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Dr. Akagi Naoko was talking with her daughter as they worked on the new Magi Supercomputer together in the Geofront that would become Tokyo three in a few years. Lately she had been seeing her supervisor Ikari Gendo secretly but if she was honest with herself there was something missing from the relationship. She knew what it was, Gendo was obsessed about his late wife Yui and used Naoko to both further what ever goal he wanted and satisfy his needs. That was the part of her was that of the scientist, the part that was a woman still wanted, hopped, that the man would see her as she saw him. But those thoughts were of another time, now the part of her that was a mother was dominate.

"Misato called," Akagi Ritsuko said. "She'll be in the area for the weekend and wants to hang out, so I'll be leaving soon."

"How is Misato doing with the long distance relationship?" Naoko asked. She had met her daughter's friend while the two were in college. She also met Misato's boyfriend Ryougi Kaji.

"It's not working actually," Ritsuko answered.

"They broke up?" Noako asked. Her daughter nodded and the elder woman sighed. "Too bad they seemed such a good match for each other."

Ritsuko gave her mother a shrug and was about to leave when the PA system spoke up, "Would Dr. Akagi Naoko please pick up outside line three? Would Dr. Akagi Naoko please pick up outside line three?"

"Who would call you here?" Ritsuko asked. "For that matter who could call you here?"

"I guess I'll find out," Naoko said. She picked up a near by phone, "Hello?"

"Naoko," a male voice spoke from the other end.

"Lawrence?" Naoko asked. Ritsuko was now curious. She had heard her mother often speak of a McLain Lawrence over the years. He was her mother's biggest rival in college and continued afterwards. The two had a lot of respect for each other as scientists though Naoko said as a person he always got on her nerves.

"Yes it's me," Noako heard.

"How did you get this number?" Naoko asked. Her old rival should not have access to this number and if did she was never told about it. That or it was a major security breach.

"I'll tell you if you come and meet with me," Lawrence said.

"And why should I do that?" Naoko asked.

"Because your scientific curiosity wants to know why I called you," Lawrence said. "And I have something I want to show you."

Naoko frowned at that. The two scientists knew exactly how to manipulate the other's curiosity as they specialized in the same fields, advanced physics and computer programming. She was the better programmer and he was the better physicist. When the two worked together on a project, and not let their personal feelings get in the way, they accomplished a lot. If he wanted to show her something then it was important in some way. "Alright I'll meet you," Naoko finally conceded. "Where and when?"

"Excellent!" Lawrence replied. "Meet me at the restaurant called East Winds near the residential block in one hour."

"But that means I have to leave…" Her sentence was interrupted by the click of the call ending, "Leave right now," she finished. She glared at the phone for a moment before hanging it up. "Never gives me time to finish my sentences."

"So was that your old rival?" Ritsuko asked after Naoko hung up the phone.

"Yes," Naoko said picking up her things. "He wants to meet me and only gave me an hour to meet him. If I don't get there he'll leave and I have some questions on how he got this number."

"Do you think you should go alone?" Ritsuko asked.

"I'll be fine," Naoko assured her daughter. "Lawrence may be annoying but he is far from dangerous. He probably found the number through a general access line and hacked from there. He was the second best hacker back in school."

"And who was the first?" Ritsuko asked. She did a little hacking herself in college.

"You're looking at her," Naoko replied. She moved to the elevator, "You coming so you can meet with Misato?"

"Oh right, if I'm late Misato is likely to jump the first guy she sees now that Kaji is out of the picture," Ritsuko thought. The phone called had distracted her. Silently she climbed aboard the elevator to leave.

As the door closed a young albino girl came out of the shadows. She watched the elevator door for several seconds wondering what she should do now. She had been told to repeat what her guardian had said to her about the elder Akagi when the Doctor was alone.

An hour later at the restaurant called East Wind Akagi Naoko met her old college headache waiting at a table near the back. "He has the same smug smirk he had back in school when he figured out a problem before I did," Naoko muttered. She sat down and addressed her fellow doctor, "Well I'm here, how did you get the number?"

"I got into the secure lines from the general use systems," Lawrence shrugged. "Not too much trouble for the best hacker from MIT."

"Second best you mean," Naoko smirked as Lawrence bristled. "So what did you want to show me?" The sooner she saw what he wanted to show her the sooner she could get out of here.

Lawrence reached down beside him and pulled out a file folder. "This is what I wanted to show you."

He handed Naoko a few pieces of paper and she began to read it. She knew right off it was a scientific report after seeing countless numbers of them herself over the years, not too mention writing more then she could remember. As she read the report she looked curiously at the graphs that appeared to be energy output readings when she went over the calculations in her head to get the graph results her eyes widened considerably. "Are you serious?" She asked.

"Completely," Lawrence said. "The first sample was found deep in the Andes in a crater from a meteorite that we believed came from Mars. You read the results of the preliminary experiments with that sample and the energy it released."

"What do you plan to do with this mineral?" Naoko asked going over the report a second time.

"The same thing you plan to do with those Evangelions you and GEHIRN are working on," Lawrence said.

Naoko froze for a second. While the organization GEHIRN was probably known to a scientist like Lawrence the Evangelions should have been only known to a select number of people. "How did you know about the Evangelions?"

"There are organizations in organization in organizations," Lawrence answered. "I'm telling you this much because I want you to come work for us."

"You can't be serious," Naoko said. "There is no way you can build anything that can compete with what's coming."

"Oh yes we can," Lawrence said. "And if you're worried about the AT field," again Naoko was surprised but Lawrence continued on before she could interrupt. "We have already devised a way around it. With the mineral we can produce enough power to neutralize the AT field's phase space. What we need is the best computer programmer on the planet you write the combat program for us. You are the best in the world and the second best physicist in the world. You are the best for this job."

"The Evangelions…" Dr. Akagi began again. She along with everyone else at GEHIRN believed and had been told that the Evangelions were humanity's only hope against the Angles. It was difficult to believe another's word especially after she saw the reports from the Katsuragi Expedition. But she also knew that Lawrence had never lied about his work.

"The Evangelions are a flawed plan at best," Lawrence pressed. "The first one built doesn't even turn on, the second and third have either killed their first pilot or driven them insane."

"How do you know you can do better?" Naoko asked.

"Because we are building them from the ground up," Lawrence said. "We are not using copies of thing we barely understand we are using our own science and ingenuity. And the biggest plus is we won't have to use children to accomplish our goals."

Now Naoko's mind was working against itself. The part of her that was a scientist liked the idea of using something that did not have too many unknowns like the Evangelions did. The part of her that was a woman knew that if she accepted the offer she would be taken away from the man she loved. And finally the part of her that was a mother joined in, the thought of sending children out to fight appalled this part of her mind. Before the scientist and woman aspects overrode this part as the Evangelions were the only method to save humanity and she was in love with the person in charge of the organization. Now however the scientist part and the mother part were in agreement and were overriding the woman part.

"If you're worried about completing the Magi don't be," Lawrence added. "I'm not asking you too stop work on it, I'm just asking you to come when its completed in few months."

"What's the catch?" Naoko asked. There was always a catch in things like this.

"You'll have to disappear for a while I'm afraid," Lawrence answered honestly. "Until the project is completed no one can know about it."

Naoko thought long and hard about the decision. Finally after nearly fifteen minutes of silence she said, "Alright, as soon as the Magi work is complete I'll join you." Then as an after thought she asked, "By the way the report never mentioned the name the mineral substance was given?"

"It is called Metatron," Lawrence replied.