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Chapter 11

As the light ended and everything seemed to speed up again.

"Iria! Miroku! Sango! Shippo!!!!" Kagome yelled out, her voice hoarse from yelling.

"Urg." Someone groaned as she moved around, digging into the ruble she found Miroku and Sango laying together a heap of the small earthquake that had happened after Naraku's demise.

"Sango, Miroku!!!" Kagome said happily, hugging her friends tightly before pulling away.

"Hey, I'm here to!" Shippo said, his hair had fallen out of the small pony tail he had, had it in before, flowing down over his shoulders.

"Shippo!" she yelled hugging him tightly as well before standing with him in her arms.

"Have you guys seen Iria?" Kagome asked.

"um, no, she was way over there when it happened. What did happen?" Sango said, confused.

"Naraku's dead, that's the main thing, but we have to find her." Kagome said, gripping Shippo tighter.

"Alright, lets go check where Iria was standing when the barriers went up, it was over there." Miroku nodded his head and led the 2 girls and Shippo over. They split up, Kagome and Shippo searching some parts and Miroku and Sango searching other parts.

Kagome saw black hair coming up in between the rocks, pulling some of the rocks away she saw the young woman, with black hair now, cuts and bruises, scrapes and gashes, blood was flowing freely down her arm, from a cut Kagome had, had before she had gone unconscious. Rolling her over carefully she cried out when she saw the exact same wound Inuyasha had, had before she had put the energy over him.

"Sango, Miroku Inuyasha Shippo!!! Get over here, I found her!!!" Kagome cried, tears falling from her eyes, Iria was losing to much blood.

Inuyasha ran towards them, noticing that the moon was only a quarter, filling the sky slightly, paying no attention to it he kept running. When he saw Iria, he remembered something.


As the girls walked back, they came to the clearing and gave the person pocking at their fire a scare, as Iria took one of the swords she had on her left hip into her right hand and held it to his throat.

"Where's Inuyasha?" She demanded.

"Um, Iria?" Kagome said, trying to get the girl to calm down.

"What?" Iria asked, never taking her eyes off of the man.

"That is Inuyasha."

"Inuyasha has silver hair… not black hair… ohh… Opps!" she withdrew the sword from the older man. "Sorry."

"It's fine." Inuyasha said from his spot on the ground still pocking at the fire.

"Don't feel bad, your human nights on the new moon, at least it's easier to hide… mines on the quarter moon." She said walking to the corner of the small clearing gathering small twigs as the went.

End flashback.

"It's her human night." He said, feeling his own tears prick at his eyes, smelling the scent of death in the air.

"no… noo… she isn't going to die, she isn't going to die!" Kagome was crying, "She kept calling me mama during the fight, and I don't know why… Inuyasha she called you her father. She can't die!!!" Kagome was glowing a light blue, then it all stopped and Inuyasha looked at her, a tear trickling slowly down his cheek.

"Kagome, Kagome, she… she's already dead…"

this only succeeded in making her cry harder. Inuyasha went over to her and picked her up, taking her away from the young girl that had come to change their lives so much.

Sango nodded at Miroku, they were in front of a small mound of dirt, Miroku started.

"She was a young woman, beautiful and full of life. Her energy has been passed down onto us and into our souls. She will be forever remembered and missed by us. We'll miss you Iria, Rest in peace. You saved us, helped us, and I know you'll always smile down on us, with Buddha. Good bye, Iria."

"Amen." They whispered sadly, Shippo, Sango and Kagome were sobbing softly as they headed back in the direction of Kaede's village, the sun just coming over the horizon.

-.- End -.-

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