I just keep imagining Kenshin saying all this to Hiko's face...


I know it's been a while, but things have gone crazy and I almost wish for your advice. You'd call me stupid, several times, and yell at me once or twice, but then you'd tell me what to do and it'd all make sense!

Shishou, I was attacked by a manslayer of the Shogunate. He boldly attacked in the middle of a public street, slinging his chain-sword with abandon. I was able to defeat him, but when I had, there was a girl there! She passed out and I brought her back to the inn.

I'd seen her at a restaurant earlier, Shishou, and she must have been drinking or something because she smelled like sake and then Okami-san accused me of bringing home a drunk... woman of disrepute. I did no such thing! I just couldn't leave her there, alone at night! And witness or not, I'm not going to kill her for using a public street - I would never harm an innocent! But she's seen me and I don't know what to do about that!

Okami-san got her some clean clothes, but then said there wasn't space in another room. She made the bed in here! I'm stuck in the same room with her; even in the dim lamplight I can see her on my futon.

Should we keep her here? Is Katsura-san going to order her killed anyway? Should I make her promise to forget everything and get her out of here first thing in the morning? I don't know what to do, how am I supposed to handle that girl taking up my bed?