I'm walking on the darker side of life these days. It seems to be doing wonders for my writing… Inuyasha and company belong to Rumiko Takahashi.


It's raining again.

She stares out of the window and shivers. No matter how warm it is inside, she's always cold when it rains. She watches the drops fall. Yes, it's cold. Rain is always cold. Just like that one rainy day…

She flinches. Memories threaten to surface but she blanks them out again. It brings someone else to mind but she can't quite remember the name. The rain keeps falling outside.

She trembles as she watches the cold rain slide off the roof and crash to the ground. He comes up to her and tries to warm her. His hands slide down the red coat that she's wearing.

Her attention shifts to his hands. They slide down her arms but do not warm her. As his hands run down her arms again she notices the coat. It's soft and his hands make a shshing sound on the fabric. The red fabric.

His hands are sliding down again and it looks like they are smoothing blood. Blood she's covered with. It pours off her shoulders and runs down her arms and sheets down her chest. She's soaked in blood, his blood.

She can't take anymore of the blood and cold rain. She starts to shake and keening fills the room with sound. Tears fall, but they aren't tears. Tears are warm and it's been forever since the last moment she felt warmth. It must be raining inside… the cold rain has slipped in unnoticed.

"You know I tried," she begs.

His hands still, then smooth the blood over her shoulders one more time. She's lost in a place he can't find her. He walks away, footsteps silent as the ghost he is in her mind.