This is a story of a priest who is feeling the usual till a woman which is me shows up and tries to help him when my dreams come true and he is injured. I am the only one to comfort him. Or is it the opposite?

On to the story.

Part 1: A new surgeon
Col Potter was on the phone in his office talking to a general while Radar was cleaning up a little.
Col.Potter came off the phone and said," Radar!"
Radar showed up right behind him and said," Sir!"
Col Potter and Radar said at the same time," We are expecting a new surgeon so prepare to watch to see if this surgeon comes up!"
Radar exited the door as Klinger came in in a army uniform.
Klinger said," Sir! You called for me?"
Potter said," Yes I have but I can't remember why now! Hold on!"
Klinger stood there and said," Why did you call me sir, if you couldn't remember?"
Potter said," I want you to get all the trash and throw it in the dump!"
Klinger left and went to do his duty of trash.

A few hours in the afternoon, a jeep was riding to the 4077 with me, the new surgeon. The driver stopped due to the bombing. The driver and I got out of the jeep and took cover.
I covered my ears as the bombing lasted for a few minutes.
The driver said," I got to head to head quarters!"
I said," Okay and thanks for the ride!"
I walked on the side of the road as the driver walked off in his own direction.
I walked until I spotted some mps and they stopped me from going on.
I cleared my voice and said," I am looking for the 4077th cause I am transferred there!"
The mp said," Come with me!"
I listened and 2 hours, Radar saw the jeep and got the commander. I got out and watched the mps go.
Col.Potter and Radar came over.
Col.Potter said," Hi there! You must be the.."
I said," New surgeon and you can call me Sonar!"
Col.Potter said," Welcome to the 4077th and I'm Col.Potter and my company clerk Radar!"
I said," Nice to meet you two!"
Bj and Hawkeye looked through the tent and saw Radar and Col.Potter plus me.
I picked up one of my bags but Radar said," Let me!"
I said," Thank you!"
Radar said," Your welcome!"
I put down my bag as Radar took my two bags.
Radar said," Follow me!"
Col.Potter said," I'll tell you more later!"
Radar lead me to a tent and put down my bags.
I said to Radar," Radar! You look like my teddy bear I have in my bag!"
Radar said," I take that as a comment miss!"
I said," Just call me Sonar!"
Radar said," All right Sonar!"
Radar heard helicopters as I did.
Radar said," Here they come!"
I said," Helicopters?"
Radar said," Yep!"
I said," Let's go!"
Radar and I ran out. I saw three surgeons running up the hill along with a ambulance driving up the road.
Radar said grabbing my hand," Let's go!"
He dragged me to Pre-Op and dropped me off.
I sat on the bench confused as Col.Potter came in and said," There you are! Scrub up!"
I said," Okay!"
Col.Potter and I scrubbed up as Father Mulcahy came in.
I said," Potter! Can you please help me with this mask?"
Col.Potter got my mask on as Father Mulcahy said," Is this person new?"
I turned with Col.Potter.
Col.Potter said," You surprised me Padre! Father Mulcahy! This is Sonar and Sonar, this is Father Mulcahy!"
I said," A pleasure to meet you!"
Father said," Nice to meet you too!"
I blushed under my mask for no good reason.
Hawk, Bj, and Winchester came in as I went into the operating room.
A nurse came over and put on my gloves.
I said to the nurse when I got to my patient," Put him under!"
The nurse put the mask on and I started.
I said," Clamp!"
Nurse said," Clamp!"
I said," Crap! It's bleeding! Suction!"
Nurse said," I can't do suction while holding a clamp!"
I said," Can someone give me a hand here?"
Father Mulcahy ran over and said," You called?"
I said," Yes! Hold this clamp!"
Father listened and took the clamp in his hands as blood spurted on me.
I said," Keep holding on Father! I am almost done!"
I finished the patient and told Father," Let go!"
I took the clamp and toke it out as I said," Close up Nurse!"
I said to Father," Thanks for the help!"
Father said," Anytime!"
Klinger came in and said," No more wounded!"
I said," What time is it?"
Potter said," 3:00! Why don't we head to the officers club?"
I said," Sure!"
Everyone exited O.R and Hawkeye got in my way.
Hawkeye said," You must be the new surgeon!"
I said as Bj and Winchester came over along with Klinger, Father, Radar and Potter," I'm Sonar!"
Bj said," Nice to meet you!"
I said," Who are you?"
Hawkeye said," I'm Hawkeye, this is Bj, he's Klinger and this is Charles Emerson Winchester the third!"
Col.Potter said," To the officer's club people!"
We walked to the officers club except for Winchester who headed to the swamp to listen to his record player.
We came in and toke a seat.
Igor said," What do you want?"
I said," Grape Nehi!"
Potter said," A beer!"
Radar said," The usual!"
Father said," I'll go for a beer also!"
Hawk and Bj plus Klinger," Beer!"
Radar said," Sonar! I didn't know you love Grape Nehi!"
I said," I love it beside shirley temple!"
Igor said coming back," Here you go! Is that a new face?"
I said," I'm Sonar!"
Igor said," I'm Igor! The cook and the one who serves drink in this club!"
I said," Nice shirt!"
Igor said," Thanks!"
Hawkeye raised his beer and said," I would like to make a toast for our new female surgeon Sonar!"
I said," I'm only new here and look at all what happens just from coming and nearly getting bombed and a ride with an mp!"
The gang laughed as Maraget came in and said," Col.Potter! My nurses are not keeping things oragnized!"
I said," Well! Who is this regular army woman?"
Hawkeye said," She's the headnurse Maraget houlihan!"
I said," I'm Sonar!"
Maraget said," Nice to meet you Sonar!"
Col.Potter said getting off the chair," Excuse me!"
Col.Potter and Maraget headed outside.
I said," So who is the head surgeon?"
Hawkeye said," I am!"
Bj said," Where do you live?"
I said,"Philadelphia, Pennsylvania!"
Father excalimed," That's where I live!"
I said," But I work for charities and work in hospital and get this, I became a surgeon at the age 14 and toke medical school and finished at the age 17!"
Radar said," Wow!"
Father said," Amazing!"
Hawk said," You must have a real talent!"
I said," It is a gift! I can tell you how I did first start surgery!"
Hawk said," I rather not but maybe later!"
Bj said," Count me out! Me and Hawk are going to play poker!"
I said," I better not anyway! I told it to a nun and she fell asleep after I explained it for only 17 minutes!"
I said," How much to pay for the drinks?"
Igor said," $12.50!"
I said," I'll pay!"
I toke out my fake red scripts and payed Igor.
I gave him 2 more dollars and said," Just a tip!"
Igor said," Thanks!"
I said," Don't menition it!"
Radar said," I'll give you a tour!"
I went off my stool as Father caught himself in a daze looking at me.

Part 2: Getting along

I got a tour of the unit and met more people such as the nurses and the enlisted men. It was now 6:00 and I was in the messhall. I had things on my mind.I got my food and headed to a bench.
I thought," I better go see the chaplin but I am a nun, sort of and what am I going to tell him?! He's cute! What am I saying? I should be only liking him as a friend!"
Father saw me and decided to go over.
Father said," Sonar!"
My head perked up as he said," May I sit down with you?"
I said," Go ahead!"
Father came and sat down beside me.
I ate silently and Father knew something was bugging me. He sensed it as he put his hand on my shoulder and I looked up.
Father said," Something is bugging you!"
I said," Yes there is! I rather talk to someone!"
Father smiled and said," Well! You are welcome to my tent! We can talk!"
I smiled back and said," Maybe I should!"
Father and I ate and chatted for a bit and then Father lead me to his tent and offered me a seat.
I sat down on a chair as Father said," So what's the problem?"
I said," I just can't stop thinking of this war and how I keep getting moved to new units! I must confess that I'm a nun, well use to be!"
Father said," What happened?"
I said," I quitted and continued doing surgery! Before I was called to your unit, I got in a fight with a solider and got confined to my quarters!"
Father said," Why did you fight?"
I said," Before I go on, I boxed. I got in a fight with that solider because he hurted the enlisted men and blaming them for communists! That solider was Col.Flagg! I tried to tell my commander that Col.Flagg was hurting the enlisted but he sent me to my quarters."
Father said," How awful!"
I said," I know! My commander called every unit and they would not accpet me but I did change a little and at that time, my commander called your unit and sent me here!"
Father said as I hummed a tune," I feel so sorry for you!"
I said silently," I was not happy but I am not sure if I will get along with the people here!"
Father moved his chair close and said," You will!"
I hugged the priest and said," Thank you Father!"
Father was caught offguard with the hug and patted my back.
Father said as I released the hug," Anytime!"
I did blush a little after the hug. There was something about Father that brought warm feelings up my body.
I said," See ya later and have sweet dreams and may your prayers come true!"
Father said," You too! Bye!"
Father thought ," She is a nice girl!"
I walked off into my quarters and tucked myself in turning off the light.
I took off my glasses also and fell asleep.
It was now morning and I got up bright and early.
I got into the showers and then got changed into clothes.
I took a breath of the air and walked around silently. I enjoyed the breeze but the wind was strong. I clutched my army jacket around me as I spotted a hill. I got my journal and headed to the hill.
I looked through my journal for a blank page and wrote this," The breeze is not bad and it is a sunny day but I know it is not going to last with the wounded as the storm! I am the first one up probably but heck the weather smoothes me and I had a dream of the priest at the 4077th getting injured and I was the only one there! I don't know what my dream means but I will find out!"
A voice said," Good morning Sonar!"
I jumped and turned but sighed.
I said," Don't surprise me like that again while my back is turned!"
Father said," Sorry! Nice weather isn't it?"
I said," Yeah! It's feels so warm and I was about to finish my journal entry! I thought I was the only one up!"
Father said," I was just jogging!"
I watched the priest walk over and came over to me.
I sat down under the tree as the priest did.
Father said breathing," I think I tired myself out!"
I said patting his shoulder," I could tell! Nice grey shirt!"
Father said," Thanks!"
I suggested," Let's head back to camp!"
Father stood up but nearly fell over till I caught him.
He took his arm and put it over my shoulder and said," All that running made my legs tired!"
I helped him down the hill and got him into his tent. I opened his door to his tent and set him down on his bed.
I said," Feeling okay Father?"
Father said," Fine!"
He noticed me blushing and stuck in thought again. The day went smoothly.

Part 3:Dreams
It was now night and I was sleeping tucked in my green sheet.
I was having another dream.
I dreamed that the priest and I were summoned to go somewhere and when we were coming on the way back, I swerved the jeep and we crashed into a tree. I woke up a few seconds later trying to help him. I found the first aid kit and bandaged him while his eyes were shut. I felt guilty and called for help. Then we were in the operating room.
I woke up sweating and screaming. Tears were coming to my eyes as someone knocked on the door.
I said," Come!"
The priest came in as I covered my face in my hands. The priest turned on the lamp and came over to me.
Father said softly," Are you okay Sonar?"
I said sobbing," I don't know Father! I had an owful nightmare and you were in it! This is the second dream and it's the same one!"
Father took my arms and my hands came off my face.
Father wiped my tears with his finger and hugged me.
Father said," Shh! It's okay!"
He felt my hair against his neck but he moved it to behind my neck.
Father was blushing a little as he said," Tell me your dream please!"
I clutched his arm and said," I dreamed that you and I were told to go somewhere and on the way back, I was driving and I saw a truck get in the way. I swerved and we hit a tree and we both fell out. I woke up a few minutes later and it was afternoon in my dream. I saw you there lying still. I crawled over. I saw you were wounded in the chest so I got the first aid kit and bandaged you. I started to feel guilty as I called for help on the radio. Then we were in the operating room. Then I woke up!"
Tears were still falling as the priest hugged me tighter. Father told me to keep calm but I couldn't help it. I was scared in fright from my dream. Father rubbed my back softly.
He thought," I got to help her! She's scared and I can feel it! Well just this once, I will sleep with her to make her feel safe!"
He felt me clutching him tighter and trying to contain my tears.
He did a small smile as he kissed my forehead. I released the hug and wiped my tears.
Father held my hand and sat on my bed.
I layed back down to notice the priest was hugging me and lying down with me.
I didn't bother to ask him why he was doing it but he was doing it for some odd reason. I took off his glasses and set them down by my glasses. Then I cuddled up to the priest.

Part 4: Just another day!

I woke up to see the priest still here and sleeping beside me holding me. I sighed and got out of his arms. I tucked him in leaving him there as I got changed. He turned facing away from the tent wall.
I smiled as I had the door half way opened as I adjusted my glasses and went outside with my journal plus I wrote what happened. I headed to the mess hall and ate and then headed back to my tent.The priest was still there so I shook him softly and brushed my hair.
He opened his eyes and saw me there.
I turned around and said," Good morning Father!"
Father picked up his glasses and sat up.
He said," Good morning to you too!"
I said," About last night! Thanks for listening to me!"
Father smiled and said," Well! I am a priest and your welcome!"
Father thought," I thought she was going to ask me why I slept with her last night!"
I said," Why did you sleep with me last night?"
Father thought," I knew it!"
Father said," I wanted to comfort you!"
Then the Pa system came on saying," Imcoming wounded!"
I said," Let's go!"
Father and I ran out and headed with Hawkeye, Winchester and Bj to check the patients.
Col.Potter came to my side when I checked a patient.
I said," I need plamsa stat!"
I checked the next patient and said," Hawkeye! What do you think of this!"
Hawkeye came over and said," Dennis! Roy! Take him and get x-rays! Stat!"
Two cormen toke the patient in as we got three more.
Col.Potter shouted," Sonar! Come on! I need you here!"
I said," coming!"
I ran over and helped him picked up the patient and take him in.
Then we scrubbed up and got in surgery.
Father was walking passing us and before I told the nurse to put my patient under, he woke up and attacked the nurse.The patient had a gun in his hand.
Everyone turned as I said," Let go of the nurse!"
The patient said," I'm not letting you operating on me. You are going to kill me!"
I said,"We are not going to kill you! We save lives not kill them!"
Klinger came in as the gun went off.
Col.Potter said," Sonar! Are you okay?
I didn't respond as I fell to my knees and shouted," Are you going to kill us for your own life?"
Nurse Able came over and tended to my wound.
Potter said," Son! Drop the gun! We will do our best to save you!"
The patient said as his gun was pointed at me and ready to fire," No!"
Bj surprised the patient from behind and got the gun.
Bj said," Listen to me! If we don't operate on you now, you are going to die so lie down and let us try to save your life!"
The patient was put back on the table and he got the sleeping mask on him.
Father came over and said," Sonar! Are you okay!"
I said with my eyes shut and moaning ," It's painful! My shoulder was hit!"
Col.Potter said," Get Sonar out of here Father and Klinger!"
Father started to get me up as Klinger came over and toke my other side.
They took me in the other room as Col.Potter said," Hawkeye! After you are done, I order you to check on Sonar and get the bullet out of her shoulder!"
Hawkeye said," I am already done so I will do it so I won't have to do it later!"
Klinger came back inside and the patient along with the other Corman.
Hawkeye came in the other room and sat down on the bench with me and Father.
Hawkeye said," I'm going to take the bullet out of your shoulder!"
I moaned with pain as still had my mask on.
Father said," Sonar!"
I said," The bullet went down from the shoulder! I can feel it!"
Hawkeye said," Be prepared to be operated on!"
I said," Oh good god! I have never been operated on before except the fact that I had an eye operation!"
Hawkeye said," Don't be scared! I'm top surgeron!"
I chuckled," The top and head surgeon!"
Hawkeye sarcastically said," Ha! Ha!"
Father and Hawkeye toke me back in and layed me on the table.
I told Father to take my glasses as they got me ready for the operation.
Col.Potter said," What are you doing?"
Father said," Hawkeye has to operate on her cause the bullet is hurting her down deeper!"
Hawkeye said," Do I got your approval sir?"
Col.Potter said," Go for it!"
Father said," Don't worry! I'll pray for you!"
I said," Thanks Father but can you watch also!"
Hawkeye said," So he will!"
Father said,"I will stay here!"
Hawkeye said," Put her under!"
I was put under as the Hawkeye started.

Part 5: Pre- op!

I woke up a few hours feeling drowsy. I blinked my eyes a few times and tried to get up but felt painful. Hawkeye came in and checked on the patients and then he came to me.
I whispered," Hawkeye!"
Hawkeye said," So the butter fly is up!"
I chuckled softly and said," How am I?"
Hawkeye said," You're okay! We got the bullet out of you and(taking a bag out of his pocket) here it is!"
I toke it from his hands and looked at it.
I said," How is that patient that shot me?"
Hawkeye said," He did make it but we transferred him out of here already by helicopter!"
I said," Where's Father? I need my glasses!"
Hawkeye said," I'll get him! I'm glad you're okay!"
I said," I'm glad too!"
Hawkeye left as Radar came in.
I said," Hey Radar!"
Radar said," Hi Sonar! Are you okay?"
I said," I'm fine! Hawkeye was here a second ago but he went to get Father Mulcahy! What brings you here?"
Radar came over and sat down on a chair as Hawkeye returned with Father Mulcahy.
Radar said," I wanted to check on you!"
I said," Oh!"
Radar said," What was it like in your last unit?"
I said," I hate it! My commander was so mean and the reason, I was put in your unit was because Col.Flagg was hurting my enlisted friends and I was fighting him!"
Radar said," That's brave!"
I said," Yeah!"
Radar said," You must of been a most popular surgeon!"
I said," True! I had so many friends in that unit but some went stateside or some were sent up front!"
Radar said as Father and Hawkeye came over," Wow!"
Hawkeye said," Hey Radar!"
Radar said," Hey Hawkeye! See ya Sonar!"
I said," Bye Radar!"
Radar headed to the his office to type some reports.
Father came over and handed me my glasses.
Father said," How do you feel?"
I said," I'm okay and you?"
I caught Father and Hawkeye off guard with that.
Father said," I was just worried and about you and prayed for you 2 hours ago!"
I said," How long was I in sugery?"
Bj said as he surprised Hawkeye," 2 hours and you been resting for 2 hours! It is now 2:00!"
I put on my glasses and said smiling," That long?"
Bj said," Yep!"
I said," The longest surgery time I worked on a patient is 5 hours with help cause this one kid had 13 sharpels in his back!"
Hawkeye said," When?"
I said," 3 months ago!"
Father said," That is amazing!"
Bj left to check on another patient and Hawkeye left to take a nap since Bj relieved him of his shift.
Father sat down on the chair said," I'm glad you are okay!"
I said," That's what Hawkeye said to me! I thought I was going to be dead if I went through surgery. I confess I was scared Father!"
Father said," Fear is normal for someone like you! People that came through this unit was scared!"
I said," I now know how they feel!"
Father said," They were scared at first and then became brave! I was wondering, why did you get the eye opeation you said before!"
I said," I'll tell you! My eyes went out of control at age 3 so i got an eye operation and now they don't move!"
I blushed as Father put his hand on mine.
Father said," I know you will make it!"
Col.Potter came in and said," Sonar! Padre! How are you Sonar?"
Father turned as I said," I'm okay!"
Col.Potter said," Good to hear!"
I said," I was just talking to Father...Mulcahy!"
I discovered I stammered off spot as Potter said," Got to go!"
Potter left as Radar come in bumping into Col.Potter.
Radar got back up and said," Imcoming wounded!"
Father smiled and said," I got to go! I'll see you later! Then we can talk some more!"
Father left as Col.Potter was about to leave but I stopped him.
I said," Col.Potter! I was wondering if I can in put in my quarters so a patient can have this bed?"
Col.Potter said," I will think of it Sonar!"
Col.Potter left as I layed down on my bed. I noticed a book on my bed.
I thought," It must be Father's book!"
I looked and I was right. It was his black bible. I headed to the bookmarked part and read it. Then an hour later, I book marked it in the same spot where it was and set it down.
I sneezed covering my nose as the priest came back in.
I sneezed again as Father jogged over and handed me a tissue.
I said," Thanks Father!"
Father said," Your welcome!"
I sneezed once more as Father said," Bless you!"
I said," Thanks! I don't know what is making me sneeze!"
I passed him his book and said," I believe this belong to you Father!"
Father said," Yes it is! I must of left it here by mistake!"
I said," It always seem to happen!"
Father smiled and blushed as he got in book back in his hands.
I said," Are you blushing?"
Father stammered," Ah..No! I'm...Not...Blushing!"
I said," Then how come you have rosy cheeks?"
Father said," You were blushing also!"
I said blushing,"Old Habits die hard!"
I added," I can't stop it! It's just that...."
Father said," It's just what?"
I said," Its just that everytime I see you, I can't stop blushing cause I never met such a nice guy such as you!"
Father blushed and blinked his eyes twice.
Father said," I'm a priest after all!"
I said," So why do you blush?"
Father said," You are a kindred spirit and I never met anyone that is so popular and kind to others!"
I said," I been mostly kind but I wonder how to deal with tough birds when I'm a tough bird!"
Father said," I'm mean sometimes also I confess!"
I moved my hand nearly touching his shoulder.
I said," No one is different in this world and people have to be tough to get what they want or to release temper that is buried deep inside! In my unit, I was also called Advice girl!"
Father smiled and chuckled," Why advicegirl?"
I said," I give tidbits of advice but sometimes my advice never helps!"
I then changed the topic and said," The dream I told you about,what does it mean?"
Father said," I wish I knew but I wish Freedmen were here!"
I said," Sidney Freedmen you mean?"
Father said," Yes! Why do you ask?"
I said," He told me of your unit and I remember he told me that even with no skills, you seem to be natural therapist!"
Father said," Really?"
I said smiling," Yes! He told me!"
I added," It's true! You have a effect on people and you remind me of Radar! Radar is the teddy bear and your the wise bear!"
Father blushed and stammered while chuckling funny," I guess... it is... true about that!"
I said," You do not have to blush cause I had a effect on people too, Father!"
Father smiled and replied," We have something in common!"
Father toke my hand off his shoulder and set it on the bed but he was holding on to it.
I said," You also seem to have a soft touch!"
Father said," That's what everyone says to me!"
I said," You are a sweet guy!"
I was then struck with pain. I moaned dreadfully as the priest called the nurse to get Hawkeye. The priest held my hand tightly. Hawkeye returned and came over.
Hawkeye said," What happened?"
Father said," I don't know but she's in pain here!"
Father began to worry as I clutched his hand tighter.
Hawkeye said," Nurse! I need a painkiller!"
I said," Am I okay?"
Father whispered," Stay quiet!"
I listened as a nurse came with a needle.
Hawkeye said," Now stay calm!"
Father put his other hand on my neck and checked my pulse.
He felt sweat on my neck and he felt my pulse racing.
He got his other hand free and said," Hawkeye!"
Hawkeye said," What is it?"
Father said with his usual serious Irish accent," Hawkeye! Her pulse is wild and she's sweating!"
Hawkeye said," Hold her still Father! This is going to hurt you Sonar then it does me!"
Father firmly held me as Hawkeye inserted the needle in my left arm.
I felt the needle and winced a little. Father held me still as the needle was injecting me with the pain killer. A tear slid out of my eye as the needle was toke out.
I than toke a deep breath and relaxed as Father let go of me.
I had my eyes shut as Father whispered," Sonar! It's okay now!"
I felt his hand touch my face softly. I responded by opening my eyes.
Father said again," It's okay now, child! You don't have to be scared no more! I'm here to keep you company!"
The priest put his arms under my back making me wince a little and he brought me up to his body hugging me gentley.
He held me in a hug for 4 minutes than he set me down carefully trying not to injure my already injured shoulder.
With his presence, I felt comfortable. I never felt so weird in my life including when I think I have a crush on Father Mulcahy.

Part 6: Recovery
A few days has past since I recovered. I was walking around the compound talking with Radar. I needed someone to talk to.
I became fond of Radar. He was a nice guy and all.
I said," Radar! How do you feel of being here?"
Radar said," I don't like it much but I keep this unit together! I'm more of a second command nearly!"
I said," I really became fond of you Radar! You are a nice fellow!"
Radar said," I am just a swell person! Is something bugging you?"
I said," Yes and I want to say it to you cause I can't confess it to Father!"
Radar said,"Sure! What is it?"
I replied," Promise not to tell the whole camp!"
Radar said," I promise!"
I said silently so only Radar can hear," I think I have a crush on Father Mulcahy!"
Radar said," I have my mouth shut on that!"
I kissed Radar's cheek and said," You better check in with Col.Potter and see what you need to do!"
Radar said," Don't worry!"
I said," What do you want to do buddy?"
Radar said as Father Mulcahy spotted me as he left his tent," Want to see my pets?"
I said," Sure! I have pets too!"
I walked with Radar to where his cages were held.
Father thought smirking," I can't seem to get rid of this strange feeling I been having! It happened all because Sonar arrived! She is so nice and is so kind to others!"
Father put on his hat ,smirking and walked to the hospital to talk to the patients.
I saw Radar's pets. He had a goat, a skunk, a mouse, bees, a dog and a turtle.
I than walked pass Father's tent and headed to mine but the second I passed Father's tent, I fell to my knees. There was that strange feeling again.
Klinger ran over to me and said," Are you all right Sonar?"
I said," I'm fine Klinger! I almost didn't see you!"
Klinger helped me up as Father exited Pre-Op after talking to the patients.
Klinger said," Are you sure that you are okay Sonar?"
I replied," I don't really know Klinger! I better go see Hawkeye!"
Klinger said," I do suggest that but it is probably just a recation to the gut! What happened anyway?"
I said," I was walking pass Father's tent and then I got strange feeling that made me fall to my knees and then you came over!"
Father ran over and said," Sonar! Are you okay?"
I said," I'm okay padre! Nothing serious!"
I felt like I was lying but it was the truth. I can't let him know I have a crush on him.
Father said," Is something bugging you?"
I snapped," No I'm just fine!"
I said," Forgive me!"
Father said after I snapped and then said sorry," It's okay Sonar! It's okay!"
I just smiled at him. I really like him but I can't let him know it but I think he does. Father smiled back in reponse as Klinger left on duty.
I felt weird like I couldn't talk to Father but I still could.
I was thinking," Maybe Bj or Hawkeye can help!"
I felt the feeling in my body again as Father grabbed me from falling.
As he helped me up, I got in eye contact. I pushed away from him as we both blushed in surprise. He saw it through my eyes clearly that I loved him more than a friend. I toke a deep breath and put my head down. I adjusted my glasses and looked up as Father toke off his hat.
He was about to say something when Col.Potter said," Father Mulcahy and Sonar come to the office!"
Father then noticed something in my eyes, fear.
I muttered," I won't go! It is like in my dream!"
Father realized it was about my dream as he grabbed my arm and then hugged me for a few seconds and then toke me to see Col.Potter with him.

Part 7: The Dream is coming true!

We were now just outside Col.Potter's office. Father knocked on the door and opened it. Col.Potter watched us come in and sit down.
Father said," You called for us?"
Potter said," Yes I have Padre but may I ask why Sonar has tears down her face!"
Father noticed that tears were in my eyes.
Father said," Col.Potter! May I speak to you outside alone?"
Potter said," Okay!"
I toke off my glasses and set them on my lap as Father handed me a tissue.
I looked around Col.Potter's office. He has paintings and pictures around his office. I wiped my tears away as Col.Potter and Father came back in after Father told him of my confession a week and a few days ago.