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Chapter 1 – Child.

Inuyasha sat in the Sacred God Tree. He could here almost everything there and he could sense the balance that was placed in the forest. His forest.

The Shikon Shard group had taken a break from all the shard hunting and was now residing in Kaede's Village for a time. The last fight had been against Sesshomaru and he had cut into his stomach up though his chest deeply.

Fuck! She ran, trying to move faster but with the injury on her ankle she couldn't move as fast as she'd like. Shit! Shit! Shit!

She had a good idea where she was, she had never been one to not know her surroundings. It was the place where the half demon resided. The half demon that guarded the forest. She pushed herself to go faster, taking to the trees once again.

When Inuyasha opened his eyes again it was because he sensed another presence beside him. The scent was of lavender and vanilla that mixed unusually together. When he opened his eyes he could see dark golden eyes starring back at him in a mixture of emotions…

Shock, anger, fear, hate, and innocence marked her as a half breed child. She was still cursing under her breath when he asked her what her name was.

"I…Iria." She stuttered, from lack of oxygen or water he was unaware. All the emotions that had been in her eyes had gone, replaced with a cold exterior that he figured was because of the rejection she had most likely faced her entire life. "You're… Inuyasha aren't you?" she asked.

"Keh, damn straight kid, c'mon… my friend Kagome will take care a yah." He offered, the look of surprise made him grin, and he bent down so she could climb onto his back, obviously either seeing the bandage on her ankle or because he could tell her unmistakable exhaustion.

She hesitated, reluctant to take the kindness and accept the trust. She climbed on once she heard the villagers that were closing in on her. She would be to slow after stopping now.

Oddly enough, once she climbed on, and rested her head on his shoulder she feel asleep with the feeling of protectiveness that fell over her.

x.x Part 2. x.x

Iria opened her eyes, it was getting later in the day and by the warmth and the smell of food near her she knew she was inside somewheres. She felt clean but once she moved her arms and legs to get off of the futon she realized that she had bandages on them.

'Well so much for a fast escape.' She mumbled sarcastically to herself. Moving slowly she grabbed her white baggy shirt and pants and carefully pulled them on. Standing she walked over to the group.

"Iria, right?" A young woman asked, her long black hair was pulled up into a hair pony-tail and her unusual clothes were neat and her voice gentle.

"Yes." It seemed like a rhetorical question. Iria shrugged mentally.

"I'm Kagome, Inuyasha brought you here for treatment on your wounds." She smiled.

Iria bowed low, it was getting late, time for her to leave.

"Thank you, you've been more than gracious and giving, I'm sorry I have nothing to give you in return… but I have to go now… I greatly appreciate your humble hospitality. Thanks again." She started towards the door. A red and silver blur stopped her.

"Where are you going to go?" Inuyasha asked, determined amber eyes shone.

"I'm going to go far away from here, I've got a few friends that can help me for a few days." Iria replied, 'Inuyasha please get out of my way.' She thought.

"Why don't you want to stay with us?" The young demon kit jumped on her shoulder, big green eyes showed the innocence he had of what went on in the world, but seemed to grasp it better than most children his age.

"I… don't want to be a burden on your lives." She tried to explain.

"Your not going to be a burden because we offered, we want you to stay… please." The lady spoke from the back, she had long brown hair and her weapon spoke volumes that she was a demon exterminator. She shivered mentally from when she had went into that village by mistake.

"I, just… I've gotta go, I can't stay here with… shit." Iria had known that it was that specific day, the hated night where nothing was the same. She had felt the beginnings of the changes around noon.

Originally she was a young woman with long silver hair and deep dark golden eyes, with 2 fluffy white puppy ears on the top of her head that marked her as a hanyou inu demon pointed canine teeth and long sharp claws that could cut through almost anything. Now as she stood before the other humans she changed.

Silver hair turned to long sandy blond, and deep blue eyes that almost held a purple quality. Her teeth changed to regular human dentures and her claws turned to dainty human finger nails. She was continuing to swear under her breath as the all gaped weirdly at her and she rolled her eyes skyward. Son of a bitch.

'I thought I had more time damnit.'

"It is ye human night I see." Kaede said, pointing out the obvious but also breaking the uncomfortable silence.

"Yeah…" she said, turning on her heal she came face to face with a red clad chest.

"Where the hell do yah think your goin'?" Inuyasha asked.

"For a walk." She said shortly, blue eyes came up to meet his stubbornly.

"The hell you are!" He answered.

"Inuyasha, I'm going for a walk, I'm not going to go running through the forests as a human, I'm not that stupid." 'Especially not with the villagers still after me.' She added as an afterthought.

"Let her go Inuyasha, we have her word that she will return." Iria looked back at the monk, he was sitting beside the demon slayer. The demon kit abandoned her shoulder for the woman, Kagome's, lap.

"Keh." Inuyasha said, moving from the door to let her pass.

Iria left the warm hut for the cool night air. She smiled before heading directly for the forest.


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