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Raven walked down the school halls alone, she was still avoiding Jason, and was now regretting telling him her secrets. She had a study period now, but had already done all of her homework, and didn't have any exams coming up.

She walked past the school's music practise rooms, and noticed that one was empty. A lone electric guitar stood on a stand by the wall. Raven looked around, but couldn't see any one to claim it, so she went inside and picked it up. She strummed a few chords top make sure it was in tune, which it was. Raven began to play 'Sophomore Slump or Come Back of the Year'. As soon as she was comfortable with it, she began to sing along, her back to the door, and didn't notice when it opened.

"We're the chemists, who found the formula, to make your heart, swell and burst."

A cough behind her almost caused her to drop the guitar; despite the fact she wearing a strap, she didn't want to risk breaking it. She turned around, only to be faced with Richard Grayson.

"Ummmm…sorry, I didn't know this was yours." She stammered, already sliding the strap over her head.

Richard shook his head, smiling.

"Are you kidding? That was great. Not just the guitar playing, you have a nice voice."

Raven blushed, but was still confused. Jason had told her to stay away from this guy, that he was a jerk. But Raven couldn't see why.

Richard must have noticed her confusion, because he opened his mouth to explain.

"If Jason has said anything about me, ignore him. We've never liked each other, don't now, and never will do."

Raven nodded, noticing that Richard didn't seem keen on staying on the topic of Jason. Richard grinned suddenly at her and pointed to the guitar.

"How long have you been playing?"

Startled, Raven replied,

"On and off for a while, I mostly play by ear, sometimes I use tabs, if I have access to the internet."

Richard seemed impressed and nodded. They settled into easy chatter and eventually Richard showed her what he could do. Raven was just as impressed with him as he was with her.

When the bell rang for lunch, Richard invited Raven to eat with him and his friends, and Raven reluctantly accepted.

Richard was disappointed; she was wearing a jacket today, having learnt from her original mistake.

Richard's group ate their lunch in the lunch hall, a table in the middle seemingly specially reserved for them. Richard introduced her to his friends, and they welcomed her, though not without a few strange looks. Raven sat down next to Richard and listened to their conversations.

Roy and Kori were flirting yet again. Kori was telling him about her new cheerleading move, which involved flipping over and landing on the top of the pyramid, and Roy was 'innocently' asking if you could see her knickers while she did so.

Vic was wolfing down a plate of meat, while a distraught Gar watched in horror. Richard chuckled and leaned over towards Raven.

"Gar's a vegetarian." He whispered.

Raven snorted. She had no time for stupid eating habits. (A/N: no offence to any vegetarians!) Raven and Richard continued to talk; about school, the classes she hates, the classes he loves, his dreams for the future, her dream guitar. When the bell rang they parted for different classes. As Raven watched his retreating back, she found herself looking around for Jason. He was nowhere in sight, and Raven felt just as lonely as before.

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