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Even the Mighty Fall

By: izzyco2001

Chapter 24: Wishes from the future


"But Inu… what?" It had struck her that he had agreed to let her go home and he didn't complain about it. It was not what she expected.

"Will you be gone long?" Inuyasha held her gaze.

Kagome's eyes searched the ground and the nearby foliage, trying to avoid his intense stare. She was having a hard time getting words to form and she finally settled with shaking her head.

"I'll go with you then. It's not that safe and you're still injured." Inuyasha grasped her hand with his and walked to the well. Kagome blushed, but didn't hesitate to follow.

Kagome stared down the well. "Bye," she whispered into the darkness. Grabbing her backpack she headed into the house remembering the scenes that recently passed. They were nothing but confusing.

Inuyasha held her hand the entire walk to the well and even when they stopped to grab her backpack. A couple times she would release her grasp only to have him hold on tighter.

When they reached the well, she tried to jump down, but that was before he pulled her into a strong embrace. Inuyasha stroked her soft hair and said that he would help her get to her era since she was still 'injured'. Kagome actually felt refreshed and ready to go, but he insisted that she take it easy.

Picking her up with a soft and comforting embrace, he jumped into the well and back out into her era. Carefully placing her down he asked if she would like him to come and get her in two days. Kagome still couldn't find her voice. She was still shocked at his answer.

Kagome nodded and was pulled into another embrace. "I'll be back, Kagome. Bye." He smiled to her and quickly made his way down the well.

Kagome made her way across the court yard in the very early morning darkness. It was still a few hours before the sun would show its face and only the kitchen light gave her eyes just what they needed not to fall over one of the hundreds of steps. 'Only you, mom, would be awake at this hour.'

Slipping out of he shoes, Kagome made her way to the kitchen. "Hi, mom."

"Oh, Kagome! It's wonderful to see you again. How are things?"

Kagome sat her bag down and kneeled next to the table to partake in some of her mothers famous green tea. She hesitated and sighed before answering. "Well, there sure is a lot going on now. And I…. I…. need to talk to you about it."

Her mother smiled, "Of course. That's what I'm here for."

Kagome blushed. "Thanks, mom." She took a sip of tea and set the cup down. "Well, the shikon jewel is only missing the two shards that Koga has and we'll be getting them when I go back."

"Koga…" Her mother put her finger up to her chin in thought. "Isn't that the young wolf demon who claimed you as his?"

Deeply blushing Kagome nodded, "Yeah, that's him."

The thought of the possibility of never seeing one of her two families again twisted in her stomach and made her uneasy. How was she going to break it to her mother that she may never see her daughter again? Worse yet, how would her mother react once she found out? Kagome winced as she thought about her mother demolishing the well so she couldn't return.

"Kagome, dear. Are you alright?"

"Mama," Kagome sighed and looked down at the interesting table. It was wood. Yeah, wood was interesting. "When I make a wish I'm nnnot.… I'm nnnot," 'You can do this, Kagome. Just take a deep breath and let it all out!'

Slamming her hands on the interesting wooden table, Kagome rushed her words when she finally found the courage to speak again. "I'm not sure if the well will close when I wish on the jewel. Please don't destroy it!" She looked at her mother with sorrow and fear.

"What ever gave you the idea I would do such a thing?" Her mother laughed at her and took another sip of her tea.

"I just thought that once you realized that I might not be coming home again, you might try to stop me from going back." Kagome sat back and relaxed a little.

Her mother set down her cup and looked in her daughters eyes. "You are a woman now and I know that no matter what happens, you will make the most of it. If the well closes and you stay in Inuyasha's era, I know you will survive. I have faith in you and your decisions. Besides, I will not mess with fate. If it is your destiny to remain there, I cannot argue because I know there is a reason for it."

Kagome took in her mothers powerful words and slowly a small smile formed. "Thanks, mama."

"Since you are wishing on the jewel very soon, why don't you tell me all that you have done over there? After all, I have only heard bits and pieces and now it will be much easier since Sota and grandpa are asleep and cannot interrupt."

Kagome nodded and smiled. She started her long story from the very beginning of when she first met Inuyasha and continued to tell her mother of all of their amazing adventures until just after the sun rose.

By the time she reached the part of her and Sesshomaru sharing a kiss her mother looked at her with wide eyes. "I never knew such things would happen to you."

"Well, I am growing up. You even said that earlier." Kagome replied.

"I didn't mean that. I was speaking of the terrible demons, abductions, and all of the other horrible things that have happened to you."

Kagome blushed and averted her eyes, "Oh."

Her mother took another sip of tea. "So what else has happened?"

Kagome cleared her throat and continued. She explained how Sesshomaru had lied to her and that the next time they met, she shot him.

Her mother gasped, "Kagome! How could you?"

Kagome shrunk down in her seat. She tried to speak loud enough as if she really meant it, but it came out as a whisper. "He… lied to me." She looked down at the interesting table. It was wood. Yeah, interesting wooden table.

"He may have lied, but that gave you no right to threaten his life." Her mother scolded her. "He may be an immortal demon, but you have no right to threaten him. How would you feel if someone shot you with an arrow just because you lied?" She glared at her daughter.

She knew her mother was waiting for her answer. "I wouldn't." The interesting wooden table was indeed interesting. Made of wood and such. Brown wood. Yeah.

"Kagome," Said person raised their eyes to finally meet her mothers. She had a soothing voice again. "I did not raise any of my children to behave so irrationally. I will let you decide whether to hold a grudge against someone for a simple lie. Just remember, I still love you after the little white lies you have told me at one point or another."

Her mother yawned and looked out the brightening window. "Well, dear. It is rather early still and Sota and Grandpa will be waking soon. You should try to get a few hours sleep before they realize you're home."

Kagome stood and stretched her tired muscles. "Sleep would be nice. I think I'll do just that."

Kagome made her way up the stairs trying not to step on the few squeaky steps. As she entered her room she looked around starting at her closet, around to the desk, across the red window, and to her pink bed.


A red window? She looked back and saw nothing. There was no red anywhere. Kagome quickly closed the door and rushed to look out the window only catch sight of the perpetrators hair vanish behind the God Tree. The silver hair to be exact.

"Inuyasha must be looking out for me." Kagome smiled and turned back to head to bed. Stopping with a though. She turned around and opened the window.

"Inuyasha, come here." She spoke just above a normal tone so as not to awake her family. She knew he could hear her, but why wasn't he coming? "Inuyasha, I know you're out there. I saw you by my window. I know you were just looking out for me, but I want to ask you something. So, come here."

She looked around the courtyard and listened. Where was he and why wasn't he already there? Kagome's brows came closer together.

"Inuyasha," She crossed her arms and stamped her foot. "come here or I'll say it."

A threat of a good sitting would get his attention. She listened to the wind blow through the leaves of the Goshinboku. She watched a pair of sparrows splash in the bird bath. But she didn't see Inuyasha.


She waited and waited and finally gave up. She never heard a crash or harsh curse words. The breeze blew again and Kagome could smell the snow. There was none on the ground, but she could smell it in the air.

Maybe he wasn't here and she was just seeing things. Kagome turned around and walked to her closet, but halfway there she felt a presence watching her. She whipped around and starred at Inuyasha. His robe was slightly darker, as if it were dirty and his hair was pulled back into a low pony with a white bandana covering his ears.

"Inuyasha. You look dirty. Did you get into a fight with a demon on your way to the well?" Kagome asked with concern.

"The well?" He stared at her. He never took his eyes off of her. "Oh, yeah. I did. I'm ok though. How are you?" He stood straight and still as if he were in shock.

"I'm fine. I talked with my mom about the wish. It seems so right, but I'm so afraid that things will turn out wrong. I don't know if the jewel will disappear once someone has made an unselfish wish."

"It won't." He said under his breath.


"Never mind. What did you have in mind?" His eyes roamed over her.

Kagome blushed. "Well, I'm not sure who should make the wish."

Inuyasha took a shaky step forward. "What would you wish for?" It came out as a loud whisper.

"I'd wish…" Kagome paused. "I'd rather not say. I'd like to keep it my wish until I have a chance to use it." Silence filled the room and she could feel his eyes still on her. Not once had he looked anywhere else, but at her. "What would you wish for?"

Inuyasha blinked and smiled. He moved across the room and pulled her into a tight embrace. "It doesn't matter. My wish already came true."

Kagome inhaled. He smelled so good. Not of the forest and nature, but some type of fragrance that called out to her. One that smelled of something other than natural. It didn't matter though. It was a quick thought soon forgotten. She embraced him in return. "If it already came true, then you can tell me."

Inuyasha released her and pushed her back enough to look into her eyes. He seemed to hesitate before speaking. "It's been so long that I wished I could see you again."

Kagome put her hand up to her mouth and giggled. "You saw me earlier. Don't you remember?"

"Eh haha." His fake laugh fell on giggling ears. "Yeah, of course I do."

Kagome calmed down and moved to sit on her bed. She patted next to her to have him sit with her. "Come on over. You're probably tired. I'm sure mamma won't mind you staying."

Inuyasha's smile fell a little. "As much as I would like to, I can't. I have to go and get ready…. for stuff….. in the Feudal Era." His eyes roamed the room when he spoke. He didn't seem quite himself. When his gaze finally landed on her he stopped and smiled again. "Kagome, do me a favor and not talk about this when you go back. I'd rather not let anyone know and you… you know how good Shippo's hearing is so it's better not to talk about it at all. Ok?"

He was once again being bashful. Kagome didn't mind though and nodded.

Inuyasha walked to the window, grasped the sides, and put a foot up readying to leap out. He stopped and turned to her. "I just wanted to tell you that your wish…. is my wish. I want the same thing you want." With that said the sprang out of the window.

Kagome closed the window to the cool breeze and lay down in her comfortable bed. She fell asleep quickly and peacefully.


"Bye Sota, bye Gramps!" Kagome waved to her family as she ran to the well. She stopped just outside the door to the well house. "Bye mom. I'll miss you guys." Kagome caught her mothers eyes.

"Mom? What will you do if I can't come back?" Her mother held her tightly.

"We'll do just fine. We will miss you dearly, but we'll do. Just remember to live your own life and not worry about us. We will be just fine." She could feel her mother smile.

"What about Sota and Grandpa?" The two pulled apart, but still held onto one another.

"I'll tell them when I'm certain you won't be coming back. It will be better that way. Ok?"

Kagome smiled and nodded.

Kagome stepped into the well house and looked around. She had spent the weekend with her family. Her friends thought she was in America again for college, so she didn't need to see them. 'They would understand if I couldn't see them again. Right?'

Kagome took in a deep breath and readied herself. "Here we go. We will finally complete the jewel and be rid of this problem…. I hope."

She walked down the steps and jumped into the well.

To be continued…..