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Chapter 19

Kissing Heaven

It was a quick kiss. Draco blushed lightly as Harry pulled away. Harry gave a nervous chuckle, pink staining his cheeks. Draco leaned forward capturing Harry's lips in a loving kiss. He started to deepen it by his tongue flicking out along the bottom of Harry's lip. Draco was granted the access he desired and for a few short moments their tongues danced and explored each others. Draco pulled back slowly and away, only for Harry to dive back in for another kiss. Draco moaned and pulled away to lean his forehead against Harry's naked chest.

"Am I the only one worrying about things going so fast between us?" Draco whispered. Harry wrapped arms around the blond before letting one hand slip into the silky strands of blond hair.

"It will slow down. It's only been a week but I think we can't fight what we are feeling. Perhaps slowing down would help, we've had a long trying week after all." Harry replied. Draco raised his head to look into emerald eyes.

"Can you think we can just stay with this development for a while?" Draco asked. Harry smiled and ran fingers through Draco's blond hair once again. Draco smiled back shyly.

"I think we can do that." Harry replied before giving Draco another soft kiss. "Mmm, would you play for me some more?" Draco nodded and his fingers tentatively plucked out a soft romantic melody.

"Mother wanted me to have something to do with my long fingers. Everyone kept telling her I had piano hands so piano lessons. My teacher though didn't just teach me classical music and pureblood wizard composers. This actually happens to be the theme song from Romeo and Juliet, the film back in 1968. Probably not the best song to play for you but it is very beautiful." Draco said as his fingers moved across ivory and ebony keys. Harry smiled as the sky darkened outside.

"You're beautiful." Harry said. Draco blushed as he continued playing. He stopped and Harry clapped for him.

"Thank you." He said. He stood taking Harry's hand in his and leading him to sit down on the couch. He curled up beside Harry, just sitting in companionable silence for a long time. Harry gently kissed Draco again.

Draco didn't know how he woke up in the middle of the night in bed curled up beside Harry but he didn't really care. He was warm, he was comfortable, and above all he was definitely loved and in love.

The next few weeks seemed to blur for the pair as they went to class, learned new things, spent time with their friends and got closer together. Draco seemed to turn into a happy and kind person without the fear of his father looming over him. Happily the two professors had moved back into their own quarters, giving the two boys lots of time to cuddle on the couch in the evenings and entertain friends. They hadn't made anything official between them and never appeared too loving in front of their friends but it was well-known something was going on between the pair, something that few could deny.

Everyone was getting excited for the costume ball that was coming up for Halloween in two weeks. It seemed to populate the conversation wherever one went. The girls were pushing Harry and Draco to go as a couple or at least as each other's dates. Even have matching costumes or something but the male friends kept pointing out what a bad idea it was. Harry wasn't so sure what to think.

Harry sighed as he sat in Trelawney's classroom beside Draco. The blond appeared to be a natural at it while he and Ron had always just fumbled through it. Even Blaise who had joined them at their table appeared completely lost in the fog. His mind was plagued about what to do about Halloween. He gave up turning to the crystal ball in front of their little group. Draco stared into the crystal ball.

"Do you see anything, Dray?" Harry asked quietly. Draco nodded slowly. Images were floating around inside the crystal ball. He could see him with Harry, holding hands and smiling. He was glad to see they were older as well even if it was only by a few years. Suddenly everything started to turn dark. He saw a hallway that was vaguely familiar to him. He saw Arthur Weasley and a snake but those images didn't mean anything to him. He saw Sirius in the same place as Arthur. Then suddenly he was there, and he knew Harry was coming after him. He could see people looming around him, one that sent chills down his spine. He tore his eyes away from Lucius Malfoy and Bellatrix Lestrange. Draco rubbed his eyes and stared at Harry in fear.

"I don't know what most of it means. I saw Arthur Weasley and a snake slithering towards him. I saw Snuffles in the same place as Arthur but at a different time. Then –" Draco stopped and shook his head. Harry put a hand on Draco's knee under the table and gave a small reassuring squeeze. Ron looked at Draco.

"You saw my father?" Ron asked. Draco nodded slowly. Ron frowned in concern and Blaise sighed, leaning on forward on his hands.

"I'm sure it was nothing. It's not like Draco is an expert." Blaise replied waving it all off. Trelawney moved toward them and grabbed Harry's hand.

"Do you see my death again, professor?" Harry asked. It was a ritual that every few weeks she would predict his death. She turned it over to stare at the palm. He stared at her as her grip tightened and he saw it in her eyes, this was one of her true predictions.

"Darkness falls around you. The one scorned will snatch away the one you care about more than life. It is but a glimpse of heaven you have received and it will be taken from you without warning. You will lose the dragon." Trelawney's voice had the darker menacing pitch to it and Harry felt it in his being. His head turned to swivel to stare at Draco with wide frightened eyes. He turned pleading eyes to his professor.

"Will the dragon be saved?" He asked. His throat constricted with emotions. Her head tilted to the side ever so slowly.

"Two phoenixes have been reborn again and again. Only one will be reborn again this time. Should the light phoenix continue to live then the dragon can be saved but should it fall then all is lost. Not just for the dragon but for the world. One will be reborn and rise." She whispered hoarsely. She coughed raggedly and blinked. Harry didn't think twice as he grabbed his bag and ran out the door. Quickly Draco rose and ran after Harry followed by Ron and Blaise.

"Sorry professor." Blaise apologized for the group before turning and running after him. Draco rushed after the fast moving Harry. He growled as he grabbed Harry's wrist, spinning him around and throwing him into the wall. Harry refused to meet Draco's eyes. The blond let out a loud frustrated yell before his cocked his fist back and threw it at the wall beside Harry's head. Harry grabbed it before it could connect with the stone. He pulled Draco into a loose embrace. Draco dropped his head to Harry's shoulder. Ron and Blaise stared at the pair silently.

"You're thinking about stopping this. You are thinking if you pull away from me that you can save me. I don't care if it's just a glimpse of heaven, Harry. It's my glimpse with you, that's all I care about." Draco whispered. Harry sighed kissing the blond's hair. Draco raised his head to stare into Harry's emerald eyes. He leaned forward giving Harry a quick kiss.

"Pay up!" Blaise said to Ron. The two boys turned to their friends. Ron grumbled as he dug into his bag and handed Blaise one of the cards he had collected from the Chocolate Frogs. Draco raised an eyebrow.

"Blaise and I were betting on when you two would actually do anything loving in front of any of us. He said before Halloween, my bet was for before Christmas." Ron grumbled looking upset. Draco sighed leaning against Harry again. He could hear the rumble of the chuckle of Harry's silent laughter.

"You so knew about this, didn't you?" Draco mumbled into Harry's chest. Harry raised Draco's face and smiled before giving him a soft kiss.

"Before we were rudely interrupted you were saying you didn't care if it was a glimpse. I know you don't. I just don't want to see you get hurt because of me, you know that. I love you too much now to let you go. I'm too selfish it seems." Harry said quietly. Draco's eyes widened slowly. Harry blushed a little at what he had admitted.

"I'm glad you are selfish this time, Harry Potter, because I love you too much to let you let me go." Draco replied before kissing him again. Blaise laughed happily and Ron looked away.

"Just please tell me when it's over. The two of them are going to make me puke." Ron said only making Blaise laugh harder.

To Be Continued…

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