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Hot Rocks was tucked in the corner of Jump City, a quiet student café, with typical dim lighting and students clicking away at their lap tops (AN/ they have these in London. I love them, can't wait till I'm old enough to go into one without getting strange looks!). Curled in the corner of the café was a girl in her mid teens, hidden in the darkest booth reading an ancient looking novel, her dark attire helping her to blend in.

Raven liked this café; it was the type of place you wouldn't get strange looks for wanting to read a good book with your coffee, though she did prefer her herbal tea. She appeared oblivious to the stares she was attracting from the male inhabitants of the café, her curves just as responsible for their approving glances as her purple hair and amethyst eyes. Raven was so engrossed in her latest novel that she didn't notice someone sliding into the booth with her until he coughed to get her attention. She lifted her gaze from the book to glare at the intruder and saw a boy about her age sitting across from her with scruffy black hair and hazel eyes. The boy looked at her sheepishly,

"Do you mind me sitting here? Everywhere else is kind of taken up."

Raven let her gaze sweep across the café and saw that the few students who knew about the tiny café had spread as many books as they could manage across the spaces around them, and were trying to read them all at once with harassed looks on their faces. Turning back to the boy, she saw him watching the students with an amused smile tugging at his lips.

"It must be exam time." He said shaking his head, chuckling, and receiving several scandalised looks as he broke their concentration. "So can I sit here?" He asked, turning back to the silent girl in front of him.

Raven sighed, as if it was costing her the world, and nodded her head. It wasn't as if she had to talk to him. She disappeared back behind her book and ignored him. The boy regarded her with a small smile, and decided to give her the peace and quiet she obviously deserved. She looked beat. Raven awarded him a tiny smile for his intentions, then proceeded to ignore him all over again.

The two sat in a comfortable silence for a while, before Raven heard the boy get up and leave. Lowering her book, she saw a piece of paper lying on the table in front of her.

Jason Wyeld

Park bench 7:00pm

See you there?

Frowning slightly, Raven clutched the paper in her hand and lifted her book back up again. She hadn't even passed the first page.