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The Press

Merry and Pippin were wandering around one day, when they found a rift between our world and theirs. They went through in total bliss, not realizing that they were in for a new adventure. They walked through what they thought was the woods near the Brandywine River. Suddenly, they came out and found that the woods ended abruptly and flatly next to a small field. Next to this field. Next to the field was a huge expanse of black, flat rock with flat grey rock jutting out of it. Weird metal objects that were taller then the Hobbits stood . A sign stood in one of the few green grassy areas. It said Treegrove Elementary School.

"Merry, why are we going to school?"

"What do you mean, why are we going to school,"

"You said we were to meet Sam and Frodo to go fishing."

"Yes and that's where we're going"

"Then why are we at ... school,"

"This doesn't look like a school. In fact, if it doesn't look like school, we had best see what it is,"

So, Merry and Pippin went to look at the huge building that stood within the weird rock. They walked right in, no one paying attention because people figured them to also be students. They saw one hall with bright colors and sign above that said Art Hall. They decided it was best to go down that way as it was the most intriguing due to the colors splashed here and there. They then got to a room where a group of children were. Merry and Pippin went in.

"Please tell me the teacher didn't send you two here to check in on us?" A little girl with short hair said. She seemed ... elf like, but neither could place it.

"Why would a teacher need someone to check in on all of you? Shouldn't the teacher be here?" Merry spoke up.

One of the boys laughed. "So ... obviously you two are skipping class?"

"We're not skipping. But we can start skipping," With that Pippin began to skip around the room. Laughter came from the others in the room .The girl stopped him.

"That isn't what he meant. Fortunately for you, only the geeks are left. The rest took off when the teacher went to finish publishing his book."

"That would explain why there are only ... four of you,"

"Hey, why aren't you wearing shoes?" The boy who had asked if they were skipping piped up.

"Hey, they're Hobbits like the two of us. Hedgin."

This caused the boy to roll his eyes. "There is no such thing. I am off before I hear the ruckus about Lord of the Rings again,"

"What's he talking about?" Pippin asked.

"Nothing," The girl piped up.

"Hey, what's you names. Mine is Hedgin and this is Dals."

"Merrydock Brandybuck and Periquin Took."

"Umm ... hey, are you two the real Merrydock Brandybuck and Periquin Took?" Dals spoke up.

"No. They are role playing those two," The girl piped up. She sent a look to Merry and Pippin telling them to be quite.

"Oh ... oh well," Hedgin turned to a small machine on the table. "Come check this out though."

Pippin and Merry went up and looked. The machine had two rollers and a crank. Dals put a coin in and Hedgin turned the crank. The con went in one end and out the other. It was flattened. Pippin's eyes went wide. "Wow."

"Cool is the word for it, friend."

"Then, cool," The four Hobbit's proceeded to find things in the room to squish. A clear, hard substance went through and so did brown twisted paper.

The girl shook her head. "You had better not break it."

"Hey, Merry. This thing might have destroyed the one ring!" Merry and Pippin began to imagine that happening, Merry being on the not so sure side.

Frodo and Sam came in. Frodo had the One Ring around his neck. Merry and Pippin showed them the machine.

"This shall surely solve all our problems. Put the ring through ans we'll see the destruction of Sauron, right Pippin," ( How come I always have to tell them your plans Pippin.

"Yes that's right," ( Because, that way I don't look really stupid when something bad happens.

Frodo put the ring in and they began to crank. Suddenly a crack was heard. ( Um, Pippin, I think that the cracking noise is real.

Sure enough, a loud crack filled the room. The other two Hobbits had put something in that broke the machine. The girl grabbed Pippin and Merry and took off running out of the school. "From which way did the two of you come from to get here?"

Merry pointed to the woods and she took of running in that direction. Some how as they went further in, they crossed a rift and came to a place that Sam and Frodo were fishing.

"There. I suggest the two of you not go of adventuring again." Pippin raised his hand. She raised an eyebrow. "What?"

"Hey, aren't men supposed to stay out of the shire?"

The girl pulled back her hair, revealing two pointed ears. "Obviously I am not of the race of man."

Frodo came up to them. "What is your name?"

"Irumi Hikari across the rift, Radotithen and Lalaith here." She glanced at Merry and Pippin. " I suggest you keep them away from the rifts, or else next time I'll have to take them to Lord Thranduil."

This caused Merry and Pippin to gulp. They hurried of to help Sam with the fishing.

"Surely he isn't that bad?"

"No, but I figured that they would have heard of him from Bilbo Baggins. Hopefully, that's enough to keep them away from the rifts. Good day to you Master Hobbit."

"Good day to you elfing," Frodo watched her disappear into the rift. He then turned to Merry and Pippin. "What did you two do this time?"

"We broke a thing with the one ring," At this statement from Pippin, Merry rolled his eyes.

Author's note - Lol, the press used in this story is a metal press used for flattening object for the use of using in art. One would actually not find this at a public school in most cases, but at a college. I got the idea when my college processor left us to our own and two of the boys began the squishing frenzy.

I plan on continuing this. If you can think of anymore items that any member of the Fellowship can get in trouble with post in review, use my forum, or private message me. Excluding Legolas, not that I don't want to do him, but I have a specific reason for not doing him as of yet.

1/2/2014 - The original name of Irumi Hikari was Yemi Hikari. The character was created back when parody writers still named their accounts after their main parody characters. The reason for changing her name though is because there is no "ye" in the Japanese alphabet and her having a Japanese name is actually an important part of her back story.