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Hinata snuggled into the man's chest. She wasn't in love with him but they had known each other for a long time and had grown a bond for each other. They were stuck together like glue, unable to be torn apart. His warm body made her cold icy one melt. The sadness in her heart flew away like a caged bird that had been set free. Her head in his chest, their legs tangled together under the thin sheets. His eyes filled with worry as he felt her cold body, 'Does she have a fever or something?' he thought.

"Hinata-sama are you alright?" he asked her.

"Hai Neji-nii-san, I'm just a little cold," she replied shakily.

He wrapped his arms around her petite form pulled her closer to him, so he could fill her body against his. Her face was entirely red, she never imagined this would happen but she knew it was just a brother sister thing. She could feel the soft pattern of his beating heart, the beat that moved so smoothly.

Soon she was soothed, and she fell asleep forgetting about the thunder and lighting that was dancing in the stormy sky. He looked down at her, she was beautiful and different from the other girl of Konoha. She had short bluish hair and pale skin. Hinta had the Hyuuga eyes but instead hers were a creamy lavender colour instead of just white. He loved her because of the gentle soul that she had, so forgiving, so timid, so… perfect.


Hinata woke up feeling empty. She then noticed that Neji wasn't beside and frowned.

'Neji-nii-san is always training so early' she thought, 'maybe he wants to earn Otousan's respect'.

She sat up staring at the now empty spot beside her. She felt cold now that no one was there with her, no one was there to make her warm again. She stood up and looked at her self in the mirror, she didn't like her reflection, she wished that she was pretty like Sakura or Ino. Maybe if she looked like that she would eventually attract Naruto. Her crush on Naruto had lowered down a bit because of Sakura. She played with Naruto like a toy, always telling him what to do and the WORST part was that he followed her orders, like a slave waiting to get money from the rich. She took a shower then got changed, ready for another day of training.


Kiba and Shino had left, they had left her behind. They offered to take her home but she refused, saying hat if she didn't change that she would never grow stronger. Shino and Kiba knew that Hinata was extremely strong at the moment but her father had given her a deadline that had not finished yet. Hinata continued to hit the bruised tree, her aim, to knock it down within two days. This was the 16th hour of the first day and the tree looked like it was coming down soon. With one last hit it crashed down splinters of wood flying every where, sticks and leaves cascading down from the trees falling branches.

True she was strong, and in her medical skills stronger, but not as strong as Hanabi or Neji. Not as strong as Kiba or Shino. Not as strong as Naruto.

"Kuso," she cursed silently. She hated that word. Naruto, Naruto, Naruto. She hated him, but loved him at the same time. But the only thing he lived and loved for was Sakura. Sakura, Sakura! She understood why he loved her. She was smart, pretty and a good medic nin. Nothing she was, a medic nin yes but never as smart or as pretty as her. The thought of this made her fall to the ground and break into tears. Hinata thought of herself as a boy, she was ugly, to timid and out sized by her younger sister Hanabi. Tears running down her cheeks, bangs covering her eyes. 16 year old girls weren't supposed to cry, they weren't supposed to stutter, or be timid, or scared. She wished that she had Sakura's confidence.

"What are you doing here Hyuuga," some one asked.

Hinata looked up to see who the trespasser was, Uchicha Sasuke. She looked down, not bothering to answer his question.

"I asked you a question," he scowled impatiently, making her shudder.

"I w-was training," she quietly replied.

He looked down at her, no pity in his eyes. Without a word he picked her up, pinning her to a tree. She was terrified, her eyes wide, tears welling up in her eyes.

"Do you know how late it is," he hissed in her ear.

She closed her eyes.

"Don't worry, I'm not gonna hurt but help you come on," he said.

He let go of her, she fell to the ground with a bump.

"Come on then," he said while walking away.

She stood up following him.

"A-ano where a-are we going S-sasuke-san.?" She timidly asked.

"To my apartment." He replied

She gulped his apartment? What is he thinking!.

It took them 10 minutes to reach his apartment. When they got there Hinata looked around. It was really big and really clean. He walked into the kitchen opening a draw.

"Well are you going to follow me or stand there like a dead chicken?" he asked.

She shook herself out of her trance and followed him. He stood there next to the table looking down at her.

"Sit there," he said pointing to the table.

She did as she was told, she sat on the table looking at him.

"Lift up you pant leg,"

She lifted it up and continued to look at him. Sasuke shook his head in annoyance and pulled up her pant leg so it was he could see her bare thigh. She blushed as he studied her. He then looked at the graze that was running up her leg. He then wrapped the bandages around her leg, when he had finished they heard a CRASH!

'Dam a storm, I really don't want to walk in a storm,' Hinata thought to herself.

Sasuke sighed, "Your going to have to stay here tonight,".

"No I c-couldn't t-trouble S-sasuke-san," she replied.

"Kun," he said.

"Call me Sasuke-kun, san makes me sound old, plus you walking in that storm would trouble me more,"

She blushed and looked down

at the floor, 'I wonder why he is doing this, he seems so cold towards the other girls,'

"You can wear one of my old shirts," he said while walking into the bedroom.

He pulled a large shirt and through it at her, to her it seemed like a short dress.

"Get changed in the bathroom," he said pointing to the door.

She nodded timidly and walked into the bathroom closing the door behind her. She put on his huge shirt and looked at herself in the mirror. Whoa, she really did look like a slut. When she finished she walk out and stood in front of Sasuke, he grinned at her and she blushed.

"You can sleep in one of the guest rooms," he said pointing to one of the doors.

She nodded and walked towards the door, opening it.

"Night Sasuke s-kun," she said. He nodded and went to his room.

It was the middle of the night and all Saskue could think bout was her, Hinata. He wanted to go into the room and see her, see the angel that lay sleeping in his house. We e woke up in the morning he found that she had left without a trace. With a small note on the desk saying thank you. He smirked to himself, 'Hyuuga Hinata will be mine'

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