"All the things one has forgotten scream for help in dreams"
Elias Canetti




Twisting and turning he silently walked through the darkened halls. A few lights hung from the ceiling above him flickered on and off. He blinked and glanced atthe door to his right. It was a deep crimson with a silver handle. Deep gashes were engraved within the metal of the door. The door was wrapped in chains with locks hanging off each chain. Stepping closer to the door he reached out to grasp the handle. His hand hesitated at the heat he felt. He moved forward to grip the handle and something grasped his wrist.

"Don't open something you can't understand…"

His crimson eyes snapped to the person holding his wrist. A thick gray shadow with crimson eyes, and a white grin smiled at him. He looked back to the thing's hand and began to panic. He knew that it shouldn't have a hand or be solid, but it was. Pulling away from the shadow, he stumbled back as its laughter echoed through the hallway of doors.

"What are you?" He demanded.

"You will not understand, but I am what you are deep inside," the shadow spoke.

Red glared at it in confusion before he took another step back.

"I am what you created…"

Red suspiciously watched it as it took a step forward; it was like mist floating.

"I lurk within you…ready torise again…"

"Just give me a name!" Red shouted.

"You know my name," the shadow mocked with a grin.

"You're crazy," Red spat as he backed up faster.

The shadow walked closer to him and reached out. Its hand clutched his throat and held him up in the air. It shook him to show Red who was in control. The shadow laughed as it watched him struggle for air.

"You can't run from what you are deep inside!" The shadow hissed.

"Red!" Purple snapped. "Are you listening?"

Red slowly let his eyes open as he came from another daymare. He gazed at the people around him and sighed. Red silently wished that he wasn't there. He felt it was useless trying to fit in on Zeta. The humans here showed distaste toward most of the Irkens on this planet. Red glared at a human that passed by the house window.

"No, I'm not listening," Red replied, as he continued to stare out the window.

"He looks sick," Klavier noticed as Red turned to glare at him.

"I'm not sick," Red firmly stated.

"Maybe he's been probed," Klavier seriously said.

Purple raised an antenna at this one and Red shut his eyes as his teeth grinded.

"I'm fine you moron," Red hissed.

"Someone's cranky," Dib grumbled as he walked through the door with Tak behind him.

Red opened his eyes to glare at Dib. Dib began to return the glare before he shrugged and turned to Klavier.

"How are the humans?" Klavier questioned.

"Disgruntled, stupid, and alive," Dib replied as he took a seat at their table.

"Leader Zootch is stressed. The human's don't like Irkens very much," Tak spoke as she sat next to Dib.

"Problems?" Purple questioned.

"Many," Dib sighed.

Red turned his attention away from them in favor of the window. The humans he had met on Zeta had been hateful towards him. He couldn't understand why they would attack for no reason. An antenna twitched as he caught something in the conversation.

"Their experience on Earth has changed their views," Tak supplied.

"I don't blame them, but they don't have to blame the ones on Zeta," Klavier added.

"Hate and fear causes us to act stupid," Dib stated as Tak nodded in agreement.

"Hate…I don't like hate," Klavier randomly said.

"Who does?" Purple questioned.

Dib's eyes strayed to the unaware Red before he locked eyes with Klavier.

"Do the Irkens understand what happened to the humans?" Dib asked as hedropped his hand below the table.

"Yeah, they understand."

Tak gripped Dib's hand and he softly smiled at her.

"We just need to watch for hate crimes," Dib warned.

"Leader Zootch knows…he knows all," Klavier informed with a grin.

"That's creepy," Purple said as he looked over to Red.

"Creepy like a flesh eating babies," Klavier agreed.

"Babies don't eat flesh," Dib unsurely said with hints of disgust and confusion.

"In the Noogle Galaxy they do," Purple informed.

"That's gross."

"Gross like a…"

"Enough!" Dib shouted at Klavier.

'What happened to the humans and their planet,' Red mused as he kept his gaze locked outside the window.

The sky was deep magenta with dark colored clouds painted gray. She wondered why there was no sun. She knew the reason why there was no sun; they didn't need a sun. Her amber eyes blinked and slowly stared at the machine-covered land. There were no trees, no grass, and no hope upon this planet. They went on living without the Control Brains. As long as the Irkens had a Tallest, they didn't care about anything else…besides snacks and conquest. Her pale hands rested against the cold metal ledge and she leaned her face against the cool window.

'It's so…depressing,' she thought as she closed her eyes.

Her eyes opened once more and she gazed at the marching soldiers. Most of them had been allowed to come up from their training in the core of planet. Zim had given them more freedom, but he still wanted to train them. Irk had many enemies and he didn't want the planet to fall due to a sudden act of stupidity.

'With Zim…it will happen anyway…'

The metal ground opened and she watched a ship rise to the surface. The engines ignited and it shot off into space. She figured the negations must be over. The planet's surface closed once more and her pupils narrowed. She still didn't trust the planet much. The Irkens to her were still a ruthless race that was bent on nothing but self-gratification. She pushed away from the window and moved across the room. The view of a metal planet with darkened skies depressed her even more.


She stopped in front of her dresser and stared into the mirror.She hadn't changed that much, but she had matured more. Zim called it maturing; she called it getting closer to death.She left herhairtied back in metal bindings. A metal head band held back any stray bangs from her face. The Irkens found it weird that she had such hair. Gaz poked at her stomach and frowned. A few days had passed and she could already see the bulge in stomach. She knew it wasn't possible, but in her mind, it was. Gaz reached out and grasped the metal armor. Zim had been suited to fit the role of Tallest, they had handed her a script and she scowled at it.

'Co-Tallest…never,' Gaz thought as she fastened the metal.

The metal was more like liquid. It formed to her body and then hardened; it left her with mobility. Her hand reached up and traced the faint scars on her face. The battle on Earth was carved into her skin. Gaz fastened the metal cuffs to her wrists and cracked her fingers. She couldn't lift the metal gauntlets of the traditional Tallest attire, so she had been fitted with something a bit more…delicate. Her arms were bare, but the main cuffs connected on each wrist. Wire would slither out from them and wrap around her arms up to the shoulders of the armor. She supposed it was for show, but it did keep her warm. The armor only covered her back and chest, leaving her stomach to be covered by another strange wire that wrapped around her stomach three times.

Gaz reached out once more and grabbed the last piece of her suit. A thick amber circle connected and fastened to her hips. It creaked and an amber color metal came down from it and covered her legs. It left her feet in sight only stopping at her ankles. Her suit was a faint amber color and it annoyed her. She refused to use the hover belt. Gaz walked over to the door and it opened in the middle. Gaz stepped out of the room and she immediately heard scuffles.

"Tallest Gaz."

Gaz gritted her teeth at the name and turned her sharp amber gaze to the Irken wiggling his antennae. He only came to her hip, his skin was bit paler then normal Irkens, and his eyes were a thistle color. She had found out that this Irken was less then a month old. He had been trained as a soldier, but he had a phobia that prevented him from following through with orders. His PAK was defective. He was defective because he felt fear. He had a fear of being alone.

"Invader Diestel," Gaz simply said as she looked down at him.

"Tallest Gaz, I am no Invader…just a lowly service drone," Diestel protested.

"And I am no Tallest," Gaz said as Diestel's eyes bulged a bit.

"You are Taller then I," Diestel pointed out.

"Obviously," Gaz dryly pointed out as she moved to walk.

"I have secured the halls and alerted Tallest Zim to your arrival in the Food Court," Diestel proudly stated.

"You may make a bad Invader," Gaz sighed as his antennae dropped, "but you're a good royal guard."

"I'm honored to be your service drone," Diestel softly said.

Gaz glanced down at the shorter Irken and smirked. He reminded her of her brother. His race didn't like him much, he believed in things others did not, and deep down he was vulnerable. Gaz scowled, she was becoming too soft.


"Yes my Tallest Gaz?"

"If I ever smile in giggly happiness just shoot me."

"I can't do that my Tallest, not that I wish to."

Gaz sighed as they walked on to the Food Court.

She continued to gaze in the mirror. It had been a few days, but she refused to move from the mirror. It wasn't that she hated her predicament; she just was confused. Becoming part of the race that killed her family and planet had never crossed her mind. She remembered excruciating pain and then slowly going numb. She had then embraced darkness only to wake up in this cold room. Her eyes didn't dare stray from the image that gazed back at her from the mirror. She heard the door open, but didn't budge.

"How are you?"

Silence. She continued to gaze into the mirror without blinking.


She blinked her fuchsia color eyes. A sigh left the visitors mouth at her response.

"Is that who I am?" Sarah questioned. "Am I still Sarah…am I Skoodge?"

Skoodge froze at the doorway wondering why her voice sounded so...detached. Her eyes slowly moved over and pinned him with a stare. Her antennae were perfectly curled in circles. There was no face covering to hide her, there were no yellow eyes. She was Irken, the PAK held her prisoner like all of them. She was about the same height of Skoodge, except her green flesh held a darker tint to it. He still thought she was beautiful; he cared for her, not for her body.

"You're still Sarah," Skoodge assured her as she blinked and turned her gaze back to the mirror.

Sarah didn't bother to respond and she turned to look out the window. A deep magenta colored sky with dark gray clouds greeted her. Her antennae raised in confusion without her knowing.

"You're on Irk."

"Irk…what happened to Earth?"

"Zim and Gaz accidentally blew it up," Skoodge sheepishly replied.

"What?" Sarah asked in shock.

"The humans have been taken to Zeta…a planet of Pakless Irkens."

"Then…we won?" Sarah unsurely questioned.

Skoodge walked over to her and lightly flicked her left antenna. She winced and glared at him before her features softened. He smiled at her and she cautiously smiled back.

"The humans are safe…we won," Skoodge assured.

Skoodge sat next to her on the bench and shyly looked at her. Sarah tapped her three fingers against the metal of the bench and sighed.

"What am I?"

"You," Skoodge replied in some confusion. He didn't understand what else she would be.

Sarah nodded with a small smile. She didn't want to worry him, but it was weird. A new body, a new race, and a new life. Her eyes strayed to her reflection and she released a wistful sigh.

'What am I?'

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Zim hasn't come into play yet…but I have an idea of what I'm going to do to him. I've been wondering something and it amuses me. Anyhow, I think I'm going to donate a section in chapter to these characters until they intertwine again, which they will. Zim will be in the next chapter and I'm trying to think how a hybrid pregnancy would go(ponders)

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