Okay, I've wanted to do this story for a while now.It's not the most original type of idea butit's really good. Tell me how it is.

Four souls and Nine tails

Chpt.1 It Begins

In the Era of Feudal Japan, demons had run rampant and one in particular has caused onslaught to many. But it shall all change now, for a team was bound together and…of hell, you all know Inuyasha. What am I trying to summarize about? Just read.

"Inuyasha," Kagome cried riding on the dog demon's back, "Naraku's poisonous insects are here."

Inuyasha gave a big grin while slashing them to pieces, "There's no doubt about it then…he's here."

Miroku and Sango were riding on the cat demon; Kirara's back taking the front now. Sango used her boomerang (No clue what it's named) to clear a path for everyone.

"Excellent work Sango." The monk complemented.

The demon slayer blushed a bit, "Thanks Miroku I-yeeep!"

Miroku decided that this time would be a good opportunity to grope Sango, of course she didn't really appreciate it and he got a slap in the face.

"Jeeze," Shippo sighed from Kagome's shoulder, "Will he ever learn?"

The team burst out of the forest revealing Naraku's castle. It was strange though. There weren't any insects around and there was no barrier, nor were there demons or Naraku's incarnations or Kohaku. There weren't any traps either.

"It's as if he wasn't expecting us." Miroku exclaimed.

"We better keep close. It could still be a trap." Kagome said getting off Inuyasha's back.

Meanwhile inside the castle, Naraku was close to his goal. He stared at a dark blue orb,beside him, with delight. Kohaku also sat beside him staring outside.

"They are approaching Lord Naraku." He said in his monotone voice.

"Hehe…let them come." Naraku chuckled.

Kohaku bowed before the demon and vanished. That's when Inuyasha and the others entered.

"Ah, Inuyasha. It seems that you have found me."

"I'm not up for your games today Naraku." The dog demon snarled pulling tetsuiga from its sheath. "You're going down." He immediately swung his sword to slash his opponent but it was blocked by a strange aura. "So you think you can stop me with one barrier?"

"This barrier was created by the orb of the hidden villages." Naraku said coolly, "It's not that easy to break."

"We'll see about that!" Inuyasha's sword turned red, "I'm goanna break that barrier then break your face." With one slam of the sword the barrier burst but he didn't stop there. The sword turned back to white and he let out his wind scar attack.

A cloud of dirt surrounded the room but it began to clear.

"Did we win?" Shippo asked.

"Hehe, Not quite." Naraku said appearing behind all of them. "All you did was smash my illusion. Thank you Inuyasha. Without your help, I wouldn't have been able to break that barrier."

"You bastard!" Inuyasha roared. He was going to attack Naraku but his arm would not budge. He turned to see his arm being sucked into the orb.

"Inuyasha!" Kagome screamed as his whole body was sucked in.

"That orb has more power than my wind tunnel." Miroku said struggling to stay away from it.

But all succumbed to the orb's power and were eaten by it.

The gang found themselves in something like a blue tunnel pulling further and further from home. Inuyasha was able to grab on to Kagome's hand, Sango and Miroku were able to hold on to each other to, and Shippo was on Kirara's back. The tunnel ended with a bright light blinding them all. Each one let out a scream and hoped for the best.


"Erm…Inuyasha?" Kagome opened her eyes to see his face. "Where…are we?" She asked standing up.

"In some forest," Inuyasha sighed. "Come on. We have to go find the others."

"ARGH! MIROKU!" Sango's voice bellowed followed by a slap.

Kagome and Inuyasha rushed to where the clatter was to see Sango keeping her distance from the monk who now had a giant red mark on his face.

"You guys alright?" Inuyasha asked.

"Were fine. You?"

"Were good," Kagome said, "Where's Shippo and Kirara?"

"I thought you had them!" Sango gasped.

"We'd better go find them." Miroku said, "Kirara can take care of herself but Shippo…"

"Don't worry about Shippo." Inuyasha interrupted, "We'll find him before he gets into trouble."

But little did they know they all would be in big trouble. For where Shippo and Kirara landed was in a village that isn't very fond of demons. For the last one that came almost destroyed the village.

Okay, that's the beginning. The next episode will have Naruto in it.