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The Blacksnake Raid

The 7th Missouri Air Squadron ("Blacksnakes"), Confederate Air Force was founded in 1935 after a raid by People's Collective Defenders on St. Joseph, and they were based at Charles B. Wheeler Downtown Airport in Kansas City, Missouri for the first summer after their founding until Jesse James Aerodrome was finished in 1936. The Blacksnakes at first were composed solely of Valiant Mark IIs, but 3 were destroyed in another raid by the People's Collective and replaced with Kestrels, in case the People's Collective Air Force or some roaming pirate band decided to bring in a Zeppelin.

In early 1937, a plan was proposed by Westley Cordell Griffin, a member of the squadron, to attack the People's Collective capital, Omaha. It was reviewed by the Missouri and even the Confederate government before it was finally approved in October, 1937.