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Spoiler Alert: Spoilers for I Like To Watch.

Warning: This ficlet deals with femeslash. That's right, a consensual relationship between two persons of the same sex. If this somehow offends you, I highly suggests you end your little reading adventure right here and now.

Author's Note: A shamelessly fluffy story about what else those pesky camera men might have seen at the CSI headquarters. S/S Pairing. (With no angst involved, for once...I know, I'm shocked too)

Caught on Tape!

A Short and Sweet CSI Ficlet

By RebelByrdie

Cal Torrance shouldered the weight of the camera. Hard Case was on location in Vegas. All he had to do was get some filler shots of the lab and then he could call it a day and hit the casinos. He panned around the hall, and saw the blonde detective, Sofia Curtis walking down the hall. He grinned a little, she'd forgotten to fix her shirt, one extra button was still undone. It revealed a tantalizing expanse of flesh and just a hint of a lacy bra. Cal shook his head, the other detective, Brass, sure had been smiling big when they'd been in that interrogation room... Cal panned around again. Through the glass he could see the DNA tech talking to the blonde CSI, Catherine. Cal zoomed in, catching the two women unawares as they went over the latest findings...'I wish all forensic chicks were this hot...Vegas, gotta love it'

When the brunette CSI, he'd not caught her name, came down the hall, the camera caught her face. It was set in a scowl. She barged into the room that Curtis had just entered, "Curtis!" Intrigued, he moved to the glass wall so he could peek through the blinds, the producers loved it when the cops and CSIs fought.

Sofia looked up, "Something I can help you with, Sidle?"

"I heard about the interrogation."

Sofia shrugged, "Yes...he was as high as a kite, but it didn't pan out, no harm no foul."

The brunette leaned in, putting her hands over the detective's paperwork.

"That's not what I mean and you know it, Sofia."

"Enlighten me then, Sara."

If you blinked, you missed it. The brunette's hands pulled the blonde's open collar together and buttoned it back up. "The part of shameless busty blonde has already been filled around here, Sofia, were you showing off for the cameras?" The blonde caught the other woman's hands and laced their fingers together. "Jealous, Sara?" The brunette grinned, and broke their hands apart only to wrap them around the blonde's waist. "Maybe a little..." Sofia smiled and pulled Sara closer, "I popped one button for the perp, you just wait until we get out of here...when I get you home all the buttons go." Sara's retort was cut off by a hot and heady kiss. One of Sofia's hands tangled in Sara's dark brown hair and the other migrated south to the woman's toned backside. A muffled moan and sigh broke the kiss up and the two women leaned against each other, smiling.

Cal stood there, completely focused on the scene before him. He loved his job. A flashing light in the right corner of his screen warned him that he only had a minute or so of film left. He backed away, shutting the camera down. This particular set of shots would never make it to the producers, it was going into his personal collection. He whistled as he packed his camera up to go. He was going to go hit the black-jack tables at the Mirage, with the way his luck was running tonight, who knows what would happen.