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Valentines Day (I Love You)

Chapter 9

Hinata woke up to a cool breeze slipping underneath her thin sheets, opening her pearl eyes she turned onto her side. She was about to drift off back into sleep until something red caught her eye. She bolted up and looked at her bed side table.

Roses. A dozen or more red roses nicely wrapped into a beautiful boquet. She slipped off the bed and picked up the large boquet and smiled, sniffing the flowers and stroking the soft petals with her finger tips. She looked downed at the base of the bunch and turned the card backwards so she could see what was written.

' 30 long days, That was how long ago I met you, I want us to be together for another 30 days and 30 days after that My Love, I hope these roses please you well but these flowers are only a small quantity of my Love for you. I Will see you Later Hinata-hime,

Much Love,


"Ne..Itachi.." She sighed, closing her eyes, The man was a never ending ride of suprises, everyday he would show her something new that would open up her heart and her eyes. She walked to her drawers picking out a simple uniform, large jacket and three quarter length linen pants, she tied her long her up into a ponytail, leaving her fringe hanging out. She was just about to grab her back pack until there was a knock on the door.

"Come in," She said.

The door creeked open and their stood her pearl eyed cousin, "Neji-nii-san?"


"Is there anything you need ?"

"No.. Just wanted to say Happy Valentines day," He said, blushing.

"A-arigauto, Neji-nii-san,"

"Its Okay, did you have any plans today ?" Her cousin asked.

"No, I was just thinking about going to train," She replied.

"No, Hinata-sama, how about we go out some where.."

"Honto ni??" She asked suprised.

"Honto ni.." He smiled.

She smiled up at cousin and wrapped her small arms around his frame, Neji blushed and did the same. "Where would you like to go ?" Neji asked.

"ano... Ichikiru's?"


"I said no thank you.."


"Because I dont want to.."

"Grrr.. Teme.."

"Dont even start with me today Dobe," Sasuke groaned, his face in his hands. It was Valentines Day and he didnt even have a date. Well he could have a date, he could have any woman in the whole of Konoha but he wanted her! The Beautiful laavander pearled eyed girl that his disgusting older brother was sleeping with.

"Oh, Teme, Daijabou desuka?" The blonde asked.

"Peachy.." The raven head replied.

"Wanna go for some ramen??"

"What ever."



"Would you like to place your order soon ?"


"Its Fine, what would you like ?"


"Hai, I'll be right back."

Hinata sat by the table, by herself, twiddling her thumbs nervously as people stared at her. She didnt want to look at their faces so she didnt blush.


Hinata looked up to see to suprised nins, "Naruto-kun, Sasuke-kun ?"

"Ohayou Hinata-chan!!"


Hinata smiled at the nins, "Would you like to join me and Neji-nii-san for lunch?"



The Branch member looked curisouly at the two males.

"Hyuga..." Sasuke muttered.

"Uchiha.." Neji replied.

The two men spent some time glaring at each other but then stopped as they saw the yound woman was giving them a wierd look. They all sat down in silence, giving glances at each other accpet for Hinata, whos eyes were in her lap.

"A-ano.. Today is.."

"Valentines Day.. I know.." The three males said in unison.

"Oh...Do.. any of you have ano-"

"No." They said again.

Hinata looked down at her lap again, trying to prevent the blush from creeping onto her face. 'Akward..' she thought. She looked up at the three men who were busy chatting away, or basically arguing. Hinata was about to say something until a white dove flew into the small shop. It was flying and dodging the pans and hands of people who were trying to catch it but suddenly it landed on their table, Hinata jumped back with suprise. The small bird cooed and placed a scroll in the brunette's lap, she picked the scroll and untied the red ribbon.

'Nani ? red ribbon?'

"Hinata-chan? What is that?" Naruto asked curiously.

"A mission, most probably" Neji quoted.

Hinata nodded, and un rolled the paper, reading it's contents.


I send you this scroll to tell you that i am waiting for you, in the training grounds near the waterfall, please meet me here for lunch, I cannot wait to see you, I miss you so much.. and i hope the dove didnt peck you, or poo on you or that matter, See you soon.

Your not so secret admirer'

Hinata giggled at her lovers strange message, he always sent her wierd messages or notes like Im hungry or i want to see you or other messages she wouldnt want to share with any one. She looked at her three friends and wondered what would happen if she left them like this but she had to be with Itachi, it was Valentines day!

The chair scraped against the floor as she stood up, "A-ano.."

All eyes were on the shy Hyuga. "Hinata-sama?" Neji asked.

"G-Gomen nasai..Wa-watshi no... I must get g-going, Im sorry i couldnt j-join you.." She apologized, bowing her head.

"Nani??? Where are you going Hinata-chan?" The Fox boy asked.

"I-i Have to meet some one.." she replied.

She stood up and began to walk away but a hand grabbed her wirst and swung her back, she was face to face with her Lover's younger brother, Uchiha Sasuke.

"You are Going to see Itachi arent you ?" He murmmered.

Hinata looked up at the jealous nin and shook her head, "Im sorry.."

She left him standing there staring at her residing form, "Nande??.."

Hinata made her way to the training ground, each step she took was leading her closer to the one she loved. She could see the clearing of trees up ahead but when she reached her destination, There was no Itachi in sight only.. only...

A pinic blanket.. with bento boxes??

"Nani?" She whispered.

Suddenly, arms wrapped around her and a hand slightly squeezed the back of her neck, "Dont Move.." a dark voice muttered.

"Ahh.." Hinata squeaked.

"Dont you dare move.. or'll I'll have to kiss you.."

Hinata sighed.. Idiot had scared the crap out of her.. "Mou.. Itachi.. you scared me.."

"A good Ninja is always on his guard.." He smiled, kissing her neck.


"Happy Valentines day, Hinata Hime.."

"Happy Valentines day, Itachi-kun"

"Come, lets have lunch" He smiled, grabbing her hand and pulling her towards the blanket.

They had a nice time, quiet chats, feeding each other, him recieving butterfly kisses from her cherry lips, it couldnt be any more perfect.

"I'll be right back, Hinata-hime, Nature calls..." He grinned, she shook her head.

She sat by herself watching the small birds that seemed to sing love songs to each other on Valentines day.. strange.. she sounf soon found herself singing a small tune that her mother used to sing to her father.

"Ribbon wo musunde, warrattae mitari, kawatta watashi ni nareta nigashita, ( I tied a ribbon in my hair and then tried to smile, I got the feeling that I had changed who I was.)

Chiisana yuuki ga jinshi ni naru anata ni aumade wasureteta, ( A little bit of courage can becomes confidence, I had almost forgetten that until I met you.)

Onnako wa minna muteki ni nareru, (Every girl can become fearless)

Tokibetsu na mahou shitteru no..(By knowing a special kind of magic)

It's show ti-"

She stopped as she saw her true love staring at her, a small smile on his face.



"Sugoi desu.."

"Iie.. No, im really quite bad.."

"No that was beautiful.."


Before she could say another word, his arms wrapped around her, "Shut up.."


"Be quiet, I dont want to here your excuses, I just want to hear that voice again.."

She smiled and looked up at him, "A-ano.. maybe next time."

"Mou..." He frowned..

"Haha.." she giggled.

He lifted up her chin, and placed his warm lips on hers, the Kiss warmed both of them. "Happy Valentines day.. Watashi no Itachi.."

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Watashi no Itachi - My Itachi

Sugoi- Amazing

Iie- no

Watashi no- I'm

Daijabou Desuka- Are you Okay

Hai- Yes

Gomen nasai- Im very sorry

Gomen- sorry

Arigauto- Thankyou

hime- Princess