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"Wow," Eric stammered. "You look… wow."

Calleigh beamed and stepped into her shoes, wobbling slightly at the sudden change of height. While she held onto the banister for balance, Eric took in the view: the off-the-shoulder strap; the figure-hugging fabric; her blonde hair bouncing off her shoulders; her lightly made up face; her green eyes…

"Shall we go?" she asked, breaking into Eric's stupor as she walked towards him with her Dad close behind.

The five of them, including Speed and Alexx, headed to where Kenwall Duquesne's range-rover was parked. He helped his daughter into the front seat while Alexx and Speed took the near and middle seats in the back, forcing Eric to walk round and sit behind the driver. He was just about to open the door and step in when the driver stopped him.

"Listen son," he began. "I'd rather you didn't do anything to compromise my daughter's honour tonight" – Eric's mind drifted back to their moment in the cupboard of contraception and he grinned a little – "but I know that she's old enough to make her own decisions now. Even so…"

Eric looked down. In Kenwall's hand was a small square package… a condom! Eric silenced a laugh as he slipped it into his pocket.

"Look after her," Kenwall muttered with a wry wink.

"I will sir," Eric replied sincerely.

They both got into the car and it wasn't long before they pulled up at the school gates. When they arrived in the hall, the dancing had not started, so all the girls ran off to one side of the hall, while the guys gathered on the other.

Eric and Speed went to stand with Horatio, who was just returning from fetching a drink.

"Hey H," Eric greeted. "You want a drink Speed?"

"Sure, okay."

Eric left Speed and Horatio alone and headed to the punchbowl.

"You seen Calleigh yet?" Speed muttered as soon as Eric was out of earshot.

"Not yet," replied Horatio and speed gave a sharp intake of breath.

"That good?" asked Horatio. "What's she wearing?"

"Brown dress; blue frills; off the shoulder strap; figure hugging…"

Horatio was about to reply but…

"Hey that's my girlfriend you're talking about!" Eric interrupted good-naturedly.

"Sorry mate," replied Speed with a grin. "So, what's Yelina wearing?"

"A flamenco dress. She looks amazing. And Alexx?"

"Dark purple. Strapless. Floor-length."

All three nodded in appreciation of the outfits all the girls had come dressed in.

At that moment, music filled the hall and the separate groups of girls and guys started to mix. Calleigh walked toward the three guys, arm in arm with Alexx and Yelina.

"Hey," she nodded to Horatio before turning to Eric.

"Shall we dance?"

She took hold of his arm and they disappeared into the throng of people already jigging and swaying on the dance floor.

Alexx and Speed left too, leaving Horatio and Yelina alone for the first time since Horatio's confession.

They danced together for a while, enjoying the fun, fast tracks that were playing. It wasn't until a slow track came on and Horatio pulled Yelina into his arms that she started to feel a little odd about what had been said on the way to the prom.

"Horatio, I…"

He silenced her with a finger on her lips.

"Let's just dance now, okay? We'll talk later."

Yelina silently obliged and allowed him to pull her body right up next to his. She put one arm around his waist and her head against his shoulder, so she wouldn't have to make eye contact while she thought about all she had to say.

She had known Horatio longer than she'd known anyone and, of course, she was more in love with him than anyone else she'd ever met, but didn't know how to tell him.

The music stopped and Horatio let go of her shoulders, looking down at her expectantly.

"It's about what you said earlier, Horatio."

Horatio nodded silently, and Yelina leant forward, closing the already immeasurable gap between them.

Yelina went on: "I just wanted to…uh…"

She stopped speaking the moment her lips touched his. They were soft and warm, just as she had expected. Seemingly out of her control, her hands reached up and tangled themselves in his hair and her eyes fluttered closed.

Quite some time later, when they had both ran out of breath, Yelina stepped back a little. Horatio was smiling down at her, which gave her confidence for what she had to say.

"I love you Horatio," she said, so quietly it was almost inaudible; the only person that heard it was the only one that needed to.

Unbeknownst to them, Alexx and Speed had watched the whole display from the other side of the hall.

"Wow," Speed muttered. "That was pretty hot."

Alexx giggled.

"Wanna give that a try?" he asked.

"No thanks sugar. Don't want to embarrass ourselves do we! If we can find somewhere more private however…" She answered with a devilish wink.

Speed laughed and took Alexx's hand. Together, they headed towards the other end of the hall, passing Eric and Calleigh on the way, who were slow-dancing, rocking backwards and forwards to the music.

"Where are you going after graduation, Eric?" Calleigh asked, mentioning a date that had once seemed so far off, but was now only a week away.

"University of Miami," he replied proudly. "I got a sport scholarship!"

"Ooh! Me too!" replied Calleigh excitedly. "Well, not the sport scholarship."

Eric chuckled.


"You're so cute when you're excited," replied Eric with a flirtatious grin.

Calleigh pouted and hit him lightly on the arm

"What?" Eric exclaimed defensively. "You are!"

Calleigh laughed and shook her head a little. Eric bent down a little lower and mumbled; "It's one of the things I love about you."

Calleigh's cheeks blushed a furious red so Eric placed a kiss on each one.

She blushed even darker, but this time, she smiled.


Ryan and Valera were sitting on one of the benches at the side of the hall, exhausted from the dancing.

Suddenly, they heard a noise overhead.

"What is that?" asked Ryan, confused.

"I don't know," replied Valera, looking around, puzzled.

She looked out of the window and returned with a grin on her face.

She pulled Ryan onto the dance floor again as a song that was familiar to everyone exploded out of the speakers.

They started to dance and Valera started to mouth the words.

"It's raining… on prom night…"