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A Glimpse of Heaven

Chapter One

Dumbledore's Solution

Dumbledore sat in his office, pondering the message of the Sorting Hat at the beginning of the ceremony. The houses were very much separated and there was no way for any of them to agree, to get along, unless there was some way to force them to get along or put them in a place where they needed to get along. Dumbledore sighed and rubbed his tired eyes before looking up at the Sorting Hat with a mischievous twinkle in his eye.

Harry walked into the Hall with Hermione and Ron who were arguing over something, he wasn't paying much attention to which subject it was this time. He sat down beside Neville and nodded to the boy. Hermione and Ron continued their argument from across the table. Neville laughed at the two.

"They still are going at it?" Neville asked.

"Always." Harry replied. "So what's going on, the whole hall is buzzing?"

"You mean you haven't heard?" Seamus said shocked, looking past Neville. Harry shook his head. "Dumbledore has some special announcement that is going to be put into action today rather than classes. Classes will start tomorrow instead of today." Harry looked up at the teacher's table to look for Dumbledore but the only teachers that sat at the front were those that weren't head's of the house or those that hadn't arrived yet. He could see Filch off to the side, Trelawney had ventured down from her class room and a few other teachers sat chatting up at the front. Dumbledore and the rest of the teacher's walked into the Hall and a hush came over the students as they watched them all take their seats.

"Please eat, talk, then you shall receive the news." Dumbledore said and the noise level rose louder than most nights. Harry groaned as he picked at his food. The trial from over the summer was still fresh in his mind and the thought of why they didn't have a DADA teacher yet had also came into mind. Suddenly the Hall doors opened and in walked Hagrid with a figure looming behind him. Hagrid walked up to the front with the figure following behind him. As they walked by Harry smiled seeing who followed. A shaggy dog barked as he ran to catch up with the two men. Harry's eyes widened and he turned to see Hermione and Ron with the same reaction.

"Harry, what is Snuffles doing here?" Hermione leaned over to whisper in his ear. Harry shrugged his shoulders and watched as they approached the table. Dumbledore smiled as the man approached.

"Ah Professor Lupin so good of you to join us this morning. I trust you all remember Professor Lupin. He again will be your Defence against the Dark Arts teacher this year and so you all know, everything has been cleared with the Ministry to allow Professor Lupin to teach here." Dumbledore said. Harry smiled at Remus and nodded to him before Snuffles came running up to Harry and giving a bark. Harry patted him as his godfather gave a lick here and there to his hand. Remus shook his head, he gave a short whistle and Snuffles gave a short little snort before going back to Remus.

The rest of breakfast was full of talk of what Dumbledore could be announcing and how Dumbledore was able to clear Lupin to teach again with everyone knowing he was a werewolf. Once everyone had finished eating their breakfast, Dumbledore stood up and silence swept over the Hall in waves. Every student's eyes were on him waiting patiently for the news.

"As you all know I have an announcement to make. We all heard the Sorting Hat's words last night and I have decided to take action. I will be pairing up students in twos, threes, fours and sometimes fives or sixes from different houses to live together."

To Be Continued…

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