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Slowly with a one minded thought a silver haired man stared at a hologram, with cold violet piercing eyes, of a beautiful young woman with long blond hair and startling blue eyes and a saddened look playing on her face. Sipping a small glass with a red liquid slowly swirling in the container, he slowly thought to himself "She will be mine, those eyes need to look into mine with that passion"

Quietly a younger man slowly walked in breaking the transfixion the man had at the hologram by walking through it. Bowing down with an air of respect towards the older man, "Brother the preparations are complete." He had the same facial features as the older man except with dark blue eyes and short sapphire hair.

Setting the glass down the silver haired man glanced over at the other, "Well done Sapphire,"

The younger man, Sapphire, searched in his older brothers eyes, "Your welcome Diamond, but I don't understand as to why I did what it was you asked me to do?"

A small smile played on Diamonds lips as he turned back his attention to the hologram, "All in due time my brother, all in due time." his eyes never wavering from the woman before him.

Sapphire turned and left not wanting to see his brother obsessed with a mere human. He blushed looking at the passion in his brother's eyes, "how embarrassing it must be to fall in love with someone like that."

Running down the street, a small blond girl with two buns with pigtails cascading down her back and blue eyes that seemed to show every thought playing in her mind, she was late again yet for school. "Ohhh I am going to get detention for sure this time," she screamed as she skidded to a stop as the bell rang, sliding into her chair.

"Serena, this is the fourth time that you have been late this week, two hours of detention." Her teacher sternly growled at her. Slinking lower into her chair the petite woman blushed as all the kids around her laughed. During detention Serena stared at the clock cringing at each tick of the second hand as it went by. When she was finally allowed to leave, she grabbed her bag and ran down to the arcade where her favorite pastime was.

Not really watching where she was going she slammed opened the door and ran straight into a tall man with raven black hair and dark blue eyes, walking out. Piled on top of him she rubbed her head "Oww, sorry about that err . . . . . Darien!" Her eyes grew wide and glowed with a happiness that was not there before.

"Sereeena, can't you watch where you are walking, meatball head?" chided Darien, smiling up at her, he rose slowly after she removed herself from him. Even though she was clumsy and scatter brained he loved her still the same.

"Oh Darien, lets go and do something today, its such a beautiful day outside and it seems such a waste to spend it inside." She gazed at him intently; she didn't care where she spent the day as long as she spent it with him.

Smiling down at the petite figure, "Of course Serena, how about we go an walk to the park?" With slowly hand in hand the walked down the street. Arriving at the park they went to look at the roses, being Darien's favorite place. Breathing in deeply the smell of roses invigorated there senses and a sense of peace overcame them. It seemed as if nothing would ever go wrong, Darien gazed at Serena the sun shone from behind her shining down like bars of golden liquid causing a glow to come about her. She noticed him looking at her so she turned and smiled at him. Darien not being able to help himself leaned down and kissed the sweet goddess before him, she slowly wrapped her arms around his neck as she returned his token of love. "Nothing can go wrong," he thought, "As long as I have my Serena, I am complete."