Part 8: Looking
Col.Potter said," Klinger! You check Post-op!"
Klinger said," Right sir!"

Father was thinking," I am going to find her no matter what it takes!"
Father was driving along when his eyes caught something to the left of him. He stopped the jeep with a screech and stopped, looking. He got out of the jeep and ran down the hill by the road.
He exclaimed," Oh my god! Sonar!"
He saw my body lying on the ground with my face facing the grass sideways. He jogged over and got to where my body was. He sighed because I was not injured at all. He stroked his hand in my hair before turning me over. Then the shelling started. Father picked me up and ran to a house that was empty. He noticed it had a rag for a door. He didn't waste time getting in. He saw a bed in the middle of the house. There was only four walls but no rooms at all. There was a few wooden poles on the bed and scarves around it. He looked at it and then walked to the bed. He removed the scarf out of his way as he heard a big blast. He put me down on the bed and tucked me in. He sat down on the rather small bed.
He thought," It is rather strong for a bed but wait! It's a hospital bed but how did it get here and who put poles on it? It's strange!"
He noticed dirt on my cheeks and forehead as he stroked my hair again. He walked to the door and peeked. His jeep was blown up as mine was.

The gang searched all of camp. The gang met by the swamp across from Father's tent.
Radar said," I haven't had any luck!"
Col.Potter said," No sight of him!"
Hawkeye said," He must of went looking for Sonar!"
Bj said," He's crazy!"
Charles said," We should go after him!"
Klinger said," You are right!"
Maraget said," I agree with that!"
Col.Potter said," Radar and Klinger will look for Father and Sonar while we wait here!"
Father was holding me in his arms as he got the dirt off my face.
As he touched my left cheek, he heard a moan. It made him jump in surprise.
He said," Come on Sonar!"
I didn't respond as the priest held my hand tightly. He placed me down and than went outside. He took a deep breath of air and prayed for me. His tears filled his eyes. The sun was starting to set as the priest came in and slept sobbing himself to sleep.

Part 9: Waking up and feeling bad!
It was now morning and the 4077th were in the messhall while Klinger and Radar toke off.
Father woke up to still see me there. He clutched my hand and sat up picking his glasses up and putting them on. He walked outside and sat on a stump of a tree that was cut down. I twitched my eyes a little and moaned silently. I than tried to get up and sit on the bed. I felt guilt written all over me.
I thought," I should of died! No one can ever forgive a woman like me! I hurted myself and Father Mulcahy! Hate was all I thought of!"
My thoughts were interrupted by soft weeping.
I whispered like it sounded like wind," That's Father!"
I crept slowly out on the grass. Tears were starting to fill my eyes as I was just behind Father.
I said softly," Father!"
I put my arms around him.
Father nearly jumped as he whispered," Sonar?"
I said back to him kissing his left ear," Yes it is me!"
A tear fell on his neck as I put my head on his shoulder. I felt a bit of his hat hitting my head. I took my hand, took his hat off his head and went in front of Father touching his chin. He moved his hand and it held my wrist. He toke off his glasses as he pulled me making him fall on his lap with my face facing his. He than put his glasses back on and hugged me tightly. All I could do was hug him back. The tears were still falling off both of our faces as I toke his head off his shoulder and put it by his cheek.
I heard a voice said," Sonar! Father Mulcahy! There you are!"
The voice was also followed by a screech of a jeep.
Father looked and said," It's Radar and Klinger!"
I said softly wiping my tears away," Thank Goodness!"
Radar ran over as I got off Father who wiped his tears while I hugged Radar.
Radar said," I'd miss you Sonar!"
I hugged Radar and said," I miss you too Radar! I am too sorry going AWOL!"
Radar said," It's okay but promise me not to blame yourself!"
I looked at Radar's face and said," I promise you Radar!"
Father walked over as Klinger ran over.
Klinger said," Shall we get moving?"
Father said," Yes! Lets get moving!"
The four of us headed into the jeep and took off back to the 4077th.
On the way back, I was holding Father's hat as he fell asleep on my lap but I put his hat over his head to keep the sunlight from hitting him.
I moved his head to my shoulder as Klinger whispered to me," We were worried about you!"
Radar said," Why did you take off?"
I said," I just didn't feel wanted by Major Idiot! He hurt my feelings by calling me a meanderfall!"
Klinger said," Why don't we get him back?"
I whispered touching Father's hair," Yeah! I almost committed suicide!"
I added," I shouldn't of gone AWOL but I needed to think and while I was at it, I crashed into a tree!"
Radar said," You got to tell everything that happened cause you two are in big trouble!"
I let a tear out as I said," I know and it is all my fault!"
We finally arrived at the 4077th as Col.Potter, Hawkeye, Maraget and Bj came out.
I shook Father up who yawned and opened his eyes.
Col.Potter said," Sonar! We are glad to have you and the Padre back! Sonar! I want to see you in my office!"
I cleared my voice as Father got out of the jeep. I just didn't feel like talking.
I said," Sir! I rather not talk of it!"
I jumped out of the jeep standing beside Father Mulcahy who gave me a tight hug and then the group joined in.
I said," That's enough!"
I broke away from the group hug and walked off feeling guilt on me.
Col.Potter ran after me including Father. I felt a hand on my shoulder.
I said," Col.Potter! Why would you want to talk to me anyway?"
Col.Potter said," Come on! Padre! You are dismissed!"
Father watched me as Col.Potter dragged me into his office.
I sat down on a chair while Col.Potter sat on his desk. Radar came in and went through the files.
Col.Potter said," Why did you go AWOL?"
I said," Col. Potter! I am a very sensitive and strong person! Major Idiot had hurt my feelings but I didn't blame him! Sir! I am blaming myself that I caved in too easily and hurted Father's feelings! I felt unwanted and had many thoughts! I almost committed suicide cause hate has turned me bad but I realized I was loved by a man, Father Mulcahy! He has always been there and I blame myself for hurting him badly! He was a good friend! How can anyone trust me now Col.Potter?"
I toke off my glasses and set them in my lap. I started crying.
Col.Potter said," I see but you also hurt the camp! This mash unit cared of you too much! We tried to make it easy but you are making it too hard on your self, Sonar!"
I said," Sir! Can I please go?"
Col.Potter said," Dismissed!"
I said," Thank you sir!"
I ran out the doors and into my tent trying to sob my guilt and problems away.
Meanwhile in Father's tent,
Father felt that guilt was hurting me. He could sense it as he went out of his tent and walked off to see me. He knocked on my tent door.
I toke a feel deep breaths and said," Come in!"
I was wiping my tears as Father entered. I toke my eyes off him and turned the other way. Father sat down beside me and put a hand around my neck to my opposite shoulder. I turned to look at him. I forced myself to hug him. Father toke off his hat and hugged me tightly. I felt my tears returning.
Father said," Sonar! You seem to be not okay!"
I said," I know that Father but I hurted the camp and the feelings of others! I never realized it Father! Man! What have I done? Guilt is hurting me cause I hurt my friends and you! I feel so sorry!"
Father was stunned.
I added," I kept blaming myself for caving in to easily when Charles called me a meanderfall! I was trying my best but he'd hurt me more than ever Father!I let hate control me!"
Father patted my back and said," It's okay! It happened to all of us! Hate toke over me when I didn't get my promotion! I always tried to get one and I realized it was not the rank, it was the job! Sonar! You got to quit blaming yourself!"
I realized what Father was saying as I looked in his eyes. He read my eyes easily like he knew what I felt in my heart. He gave me a brief kiss.I didn't expect him to do that as he released it tenderly and slowly. I put my cheek on his cheek and put my arms around his neck.
Father whispered," Quit blaming yourself!"
I said," I'm going to try Father but I will need your help to get me through this!"
Father said," I will get you through this Sonar! I promise you! I know hate is such a bad thing but you must control it!"
I said as he stroked my hair," I'll try Father!"
I added," I'm sorry if I did worry you and the camp!"
Father said," It's okay! I was worried but I forgive you Sonar! You proved to yourself that pain can really trigger into your feelings and cause you to go AWOL when everyone tries to help you!"
I said," Did you read my eyes again?"
Father blushed and nodded slowly causing my head to go on his shoulder. I felt defeated but yet cared for by Father.
I looked in his eyes again as I admitted," Thank you for everything Father!"
Father said," Your welcome Sonar but please, call me Francis!"
I said," Okay and you can call me Brandy, Francis!"
Father and I had another kiss as Radar came in and was rather shocked. I released it as I saw Radar.
I said," Radar!"
Father and I blushed in surprise.
Radar said," I'm sorry!"
I said," It's okay Radar! Come on in but promise not to tell anyone!"
Radar said," I promise! Mail call! Here you are Father!"
Father got his letter from Radar who was still shocked after he saw what happened.
Father said," It's my sister for a sister!"
I chuckled silently not wanting to be rude but Father caught me.
Father said," What is so funny?"
I said," You just make me laugh! Radar! Any mail from my friends?"
Radar said," Nope! You got one from your unit but its your commanding officer!"
I said," Something tell me that my unit is going to give me the bad news again!"
Father said," Read it to me and slowly!"
I opened my letter and read it to Father as he asked me to.
Father said," Well! That is rather a surprising ending!"
I said," I don't believe they are going home! Lucky devils in a figure of speech!"
Father said," They were just lucky!"
I said silently," While the 8063rd goes home, we suffer here!"
Father said," You have a point but I wanted to tell you something I hidden and it stirs inside me to tell you!"
I said smirking," Go ahead Father! I am listening!"
Father said stammering," you!"
I blushed in surprise and said," I love you too Father!"
Father and I kissed before we could say anything. I blushed while the kiss was going on while Father placed me in his arms. I hugged him firmly in return. I was blushing because Father confessed his love for me which I was actually shocked cause usually priests are just friends to women and men but this was another story.
I thought to my self," I don't believe it! He really loves me!"
I felt Father release the kiss as I decided to put my back on Father's chest. I got into a position. Father held me there in comfort as I toke off my glasses and set them down on my stand. I than put my back on Father's chest and closed my eyes taking deep breaths of sorrow. Father watched me there as he heard breathing which was mine.
There was a silent knock on the door as the priest layed me down in my bed, carefully trying not to wake me up. Father opened the door and it was Radar.
Father whispered," Hi Radar!"
Radar said," Why are you whispering?"
Father said," Sonar's trying to sleep!"
Radar whispered," Okay but I am not here for her! Col.Potter wants to have a word with you!"
Father whispered," Tell him I will be there in a few minutes!"
Radar said," Okay!"
Radar toke off and told the commander. Father went back inside the tent. He came over to me and took off my glasses. Then he toke the green sheet from under my legs and tucked me in. He looked at me before he kissed my cheek. He than took off not realizing he left his hat on my bed.
In Col.Potter's office....
Col.Potter was sitting when he heard a knock. Radar was just going through files.
Col.Potter said," Come in!"
Father came in and said," Radar said you wanted to see me!"
Col.Potter said," Yes I do! Hold on a second! Radar! Can you please leave?"
Radar said," Yes sir!"
Father watched Radar go as he put his hands in his lap. Col.Potter toke a deep breath.
Col.Potter said," Why did you go AWOl which was against orders to find Sonar?"
Father started," I care for Sonar, sir! I wanted to help her through her problems! When she went Awol, I noticed how she felt after that and I had to go look for her to help her!"
Col.Potter said," Continue!"
Father said," I went Awol because I knew she needed a shoulder to cry on plus guidence and comfort I can provide her with! I knew she would feel hurted!"
Col.Potter said," Understandable Father but I don't want you to go Awol again! We nearly had to sent the mp to find you but they were busy so we sent Radar and Klinger! Do you understand?"
Father said," Yes! Yes I do!"

I woke up a few minutes later and saw Father's hat on my chest.
I thought," He must've forgot it! I'll ask Radar to drop it off!"
There was a knock and wouldn't you know it, it was Radar.
I passed Radar, Father's hat and spoke," Take this to Father Mulcahy! It's his hat!"
Radar said," Okay!"
Radar scooted off into the distance taking Father's hat as I went outside my tent and closed the door. I still thought of why I went Awol. I walked to the hill that was not far from the 4077th. I spotted the hill and sat down with my journal.
I started writing: Dear Diary,
I had another rough day. Col.Potter is ticked off and he is probably talking with Father Mulcahy. Speaking of Father Mulcahy, I had finally found out that he loved me. It's like a dream and I can't figure out why! I am guessing that he denied his love for me but I didn't! I feel so sorry! My friends are back home while I suffer! I met so many people here and I do not wish to leave. I realize that the 4077th gets more suffering than the 8063rd but then again, the war has been rough on everyone! I am thinking of getting transferred to the 8055th. I just didn't know what to do! I have confused emotions and don't know how my life will end! It's not a bad day. I fell asleep also and with Father's hat on my chest. He did comfort me before that after he said that he loved me but I was shocked. I only known this unit for a few months and now I am really enjoying being here! I hope I will meet them again!
I heard a yell," Sonar! We got wounded, coming?"
I said," Coming!"
I dropped my journal and pen and rushed over to Hawkeye. Looks like another day has gone by.

The End
Unexpected ending?
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