By: Shanika Freeman


heres the thing i dont own any characters if i did...

"hey , you got the file on that Vegon case?"

"yea here" she handed it to her then looked at her

"whats up you need to tell me something?"

She shifted her wieght "whats up with you and fin i heard things-

"dont believe every thing you here ."

"i know its just...

"i tell you everything you know that .nothing going on

That was the conversation i had with her before she died i lied to her right in front of her face.

That night fin came to my house which was weird he never came to my house he new i was engaged but yet he still came.

Why did i spend that night with him i new i shouldnt but i did. The night she was in the hospital i didnt even see her i was with fin laying beside him

how can i be her friend when i didnt even see her...

Friends Forever casey and olivia

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