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The end was announced with the searing smell of a lightning strike. Naraku obliterated, jewel purified, Kikyou's plan triumphant.

Triumphant but not finished. The priestess used the last of her strength to open a portal to hell.

"Inuyasha, it's time for you to honor your word."

His eyes full of pain, he turned to the schoolgirl and mutely begged her forgiveness.

"Don't Inuyasha. It's not how this ends."

Kagome walked over to the priestess and gathered the broken body into her arms.

"It doesn't end like that Kikyou. You know he has done nothing wrong. The true crime is ours for demanding what we did not even have the right to ask for."

Kikyou looked at the mirror image of herself and inclined her head.

"You asked him to stop loving me."

"You asked him to become human."

Kikyou's eyes softened, "We can't get it right even with two lifetimes can we?"

Kagome smiled and white light started wheeling around them like dragons, blinding the onlookers. The shock at what was happening wore off and friends started to shout, trying to stop events from playing out. But before they could reach the two, a single column of light roared into the sky leaving nothing behind.

Inuyasha's cry shattered the leftover silence.