Drake and Josh

Josh was in the kitchen washing the dished when Drake came in with mud all over him like he had just been rolling in mud. "Drake I just cleaned up in here! What were you doing? Rolling around in mud or something?" Said Josh really angrily. "Yea, it was fun too!" said Drake Laughing a little. Drake opened the fridge and grabbed out a certain of orange juice and started to drink out of it. "And thanks for germing up the family juice, JUICE GERMER" Josh Said pulling the orange juice off of Drake. Drake left the kitchen leaving a muddy mess for Josh to clean up, as Josh was about to start cleaning drake's mum walks in. "Josh I thought I told you to clean up, not make it messier" She said angrily but calm, Josh Replied " But...I...Drake...AH FORGET IT". Josh started to clean up drake's mess it took him an extra hour to clean it all up, then as Josh Was leaving the kitchen just remembering he just waxed the floor, and slipped falling flat on his face leaving a big bruise on his left cheek. At school Josh was trying to cover his bruise up with make up, "Oh, why won't you work? C'mon work!" said Josh throwing the makeup on the floor. As Josh was wiping off the excess makeup, Drake came up to Josh and said "Hey, why do you have makeup on your face?", "Ah" Jumped Josh, "I was trying to cover up this bruise you gave me", "hey I did not give it to you, you waxed the floor not me" said Drake like he was trying not to laugh.