Story Title: Dirty Little Secret

Chapter Title: Scars

Author: backlash symphony

Music: "Dirty Little Secret" by The All American Rejects

Summary: It started out as a deal he made with her, a deal he knew she'd never say no to when Sasuke's life belonged to him. It was the perfect secret. No one knew. Not even Sasuke. Sakura never would've thought it'd end up like this.

Disclaimer: I don't own "Dirty Little Secret" by The All American Rejects and I most definitely don't own Naruto, either. If I did, Sakura would be the flame to the moths known as Kakashi, Itachi, and Orochimaru.

Extra: I'm saying Sasuke left at age 16, and this written piece covers the deal being made. Sakura is 16 and a minor (in American terms, but in Japan that's actually legal) when the deal is made. The next chapter will fall two years after this chapter, just so we're clear on that fact. Also, the spellings of jonin and gennin we retrieved from wikipedia.




The sun was just setting, the sky decorated with an array of bright fiery colors that seemed to represent one of the many emotions lost to the rose haired kunoichi. A lovely breeze blew through the air, swirling around leaves and escorting them from the ground, into the air, and to a new place on the sidewalks and benches.

From Sakura's position in that specific spot, sitting in the same position he sat in, knees upright, brought towards her chest, elbows resting stiffly, hands clasped just in front of her mouth, the one set at a dead line, leaning towards a frown, she could see the sky perfectly.

She hated it.

Just like he did, but for different reasons, but still, the two of them had something in common. They hated the sunset, the sky in general.


He hated everything. Simple.

But why did Sakura hate it?

It reminded her of what she'd lost when he left, what she'd never get back until he did. It reflected what was once in her, the colors representing emotions she'd given him, emotions that he never reciprocated. If anything, she'd absorbed what emotions fit him so well he could have them but no amount of spying, or obsessing or pining for his attention, could reveal to her prying eyes.

It was something planned out entirely by fate. She had believed once that love would always set everything right, that love would always win. It had when they were gennin and had passed Kakashi's test, the one that seemed impossible to beat at first. How were they supposed to beat a jonin when they were merely gennin? Individually, nonetheless…

With the exception of him, of course. It was no surprise he managed to touch one of those stupid bells.

Or when they were fighting Haku on the bridge? Haku had landed the final blows and he had died, or so everyone thought. As Sakura lay sobbing over the supposed dead body of her love, she began to think love, in fact, didn't rule everything. That thought died, however, when he "came back to life" and immediately her heart scolded her brain for thinking he would actually die.

Sasuke Uchiha, dead? Impossible.

Damn Haku should've gone for the kill. It would've meant Sakura wouldn't have had to put up with everything going on at the moment.

The same thought raced back into her mind, only this time ten times stronger, when she didn't become a chunin with Naruto and him. She'd have to wait such a long time, at least in her mind, for the next exam, by which time he and Naruto would already be halfway through their training for the jonin exam, and then ANBU after.

She'd never catch up, especially when she already had enough trouble trying to become a chunin.

It figured he'd advance. He had to. There was no stopping him, just like that night. Once the idiot set his mind to it, which he had since he was young, there was absolutely no stopping him.

What Orochimaru wanted with him, however…

Sakura closed her eyes and shuddered at the thought. That was exactly the reason she didn't want to believe Orochimaru's offer to him. What could he want with him? She didn't even know the sannin himself, or much about him, for that matter, other than his originating from Konoha and his being on a shinobi team with her mentor, Tsunade, and Naruto's sensei, Jiraiya, but she could tell he wasn't the type of person to just take someone under his wing and teach them advanced and forbidden jutsus for nothing.

Power came with a price and Sakura desperately wanted to know that price. If it meant the loss of her Sa-

Sakura whipped through the bushes, speeding up and sprinting as fast as she could. Sasuke's life was on the line!

'No! He can't have my Sasuke! I won't let'im!'

Sakura let her passive face fall into her hands, jade eyes still closed. She was so depressed, so miserable, so heartbroken. Even Ino knew not to talk about him, on purpose, at least, for fear of sending her pink haired friend into a fit of tears.

She'd cried on the bench that night, over a week ago, almost two tomorrow. She'd cried as she curled up on the hard bench, the one that only filled her shivering body with more cold. She'd wept for days, alone, trying not to in front of others. She had as many tear reserves as she did chakra reserves.

Sakura felt as if her heart was cut out of her chest, thrown on the floor, stomped on, spit on, lit aflame by that annoying fire jutsu of his, then upon the ashes he'd taken a piss just to watch her face and revel in the pain and —hoping— disgust he'd made her feel.

He was right for one thing. She was in so much pain. Her heart stopped, she would never be happy again. She didn't even think him coming back would make her happy again. What he'd done had hurt her more than anyone could ever hope to know, could ever dream or imagine.

When he left, so did the Sakura everyone knew. The Sakura now was merely a shell of negative emotions and she might've already committed suicide had she not had the smallest inkling of hope that he might return to them. And at this moment, hope was all she had to hang on to.

She exhaled slowly, drawing it out as she placed her small hands behind her, leaning back and allowing her head to loll back as well. The shorter length of her rose colored hair blew around her glaring jade orbs.

"Goddamn sunset…stupid Itachi, stupid Sasuke, and stupid Orochimaru…" Sakura breathed.

"Now, now, that's no way to talk about a sannin."

Sakura gasped and shot up from the hard pavement, hand moving to her kunai pouch to retrieve a weapon, only to find her pouch gone.

"What the—?"

"Looking for this?" the same voice called out from behind her.

Sakura spun around and practically choked on her next words. There, standing in black pants and a semi-loose dark blue t-shirt holding her pouch in one hand and leaning against the other on the column off to the side, was none other than—


He chuckled darkly at her outburst, tossing the pouch over the railing and watching Sakura's eyes follow them. He began to move forward and she moved to the side.

"So you do remember me? Wonderful. That makes this all the easier for me."

"How do you expect me to forget you! It's your fault Sasuke is gone! Your fault he's a missing-nin!" Sakura shouted, watching Orochimaru's movements and forming a strategy in her mind.

He followed her like he was the predator and she was his prey, which, in a sense, was completely true. While she moved up the steps on the right, he was descending them on the left.

"I have a proposition for you, little kunoichi," he stated, standing still by the railing.

Sakura shifted so she was inches in front of the column.

"Really?" she spat. "It wouldn't have anything to do with Sasuke would it?"

When she said it she meant it as an insult. She never expected him to say otherwise.

"Actually, it has to do with you."


"Yes. You. You've managed to catch my attention. You're a very…powerful girl. Well, you have the potential, anyway. You're a very beautiful young lady and it surprises me that Sasuke didn't even give you a kiss before he left. What a terrible boyfriend he is, leaving you like that…"

"Sasuke is not my boyfriend and don't you dare tell me I'm beautiful! It's disgusting!" she shouted.

Orochimaru laughed and took a step forward before disappearing altogether. Sakura immediately began scanning around to find a trace of chakra, heart beating faster when she came up with nothing.

"Where the hell did he go!" she whispered in a frustrated tone.

"Who? Me?" His voice spoke in her ear.

Before she could so much as move to find him, she found herself pinned to the column, arms held above her head by her wrists. Her body slid up the column so she could see Orochimaru's grinning face in front of her while she struggled to be released. Her jade orbs were filled with loathing and anger towards the man pinning her.

She realized her legs were free and considered using them to kick Orochimaru into letting her go, but he stepped between her legs, wrapping long fingers around her thigh and pulling her hips forward just so he could use his own to force them back into the cement.

Her eyes widened as she looked down at their positioning.

"What the hell do you think you're doing!" she hissed, squirming up, or at least attempting to.

"Ah, ah, listen first and ask questions later, cherry blossom," Orochimaru smirked.

"Don't call me that!" Sakura bellowed.

Orochimaru raised a brow and, although he knew full well what her reply would be, he asked anyway.

"So what would you prefer I call you?"

"I would prefer you get your filthy hands off of my body and to hike your disgusting self back to Sound where you can die in a fire so Sasuke can come back home!" she growled.

Orochimaru merely laughed again.

"But that comes to the point of you, darling Sakura."

She glared at him.

"You knew my name the whole damn time!"

Her struggles renewed when he nodded. Oh, how she wanted to slap the damn smug look off his stupid snakelike face! But she suddenly realized what he'd said.


"You've got such hidden power, such potential, more potential than Sasuke, actually. You're of the most intelligent shinobi in Konoha," he explained.

"So what you're saying is you want to woo me with your compliments, think I'll forgive you, and then come to you because of them?" Sakura spat. "That's disgusting! Taking Sasuke away from me when I know he'll come-"

Realization dawned on Sakura and her eyes widened. Orochimaru could very well leave her at this moment and kill Sasuke if he wanted to. The fear she held for Sasuke shone through the hatred and anger in her eyes, directly into Orochimaru's golden ones and he merely smirked.

"Exactly, kunoichi. I can kill your precious Sasuke, or I can keep him with me for however long I feel," Orochimaru said slowly before pressing his head closer to her ear.

"And, my dear Sakura, because of the cursed seal, I'll be able to make him do anything I tell him to…"

Orochimaru pulled back to see her desperate look. He wanted to start laughing but it would simply ruin the moment. He didn't want to have to instigate her hatred. He wanted her to show it without his help.

"No…NO! Y-you wouldn't do that! You'd have never taken him if you were going to…to do any…! Not Sasuke! When he comes back it'll be me and him!"

Orochimaru sighed and shook his head.

"I can make sure he's home with you by the time you're 19. All you have to do is make me a promise," he baited, waiting for her to bite, and bite she did.

"That's three years from now!"

"I can always make it longer…"

"What promise am I to be making?"

"You've got so much fire. Did I mention that in qualities of yours I find interesting?" he added, watching her impatience.

"Damnit, Orochimaru, tell me what I have to do to get him back!"

"When you turn 18, you're to spend the night with me. It's as simple as that."

Sakura simply stared at him, taking what he'd just said in. He had told her she was to spend her 18th birthday evening with him. Nighttime…spending it with him.

"You want me to sleep with you!" she burst out. "Quit joking around and tell me what I have to do!"

Oh, if he was joking, she was so going to kill him…once he let her go…and once she got some of her weapons back…But that look of his was telling her the opposite. His eyebrow curved and his face took on a look of complete maliciousness.

"Oh no, you c-can't be…but! You've got to be kidding me! I can't do that to Sasuke!" she pleaded.

"You're saving yourself for him, but how do you know he'll save himself for you?" he countered.

"I don't care! I'm all for him! When he comes home he'll need someone who'll help him back on his feet since no one in the village will! I'm special to him!" she responded.

"So you're willing to die a virgin and never be kissed by him, then?" he contradicted.

"I never— who said I've never kissed someone before!" she argued.

"I only said you'll never get kissed by Sasuke if he's dead. So you've never been kissed before anyway? You certainly are willing to wait for him."

"Of course I am! I love him! I'll wait for him for as long as I need to and I'm telling you not to interfere!"

But deep inside Sakura knew she had nothing to support her words. How could he just leave her like that and not even tell her he'd think about her? He knew she'd wait for him, the least he could do is say he'd come back for her!

She didn't realize what was happening until she found herself sitting on the ground with her back still to the pole, legs spread wide around Orochimaru who was kneeling between them. She immediately tried closing her legs but the hand on her thigh wouldn't let her move. She also noticed that even though she wanted to move, her body refused to act.

"What did you do to me!" she cried, suddenly feeling the ability to talk slow down.

"Don't worry about it. I decided you needed a little…persuasion…to help you make a decision. I apologize if you can't move and if you can't really say that much, don't stress it out. Just for now, feel…"

Sakura's mouth opened but she couldn't force any words out. She could only do what he said. She could only feel, fall victim to his touch.

His long pale fingers inched slowly up her toned thigh, spread evenly so that his thumb rested on the bottom of her thigh and the other four appendages relaxed on her inner thigh. The smooth tan skin was like silk under his icy fingertips. He took pleasure in the small jumps her skin made as he moved further up her leg.

Orochimaru especially enjoyed how her chest moved faster in time with her increased breaths, how if he leaned forward just a bit he could feel her pressed right against him, the heat from her small body radiating, only to be absorbed by his body. She wasn't fully developed, no, but that wouldn't stop her from having soft breasts to press against his hard chest.

His middle finger reached the hem of her blue shorts, playing lightly with it by sliding just the tip of his finger under the material and moving it side to side. He felt her body tense, heard her breathing hitch, a small sound coming from the back of her throat.

Sakura's eyes slid shut, either from fear or from want, he wasn't sure.

That image to Orochimaru was simply too tempting and he moved his body closer to her, so close that his wish to feel her soft chest press against his was granted, so close he could feel her breathy pants on his ear. He decided he needed an answer and he needed one at that moment.


She hated how her name rolled off his tongue.

'That tongue that could perform such blissfully sinful acts to your body…' Inner Sakura reminded her.

'Since when are you against Sasuke!'

"Sakura…make a choice…two years from now, promise yourself to me…and I'll make sure Sasuke learns everything in a shorter amount of time…he'll be back by the time you're 19…"

The deal sounded so wonderful at this point, so amazing. Sasuke would be back, but what about Itachi?

"Wh-what about…Itachi? That's the only reason he went…to you anyway…" she breathed, desperate now to get him off of her.

Orochimaru gave a short laugh in her ear, hand on her thigh squeezing, emitting a gasp from the konoichi he was against, before releasing the grip slightly.

"He'll be dead, cherry blossom, gone forever, and you can have your Sasuke back…just say yes…"

Sakura's heart fluttered. Sasuke would be back! For good, with Itachi gone!

'Dammnit, say yes already!' Inner Sakura piped up.

Sakura's lips formed the 'y' of yes but a sudden pain in her chest stopped her. A new question popped up in her mind. What about the cursed seal? Didn't that eventually leave Sasuke nothing more than a puppet to Orochimaru when he was done with him?

If that was the case, more power would only increase the level of the curse, right? By the time three years was up, she'd be getting back a puppet…no…

Tears welled up in her green eyes and her hands clenched into fists in Orochimaru's grip above her head, nails biting into her palms. She softly shook her head to say no but the gesture went unnoticed by the sannin for he was too busy.

His tongue found her neck to be quite…enjoyable. Quick flicks from his tongue caused Sakura's mind to stop. The wetness slid over the crook of her neck and up along her jaw. He nibbled a trail from her chin to her earlobe where he scraped it with his teeth.

"Come on, Sakura…don't let Sasuke down…"

At this, Sakura's eyes flew open and she could suddenly regain the feeling in her limbs. She felt the dead weight being lifted and the blood pumping through her arms and legs. Experimentally she moved the big toe on her left foot and it moved.

However, Orochimaru felt the muscle in her leg work to move her toe and reinforced his grip on her wrists, holding her leg roughly against his side. He didn't want to take any chances and he knew he needed a response from her before she used that other leg of hers to kick him.

"Give me an answer, Sakura," he pressed.

Sakura began to struggle against him, hoping she could make him loosen his hold on her body. She thrashed in his arms, unintentionally forcing her to press against his waist, the hand holding her leg sliding down to be dangerously close to the apex of her thighs.

Her back arched her forward into him and she turned her head to yell in his ear, "Let me go!"

Her eyes were wide still, staring right at his own. Her body fought to be released until she heard Orochimaru grunt at her lifted hips. She felt something warm pressed against her lower abdomen and she stilled immediately.

A deep red covered her cheeks when Orochimaru's eyes slid shut and he groaned almost inaudibly.

"Please," she whispered, fear in her voice. "Please, let me go."

Orochimaru's hand lifted off of her thigh and his other hand gently let go of her wrists. Sakura swallowed when his eyes opened to stare at her. The tip of her pink tongue slid out to wet her dry lips. The action was enough for Orochimaru who noticed it and looked down.

The expression that crossed his face left Sakura contemplating and confused. She wasted no time pushing Orochimaru away from her and leaping off to the side. Before she could even say a word or call for help, Orochimaru's hand wrapped around her ankle and tugged.

Sakura fell onto the stairs. Scraping her exposed skin made her pause before she kicked out her other leg to try and hit the older man in the face. She didn't feel her foot connect, but rather felt another hand surround her ankle and tug her back.

"No!" She screamed. "Let me go!"

She felt Orochimaru's presence behind her, his heat slithering through her clothes and his breaths puffing the back of her hair. Sakura swiftly shot out an elbow and caught him in the side. He did not fall over, however, which only served to scare Sakura more.

"Stop moving or I'll kill Sasuke," she heard Orochimaru hiss into her ear.

Sakura continued to fight for only a few seconds more before she felt her body's energy drain suddenly. Tears welled in her eyes.

'No! Don't cry in front of him! Don't!' She thought to herself.

She suddenly found herself flipped onto her back. Her head slammed against the stone steps behind her and she cried out in pain. Blinking away tears, she felt Orochimaru settle his hand on the left side of her face, thumb brushing over her bottom lip.

"Please!" She pleaded.

Sakura looked so damn innocent yet so tempting, staring up at him with big green eyes. If she was only 18 then he wouldn't have to worry about his plans being ruined, but for the moment she was only 16 and he couldn't have that, no matter how tempting the girl was.

He smirked.

'Oh my, and just when I thought this was going to be easy,' Orochimaru thought.

"Two years, Sakura. I will see you then."

Orochimaru easily removed himself from Sakura's body and turned his back on her, preparing the hand symbols that would allow him to escape from the village.

"Orochimaru?" she called out, stopping him.

"Yes?" he responded.

"You took Sasuke away from me and you've laid claim to everything that belonged to Sasuke anyway," she said firmly.

"Really?" Orochimaru put his hands down. "You know what I've realized, kunoichi? I've realized that you love Sasuke so much that you're willing to give up everything for him, to do what you're doing, what you've done, what you will be doing, yet the two of you aren't even in any kind of a relationship nor does he show the slightest bit of remorse for hurting you like he has."

Sakura didn't answer but Orochimaru could practically smell the tears she was crying. She knew he was right or she honestly didn't understand Sasuke was incapable of loving. She was silent and he didn't need to turn to see her body shaking to keep her anger in, her hurt in. He could feel her need to be comforted but knew it wasn't a part of his plans to comfort her.

"He does love me," she started, "but he simply can't show it until he's killed his brother." Without another word, Orochimaru disappeared. Sakura got up, went home, took a long hot bath and went straight to sleep, ignoring her stomach's growl for food and the events of the day.

After all, she was on a diet.

"Kabuto, find Sasuke and ask him what he thinks about a kunoichi named Haruno Sakura," Orochimaru said quietly, yet firmly.

A silent nod and a bow of silver-gray hair lead to the scuffling of feet as they moved through the darkness to the door, a creaking of rusty hinges the last sound before Orochimaru was completely enshrouded in silence.

He tapped his fingers together in front of his face, half lounging in a straight-backed chair, sadistic grin on his pale features. He knew, of course, what Sasuke felt for the girl and he intended to use everything he planned against him.

He would use Sakura, take advantage of her weakness, her pathetic love of Sasuke, and eventually lead her into such a state of confusion, she'd betray everything she loved even more than she already was.

Orochimaru was more than double her senior. He was a missing-nin. He was an ex-Akatsuki member. He was the trickiest snake to ever exist and used whatever he had to fulfill his other dream.

Konoha would fall and he had a lovely little naïve kunoichi named Haruno Sakura to thank for it.

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