the dark

He just might as well have come from the park

The night comes quick

He'll leave a hick

On your neck you'll find the bite

It'll leave you burning inside, without a fight

This rap is about Severus Snape, the vampire

I think he came from a secret empire

The Forbidden Forest beckons for him

He will just rip you from limb to limb

Don't be afraid, though, the light will clear the way

Garlic and stakes will keep him at bay

But be warned about the things in the night

Snape will leave the mark, a bite

He loves the taste of the creamy blood

It can leave you feeling like a dud

How do I know this?

Well, I knew someone he left in bliss

Anyway, he'll drink your blood without a thought

And leave you dead

On the spot

"Luna that was nice!" Turns away and shakes his head full of sadness.


The Forbidden Forest,

Forbidden Forest,

Why don't you walk down,

It has shadows and its clouded,

There are spiders,

And Unicorns,

They might bite you,

They might eat you,

You better watch out,

They will find you,

Their going to eat you,

Their going to beat you,

Their going to mistreat you,

That's what they do,

It's the Forbidden Forest,

Yes the Forbidden Forest,

Forbidden Forest.

"That was Harry Potter who also came in first or second Im not sure which because I really cant remember."

"Your dead you shouldn't even be hear!" Voldemort threw at him.

"How many times have you died?"

"I dont know….. a few here and a couple there."

"Right! NOW VOTE or slugs will nibble at your big toes while you sleep!"

-All Raps were made up by different people and not the same person. There for I would like to thank all the people who have written a rap for me and also to the Reviewers who without you know one would win and therefore be Hogwarts Idol-

Okay Please Review and tell everone what you thought Oh and please clearly state which character you vote for. Please and thank for!