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Text means flashback

"Orochimaru, take it easy! You aren't healthy enough nor are you strong enough to be moving yet," the voice instructed.

A grunt was heard as sheets rustled, the dark haired man's body being forced back onto the bed he was supposed to be resting in.

"She'll be fine, she just needs rest, like you," the voice said in a calming tone.

"Don't act like you know more than I do on this," the older man hissed.

"Don't forget who resurrected you," the voice countered icily, "and warned you about Mitsu's betrayal."

"Sakura is-"


They say that as you die, a bright light fills your vision and draws you toward it. They say that your life flashes before you,-

She'd cried on the bench that night, over a week ago, almost two tomorrow.


"So I'm taking this as a yes to my proposition?" She nodded her head when he didn't say anything.

-and regrets-

He was dead.

-and precious moments-

Her fingers spread out and he slid his fingers through hers.

-a blend of emotion.-

"You do love her."

She couldn't force herself to deny the more than growing possibility that she was falling for him.

They say that the moment you see your life is the time where you feel your greatest hatred in yourself and wish to change all the bad things that've gone wrong because you'll never get another chance to fix anything.

Sakura was on the floor and Orochimaru was hanging off the edge of the table, neither moving.

They also say once you die, you never come back to life.

A man with silver hair approached the house of Orochimaru carrying two bodies, one over each shoulder. "Where would you be without me?"

For once you die, you move on to receive your fate as one with minimal sin, worthy enough to enter the gates of heaven, or be burdened with evil and become damned to an eternal existence where torture and suffering are all you'll come to know.

"How could I let something like this happen!"

"This isn't your fault, now please keep it down. You don't want Sakura to know yet, right?"

"I want her to wake up! It's been two days, Kabuto! What's wrong with her?!"

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