A Single Tear

I sit

I look out at the world flying around me.

I think of what might have been.

Of what still could be.

It hurts.

I hoped, prayed, that I would never feel this pain again.

But here it is.

There is no escaping it.

My eyes.

They tear as I think of you.

My vision becomes blurry.

And the way I see mirrors the way I feel.

A single tear escapes my eye.

It runs down swiftly, cleansing, as it seems.

No matter what my mind tells me,

My heart knows better.

The bond is still there.

I cannot escape it.

You, I think, cannot either.

We are still connected.

A single tear is lost in a wave.

We may not be on the best of terms,

But I know that it is there.

Else, why would I cry a single tear for you?