Forget me not, I ask of you
Wherever your life takes you to
And if we never meet again
Think of me every now and then

"Don't forget me…" Keely whispered into her one true love's ear, and then watched as he got into the RV, that would take them 100 years into the future.

He had promised he would never forget. And when he turned round, she saw his eyes sparkling. And she knew he wouldn't. Just like she would never forget him.

And she would never forget him.

We had just one day to recall
Now all I want is something more
Than just a fading memory
Left wondering what could have been

They only had a day to say goodbye. He had only told her a day before he left. Granted, he had only found out that day, but still, his father could have given him longer. So he could take everything in. Remember it better. She would have liked that as well.

She had wanted more time to pluck up the courage to tell him how she felt. That she loved him. But she never had. Her biggest regret.

Isn't it a shame, that when timing's all wrong
You're doing what you never meant to,
There's always something that prevents you.
Well I believe in fate, it had to happen this way
But it always leaves me wondering whether
In another life we'd be together
We should feel lucky we can say

We've always got yesterday

She turned away and kept walking. Crying didn't feel right. She was numb. Totally numb.

Keely had always believed in fate. It was fate that brought him here. Fate that had been so kind to as show her what her life was like with the most wonderful guy in the world. The most wonderful guy in the universe.

But fate had turned against her now. Fate had taken the wonderful guy away from her. And she wasn't sure she believed in it anymore.

And as I leave it all behind
You're still emblazoned in my mind
And for that very special day
Nobody loved me in that way

Ever since he had come, she had never once wished for her old life back. Why should she? She had Phil. Regret was never an issue when he was with her. The future seemed the only important thing. Their future. What little they had of it.

Forget me not, I ask of you
Wherever your life takes you to
And if we never meet again
Think of me every now and then

So she had asked him not to forget her. And she was sure that he wouldn't. Because whenever he looked at a girl in 2123, he would think of Keely. Because none compared to her. And Keely would never meet another guy as great as Phil. Because there wasn't another guy as great as Phil.

Neither of them would ever forget.

Only regret.

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