Of Instant Noodles

Irumi was happy and at home safe. There was no way in the world that Gigi could bother her. Expesully since Gigi was yet again stuck at school in detention. Also, Gigi would never want to go to the house of someone who she loathed. There was another fact in the matter; Gigi had no clue where Irumi lived. No one at school knew where Irumi lived and she was quite happy with that.

She sat at the table working on her homework. Soon she would have to make herself an after school snack and wait for her brother to get home from work. She didn't mind though as it meant the house was quite. Her brother would want to watch the news when he got home. Another reason it was quite was her other brother was at home, sick in bed. She was glad he had missed out on meeting the two Hobbits. Ai was a very shy elfling.

She was startled to hear a knock come from the front door. She went over to it and opened the door. She gasped at what she saw. "What are you two doing here?"

"We were hungry and couldn't find the way back," Pippin spoke up. "May we come in?"

"Why? How did you find where I live?" Irumi tilted her head at them. She could here Ai moving in the background.

"We… well, we asked a cop. He looked at us funny and asked if we were friends of yours." Merry looked at the ground.

"How exactly did you know it was a cop," Irumi shook her head.

"Well, we have something like it in the Shire," Pippin said, a big grin on his face.

"Also, when we asked people how to get here, they looked at us funny and told us to tell the cop we were lost," Merry stated, glaring at Pippin as he did so. This made Pippin almost stop smiling. Instead, he tried to hide his smile.

"Yes, well, he sure pointed us in the right directions." Pippin piped up. "Though he had a concerned look on his face when we told him who we were."

"I won't ask," Irumi said. "Well, since you came to all the trouble of coming here, why don't we have something to eat? I was going to have an after school snack anyways."

"What do you have to eat," Merry piped up.

"Let's cook something." Pippin's grin had grown louder.

"I am only aloud to cook instant noodles." Irumi said to them.

"Well, why can't we." Pippin piped up.

"Considering all three of us need adult supervision, no." Irumi glanced at the bedroom door Ai was behind. "And do be quite. My brother's asleep in there and not feeling well."

"I didn't know Elves got sick." Merry piped up. "We'll have to tell Sam and Frodo this piece of news."

"Elves rarely get sick. Elflings on the other hand, expesully ones with low immune systems like my brother in there, get sick easily." Irumi shook her head at them.

"Alright, so what do we do to make instant noodles." Pippin said a bit too loudly. This caused Merry to elbow him, which only caused him to yelp. Both Irumi and Merry glared at him.

"We have to have boiled water." Irumi told the two.

"I'll get the pots and pans!" Pippin said, yet again a little too loudly.

"Stop Pippin! You said that we can't cook without adult supervision. By adult supervision, I believe that you mean your brother."

"Then we should wake him!" Pippin headed to the room that Irumi had looked at earlier.

"Ohh no! Wrong brother bucko!" Irumi grabbed the back of his shirt.

"Bucko?" Pippin asked while both he and Merry looked at her.

"It's slang," Irumi said, shrugging her shoulders.

"Slang?" Both hobbits were then looking at each other.

"Meaning a word that means something else. Can you guess what I meant by it." Irumi looked at the two.

"I know exactly what it meant. Pippin would be in big trouble if he bothered your brother." Merry said aloud.

"Bother … brother … hmmm," Pippin thought to himself. "They don't rhyme, but they sound similar, perhaps that would make for a good new song."

"Anyways, back to what we were doing. Instant noodles. We can boil the water without pots and pans." This caused the two hobbits to stare at her.

"How," Merry looked at her skeptically.

"You put water in a bowl and time it. Watch." Irumi put some water into a bowl and set the timer. When it went ding, she pulled out a cup with paper over it and pulled back the paper. She then poured the water into it. She then set the time on the microwave for the right time and then divided the noodles between the two Hobbits.

"I want to try that," Merry said. "Can we make more then this at one time?"

"Uh huh," Irumi nodded her head. Merry boiled a big bowl of water and poured it in and timed the noodles. Pippin had been looking at the microwave while the water was boiling. After the timer went off, he decided he wanted to try. Irumi went to take a cup of noodles to Ai.

Pippin found a potato and stuck it into the microwave. He pushed all the nine buttons and pressed start, just like he saw Irumi and Merry do. As Irumi came out of her brother's room, she heard an explosion. She ran into the kitchen and saw that the microwave was on fire. She grabbed the fire extinguisher, which fortunately was one that could handle all three classed of fire and began spray.

"What happened?" Irumi said as she sprayed the kitchen.

"Who's that?" Pippin pointed to where Irumi had accidentally sprayed someone and it wasn't Merry or him.

"Ai, you're supposed to be in bed." Irumi grabbed his shoulder and shoved the other elfling towards the room. Ai's pajamas were ruffled and he was rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

"What is going on here?!"

"Ohh oh," Irumi knew she was in trouble. Ai just nodded his head.

"Hey, it's another one of those cops." Pippin spoke up, pointing to the figure in the doorway.

"That is our older brother." Irumi stated, looking at the floor.

"It smells like a lot of burnt things, but burnt potato's one of them." Her brother commented.

"Irumi said that boiling water in the microwave wasn't cooking without adult supervision, so I thought that heating a potato wasn't either." Pippin responded. "It was fun watching it go round and round."

"That explains why you're scorched like when we set of one of Gandalf's fireworks and we weren't supposed to." Merry snapped. "I'd better take him home… if we can find the rift back again. Bye."

Irumi's older brother watched them go. "All right, nobody comes into this house while I'm at work unless it is an adult you know or a cop. Got it you two."

Ai and Irumi could only nod their heads.

Author's note – Well, there is the instant noodles and microwave incident that Draco's Daughter asked for. I am marking this as complete, but that doesn't mean I won't add chapters as ideas come to my head or reviewers suggest them.