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Chpt. 12 Our Clans Survive Part 1

It was another sunny day in Konoha. Young ninja were training like mad in the training grounds that morning while many others were busy with everyday lives. In the training grounds, Kurenai and her team of genin were busy training with their daily routine.

Each one was doing impressive work with breaking logs. Hinata did her 62 strike attack to burst hers, Kiba and Akamaru did their steel fang attack and ripped theirs into millions of pieces and Shino summoned a bunch of termites that instantly swallowed it up.

"Alright," Kurenai announced, "We'll take a break for a bit before moving on."

The three of them nodded as they sat in the shade of a tree as Kurenai was greeted by a monk wearing purple garb.

"You train your students extremely well." Miroku said as he clapped in enthusiasm.

"Thank you." Kurenai replied as her students watched.

Kiba and Akamaru gave growls in disapproval. "Damn him." Kiba snarled, "That playboy monk. He thinks he's so smooth. I don't know why Sango hangs with him. She could do so much better."

"I…I believe tha-that Miroku has a good heart." Hinata pointed out.

"Nah, he has none."

"I think that you are taking this as competition." Shino said in his regular tone making Kiba blush.

"WHA?! That monk my rival? Feh, no way." He then began to look at the ground in an attempt to hide his red face when he thought of Sango. "He won't even be able to meet the expectations of Sango."

"Wh-why do you think that?' Hinata asked.

While that happened Miroku still spoke with Kurenai.

"So, you're a monk who exterminates demons? That must be a tough job."

Miroku nodded. "But I'm mostly doing it to get to Naraku. He's the demon I must destroy. He put a curse on my family."

"A curse?"

Miroku extended his hand, "Yes…this hand is the cursed wind tunnel hand given by Naraku. It's passed down from generation to generation. Slowly, it will grow and consume me, as it has done so to my Grandfather and father."

"Did you tell the Hokage about it? Certainly you could use a suppression seal to stop it."

Miroku shook his head, "Lady Tsunade examined it when I was poisoned…she says that seals wont last very long on it. Only a few minutes then it shatters. So…I need to kill Naraku quickly or I will share the same fate as my family, but I refuse to die…before I do one thing." He then turned to the Jounin, "Kurenai, I'd like to ask you something. Something you can help me with." He immediately clasped his hand around hers and asked, "Would you bear my children?"


"Because of that." Kiba said as he began to stand up to watch.

It was none other than Sango, who whacked the monk with her huge boomerang.

"Oh hello there Sango." He said, "What are you still doing here, I thought you were going out."

"I was about to but then I heard about you running off to the training grounds. Cant you be less of a pig?!" She snarled.

"G-good morning Miss Sango." Hinata shyly greeted.

"Hello," Sango replied, "How has your training you three."

"J-just fine." Kiba said blushing a bit.

"Sango, you're going out?" Shino asked who received a nod.

"Yes, I have to find the demon sword smith known as Totosai.'

"I-I've never heard of a name like that." Hinata said, "Wh-why do you have top look for him?"

"He's the one who forged Inuyasha's sword and the only one who can repair it."

"C-Can he fix other things too?"

"Yes. He fixed my boomerang before. He's quite talented." She then went on to tell them what had happened a couple of nights prior.


Tsunade looked at the broken sword and gave out a sigh. "Is there anyone else in the village willing to give it a try?"

"No Hokage-Sama." Shizune said sadly, "Everyone who tried to fix it failed miserably. The demonic powers from it are too much for anyone."

Tsunade scratched her head, "Are you sure that you need THIS sword Inuyasha?"

"Of course I need it!" He snapped back, "My Tetsuiga is the only one that can do windscar and backlash wave."

"He's right lady Hokage." Myoga said as he hopped onto her desk. "Another sword will not work against demons. It has to be the Tetsuiga. It also is the only thing keeping master Inuyasha from…err…from becoming a bit more rambunctious if you will."

"I don't know what else you can do then." Tsunade sighed, "You're powerless without that sword but yet no one can fix it."

"Well….there is one person who can fix the Tetsuiga." Myoga said.

"Huh? Who might that be?"

"The one who made it of course, Lord Totosai."

"Totosai created the Tetsuiga and the Tanseiga wielded by Sesshomaru." Kagome began, "He's fixed the Tetsuiga before so it will be no problem for him to fix it again."

"Though…the only problem right now is you don't know where he is."

The others nodded, "The area has changed and he'll probably not be where we usually find him."

"Yes, that would be a problem…" Tsunade then turned to her wondrous helper, "Shizune, bring me a list of any available jounnin."


"If that sword is as powerful as you say it is, we'll need it fixed soon." The hokage said with a grin, "I'll let you each go into a four celled team; three ninja's will escort each one of you into different areas. Inuyasha, since you need the sword soon your group will scout around the forest close to here."

"WHAT?!" Inuyasha gave a growl, "Why the hell should I stay close to the village? I can handle anything that comes my way!"

Kagome gave an irritated look and said, "Inuyasha, SIT!"

FWOOM! Down to the floor he fell.

"Thank you, now where was I? Kagome, I'm sending your group a bit to the east. Though you have been a target once before for them so I wont let you stray too far from the area either."

"Alrighty." Kagome agreed.

Tsunade gave a smile at the girls confidence then turned to Miroku and Sango. "Now for you two. I've seen that you two are quite capable of going quite a while's away so I could always send you a bit farther."

"That would be much appreciated Lady Hokage." Miroku thanked.

"Alright then. Miroku, I'll send you farther west around the southern area. And as for you Sango, I think you'd be best in the eastern direction."

"What about me?" The young fox demon Shippo asked. "Where will I go?"

"Well Shippo, I have a special placed lined up for you. A special three man team for a special task."


"Yes…..you will be accompanying Naruto, Sakura, and Kakashi in their training."

"?!" Shippo immediately loomed in a dark aura, "I'm not even considered helpful…."

I'll prompt you all for your mission tomorrow. Be prepared!"

(Flashback End)

"So I suppose you will be gone for quite some time then." Shino said and was given a nod in reply.

"Perhaps. I hope we find him soon though." Sango said.

"I-I bet you'll find him!" Kiba announced, "No, I'm sure you will!"

"ARF ARF!" Akamaru barked in agreement.

"Thanks you guys." Sango began to walk off to meet her group when she was halted by the monk.

"Sango," Miroku began as he walked up close to her, "I've heard that the area you're scouting in is somewhat close to sound village. The same area where Orochimaru and Naraku are. Be careful."

The words lingered in Sango's head as she gave a nod and left. Sound Village…. She began to think, that's where our enemies are. And if Naraku's there….then Kohaku will definitely be there too.


Meanwhile, Kakashi was training his two students along with a rambunctious fox demon.

"Why are we watching you?" Naruto asked in an annoyed tone to Shippo, "I could be out looking for Sauske."

"Because Hokage Sama ordered us to," Sakura replied. "Besides, she won't send you off on another mission to find Sauske. We have too little of leads."

"WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!" He yelped, "We know that he's with Orochimaru and HE'S in cahoots with that demon guy Naraku! We have more info than that too!"

"Calm down Naruto." Kakashi said calmly to his orange clad student. "Don't get so riled up at this. We still don't know what their next move is. It's too dangerous to go out and search for them all at once. We need to take it slowly."

"Yeah." Shippo said as he drew a picture, "You're so dumb. You're like Inuyasha. He think's before he acts too."


"OW! He does that too!!!!"


Soon, it had become the afternoon and the clouds seemed to roll on by. The four teams seemed to have made very little progress in the search for Totosai and they soon grew tired. Sango's team still trudged on in hoped of finding any leads.

She looked up at the gray sky and announced to one of her companions, "Looks like its going to rain soon."

"Yeah, looks that way." He said as he looked around, "I hear it get's dangerous around here. It comes down in buckets and the river over here can sweep you away in the storm. Best to be careful."

"I'll be sure to keep away then." Sango happily announced.

"Miss Sango!" Her second accomplice called out followed by the third. "We found something that you should see."

The third pulled out of his back pocket a strange looking item. It was a bit curved and the tip seemed to be sharp. It was pretty big too but it wasn't like an animal fang, more like a bug's stinger. But what kind of bug is that big?

"A Samiyoshou stinger," She gasped as she looked at it. "Where did you get it?"

"We found one not too far from this area." The second man informed, "It tried to attack us but we managed to kill it."

"No doubt that Naraku is around this area…" Sango began, "This could get a bit dangerous."

"Then we'll have to head back and report this to the Hokage." The first man announced, "We can't go searching any longer if that demon is in these parts."

"But we have Sango here." The third protested, "Isn't there any way for us to still search? I know its dangerous but isn't there another ray around?"

Sango shook her head, "No, as much as I'd like to fight Naraku, we can't at this time. I can't do it without my teammates and they aren't around. We'll head back to the Hokage and tell her."

"I'm afraid you won't be heading back!" boomed a loud voice as a shuriken was flung at them.

On ninja blocked it with a kunai then flung one in the same direction from where it came. The form of a man leaped away from the attack and landed on the ground. A thunder clap was heard from the sky as his feet touched the soil, as if it was greeting his entrance.

"It seems that the sky would like a performance by me." He said with a keen smile as he readjusted his forehead protector, letting the music note on it shine with brilliance to the gray sky.

"A sound ninja!" the second konoha nin growled as he pulled out a kunai. The others followed his example and prepared for an attack.

"What is a sound-nin doing around here?" The first asked his allies.

"You'll probably never know!" The sound nin said as he pulled out six kunai and threw them.

The konoha group leaped back a bit in order to dodge the incoming attack.

"I think it would be a good idea to get out of here while there's still only one guy to worry about." The first announced to his group as he made another leap back. The other's gave a nod in agreement and were about to run off…

SHUNK! A shuriken sunk into the second leaf ninja without warning. It was so fast that they didn't even know how it hit.

'How the hell did he hit us so fast?' Sango wondered, 'I didn't even see him throw a shuriken!'

"Kehkehkehkeh! I'm incredibly quick!" The sound nin laughed, "All thanks to Orochimaru's seal he gave me!" He pointed to a symbol on his neck. "It increases my speed three times as much as a normal person, and that's just on the first level! Kehkehkehkeh!"

"We won't be able to get away in time." Sango growled then turned to her comrades, "Hey, you two get our teammate medical attention. I'll get rid of this problem."

"Are you sure you can handle it?" The first ninja asked, "He's pretty quick."

"Don't worry about me." Sango ordered, "Just get help."

The two grasped onto their hurt friend and looked at Sango one last time, "Good luck." Then disappeared.

"So it's just you and I then." The man said with a demonic smile as he pulled out another shuriken.

"No, I'm not the only one. KIRARA!"

GROWWWR! A huge demonic cat flew out from the underbrush and flung itself at the man. The man barley dodged and threw a shuriken which cut the massive cat's back leg. "You'll have to do better if you want to beat me!" The man snickered.

An enormous boom came from the sky as rain began to pour out. Everything was quickly soaked. It was the perfect weather for a battle.

The man gave a kackle at this, "Kekekeke, the sky is bored to tears with your weak performance. I better entertain him soon."

'I have to get him as far away from the others route as possible' thought Sango, 'If he was to catch them, that other guy wont make it.' She pulled out her boomerang and gave it a throw straight at the man's direction.

The sound nin managed to leap out of the way only to be almost trampled by Kirara with Sango on the back. He gave a grunt and looked at her with a cross look. "So that's how you're going to play ehy?" He growled, "Fine then, lets see how far you get before you die." He then leaped into the air and onto a treebranch giving the signal for kirara to fly as far as she could.

"Don't go too fast." Sango warned her feline demon friend, "We need him to be close so he'll chase us."

"RAWR!" Kirara howled and off they went.

Little did they know that they were falling into the sound nin's plan. 'Soon they will fall and the sky shall cheer for me.'


The sound of thunder boomed loud enough for all to hear. Especially around the area that Miroku was searching in. He paused for a moment and looked at the sky.

"Was that thunder I heard?"

A ninja nodded. "Yeah. But don't worry, it sounds too far away. It's probably coming from another area." He pointed to his left with his outstretched hand, "Probably coming from that direction."

"But…that's where Sango went right?"

"Then they're probably leaving that area soon." The second ninja said, "The current of the river picks up so badly around there. The group that went with her would have already told her and lead her back." She then turned back to her area of searching, "Don't worry so much, we need to keep looking."

Miroku gave a nod but stared at the gray clouds passing by. Sango…please be alright.



Sango and Kirara slowly made their way further into the enemy territory.

"At least he's chasing us." Sango said to Kirara, "Its only a matter of time now. We'll be able to…"

"Grrrrrraaah" Kirara moaned as she began to plummet back to the ground. A few tree branches managed to break their fall and Kirara and sango fell on the damp grass.

"Kirara!" Sango cried rushing to the fallen cat, "Whats the matter?"

A single growl was heared as the huge cat demon formed back into a tiny kitten.

A cackle bellowed from behind Sango. The ninja chasing them landed a few feet away and was spinning one of his kunais around his finger. "You were too easy. I knew you wouldn't get at all far. Not after it took effect."

Sango immediatley darted to kirara's wounded leg to see the cut had a bit of purple liquid stained on the outside. "Poison!" Sango gasped.

"Bingo." The sound nin then shined the kunai into the rainy sky to show that it dripped of the same liquid. "All my weapons are drenched in that poison for three days. It helps it soak up every bit of the samiyosho's venom."

Sango's eyes widened.

"I'll take it you know how potent this stuff is. It will soon kill your pet slowly and painfully. Don't worry too much though; I'll make sure you both die together!" He then charged at her with the kunai and activated his cursed seal. As soon as Sango grasped Kirara, she only had enough time to counter his charge with her boomerang. The charge was so strong though, and the ground was so wet, that she flew several feet away only to be charged again.

He's not giving me a chance to strike back at all. Sango told herself in the back of her mind, I have to make a run for it…

The nin immediately charged at her once again with more tremendous force. Sango went flying into the air and into the bushes.

The sound nin gave a laugh, "I don't know even my own strength." He slowly moved over to see that she had used this opportunity to retreat. "DAMNIT!"

The rain seemed to pour down worse and worse as Sango rushed through the forest. Kirara was held with her left hand as her right pushed the underbrush away. Kirara made a little mew in pain making Sango stop to examine her.

"Hang on a bit more Kirara. I'll make sure we get out of here." She pushed away some more bushes to come into view of the river she heard so much about. She almost fell into it since she barely had anytime to halt. The ninja she was with was right. It was strong enough to carry someone away. She couldn't believe she didn't hear the sound of it before, probably because of all the thunder.

Sango's eyes immediately darted to a dead tree which had landed like a bridge from one side to the other. "This is probably our only chance." She said as she clenched tightly to Kirara as she made her way towards it. The bark was slippery from all the water poring down upon it and it wobbled as the current pushed against it. Not the safest route to go but her only route. She had to take this chance. She could hear the laughter behind her announcing that her enemy was approaching fast. There was no time to think. She immediately attempted to cross…that's when she saw it. On the other side of the log, there was a boy. He wore the same uniform as her but with a blank expression. She stared at him wide eyed and halted. She opened her mouth and cried out "KOHAKU!"

Another young boy heard this cry and slowly approached the area. His teammate was found, but by who? He knew this was a bad idea to mingle with that blasted demons group. They were nothing but trouble. He moved slowly out of the bushes and into the shadow of the trees. There stood a young woman staring at his ally Kohaku. Her face showed a desperate look as she tried to get nearer to Kohaku. The mysterous boy stood in hidden view to watch.

"Kohaku!" The woman repeated.

"How do you…know my name?" Kohaku asked.

"Don't you recognize me?" The girl asked, "It's me! Sango! Your sister!" She took another step forward, "Please Kohaku, please try to remember!" Her eyes were dripping with water but not from the rain. These were genuine tears. "I don't…want to loose you again. I don't want to fight you anymore! All I want…is for you to come back home."

Kohaku's face seemed to be in pain at that moment. He clenched his head and began to struggle. The woman immediately tried to get nearer but alas, it was not meant to be.

SHUNK! A kunai sunk into her back and the alarm of laughing echoed from behind. She turned a bit to see the sound nin cackling at her. "You really think that that boy can hear you? I have been informed that he is nothing but a puppet. He cannot hear your cries. Even if you die right here, he will not weep for you one bit."

Sango turned to her brother only to see a blurred body before her. The poison was acting quickly. Everything was a blur and her limbs began to shake. She reached out for Kohaku's outfit and she called out his name one last time weakly. "K-ko-haku…" Her eyes than closed and she fell into the rivers current.


Hokage, Tsunade, sat down with her elbows on the desk as her fingers weaved into both hands while her assistant Shizune stood beside her. She seemed to be calm at this moment but that was a hokage's duty. She had to be calm in all situations in order to keep peace within her village.

"Tell me what happened back there." Tsunade ordered staring at the two ninja on the other side. They both didn't know where to begin at this. And what was worse was that the demon dog and his companions were sitting behind them.

"Well…" The left one began, "We were about to head back to the village since we found traces of samiyosho around the area…but then…we were attacked by a sound nin."

"Sango ordered us to go on without her. She said she'd take care of him and head back." The second interrupted.

"And that's when the patrols found you and helped you get back." Tsunade finished, "And don't worry about your comrade, he should be fine. The poison he was infected with is deadly but it's no match for Konoha's medicine."

"And no word from Sango yet?" Inuyasha asked.

Tsunade shook her head, "I'm afraid that there is no trace of her in that area. Though we are only going in small distances. We can't go so far if its true that they are sound nin and demons around."

"I hope she's alright." Kagome said softly as the others looked at the ground.


Sango's head was swimming in a vast and endless sea of her mind. Her eyes were heavy and her body was weak. The last time she opened them, all she saw was the cold black water she fell into. All that she could remember was something coming towards her and it seemed to reach out to her…then nothing. She didn't feel cold anymore from the river. She felt somewhat warm. Was she dead? That couldn't be it. She slowly managed to crack open her eyes for a bit to see a dim light beside her. Her eyes somewhat adjusted to it to realize it was a fire. She rolled her eyes around to look at her surroundings. It was still all fuzzy; the poison seemed to be affecting her vision a bit. Even so, she was able to see that the walls were made of some rock and so was the floor. Rocks littered the ground as well, meaning that she was in a cave. Her body was wrapped around in a sleeping bag as well which felt so warm and welcoming. A tiny mew came from beside her. She managed to move her head just a bit to notice a tiny ball of fur beside her. Whoever dragged her out made sure that Kirara was okay too. The sound of footsteps became clear as a figure moved into the light of the fire. Sadly, Sango's sight could not adjust anymore and sadly, she couldn't get a good look at their face.

"It's good to see that you are awake." The figure said in a young male voice, "I was worried that your illness had gotten worse."

"H-how long was I out?" Sango weakly asked.

"Don't worry; it was only about a day." The figure then poured something into a bowl and exteneded it to Sango's face. "Here, its medicine."

Sango tried her best to move her head up but to no avail. She struggled to even try and move her hands.

The boy gave a chuckle at this. "It's alright." He assured as he lifted her head and tipped the bowl to her mouth. "Drink as much as you can. Don't rush yourself though."

Sango didn't hesitate to not drink the substance. If this guy really wanted her to die, he would have killed her already while she was sleeping or waited till she drowned. She managed to swallow three weak gulps of the substance before she grew tired again. The bow slowly rested her head on the soft bag and put the bowl away.

"Th-thank you." The young demon slayer said weakly.

"It was nothing I assure you." The boy announced as he stood up, "I'll be back later on to see how your doing. Right now, I need to check how the weather's holding up."

And with that he disappeared. Sango let her eyes rest once again and she went into a deep sleep. She dreamt about her little brother again and what she should do.

Oh Kohaku….what should I do? Is it true that you can't remember me? Will you be a puppet forever? I…how…how can I save you? Naraku almost has all the jewel shards. If he gets the rest…he'll kill you for the one in your back. There must be a way…

SHUNK! The sound of a bag awoke her. The fire was already distinguished but light was coming through. It was morning. She looked up a bit to see the young boy again. He turned to her to see her sickly face.

"Oh. Sorry to have woken you." He apologized as he unzipped his bag to reveal food. "I came back in last night but you were pretty tired. I decided not to bother you. It looked like you needed rest." He then set up the food on a plate and extended it to her. "Do you think you have some strength to eat this by yourself this time?"

Sango attempted to move a bit up and managed to prop herself up from the bag her head was lying on. Her hands weakly held the plate as she looked at the fuzzy images of food.

"Is there something wrong?"

"N-No…it's just that I don't have any clue what I'm eating. I can't even see your face…"

"Hmm…I suppose that toxin you were infected with is working a bit stronger than I thought. Though trust me, the food is really good. Try it."

Sango weakly grabbed one of the portions and swallowed it. It had a nice and warm taste to it. "You're right. It's delicious."

"That's good to hear. Let's see if your friend is well enough to try some food too." The boy then began to slowly feed Kirara a bit letting her eat every portion.

Sango managed to watch, though as she looked at them, she couldn't help but remember how her brother used to play with Kirara and her happily. Her face became saddened and her eyes began to water. If only it could be that way still. If only the events didn't happen.

"Is…is there something wrong?" The boy asked.

"I-its nothing…" Sango assured, "I was just remembering something about my family."

The boy continued to feed Kirara. His back of his head was the only thing Sango could see and not even a good view either, her vision being so blurry that it was just a black blob.

"Is your family worried about you?"

The demon slayer's face grew a bit dim at this, "I have no family…at least, not anymore."

"What happened to them?"

Sango's hands felt the empty bowl in her lap as she began, "My family was part of a great clan. I lived a very kind life with my father and brother…but then…" She let her hands coil into fists, "They were all killed. Every single one in that village is gone…I'm the only one left."

The boy immediately stood up after and began to walk out, "I'm sorry that had happened to you…I'll go check if theirs anyone around. If not, I'm going to help you get back to the nearest village…" He halted a moment and then said, "I can understand your pain I suppose…My family…is all gone as well."

The sound of footsteps sounded as the boy wandered out of the cave, leaving Sango to collect her thoughts and let Kirara sleep.

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