Only in Kira's world could you drive down I-56 utterly unopposed. After fifteen minutes of mindless and mechanical driving, something exciting, spontaneous flickered in Mello's eye, and he gave the slightest smirk to himself in the rear view mirror.

The car shuddered to a grinding halt. Matt swayed forwards in his seat a little, not once taking his eyes away from the tiny handheld screen in front of him. The sounds of the road ceased, and now the bitter night silence boasted only of low car motor hum, skilled finger tapping, shrill synthetic noises - pik, pikoo.

"Why we stopped?" He asked detachedly.

Mello did not reply - not with dull words, at least. Furiously he propped up the armrests and seized his companion by the folds of his vest. Matt fumbled for the pause button and remembered vaguely tucking the game into his vest pocket before reaching needlessly for Mello's shoulders.

Mello didn't care that a street light happened to be looming overhead, or that the gaudy light was probably just enough to clue in any onlookers. They'd get a good look, that's for certain; well let em look, the bastards. Hell, if somebody wanted to park next to the car with a video camera, he didn't have his pride to lose from this. That was what made the entire situation so completely gratifying. It was not something private, but no one else, dazed inferiors, could ever hold a perfect piece of it.

Tension was a beautiful thing sometimes, and the most inappropriate of situations, laughably ridiculous in thought, became real and receptive. When he heard Matt's breath against his skin - and felt the anxious sweat on his chest and stomach under padded leather gloves - it was something else entirely. Something instant and addictive.

There was no rhythm, there was no coordination. Mello gripped the edge of the seat cushion, hovering over his closest comrade - the only one he could trust, the all-purpose friend, the instant addiction.

The car smelled like rotten air conditioner, stale chocolate - the highway, like wet gravel.

It was delicious.