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Shinji was flying low over Tokyo-3 outside of the Geofront late in the evening. He was flying around making sure the basic systems were working properly and the best way was to put them in action. As he was flying along he spotted a light close to perimeter of BAHRAM's property. "Idalo, would you please focus on that light source near the fence?" Shinji asked the Combat AI.

"Roger," Idalo answered. A small screen appeared on the H.U.D and zeroed in on the small light. When the image came in to focus Shinji smirked at who it was. "It appears to be an attempted intruder," Idalo said. "Should I inform security of this?"

"No," Shinji said. "I know him from my class. His name is Aida Kensuke and he's harmless just a little obsessive about military hardware."

"Roger," Idalo replied.

At this time Kensuke noticed the Orbital Frame and started yelling, though Shinji did not hear because the outside volume was on mute, and waving frantically at them. Shinji sighed at the gestures anything that had to do with weapons Kensuke would go nuts over and weapons like the Orbital Frames and the Evangelions made him look like he needed to be committed. Just this afternoon he had to be physically restrained from jumping Shinji when somehow it was leaked that he was the Frame Runner for Idalo. Shinji still wondered who could have leaked that news; he would have suspected it was Hikari or Rei. But when Kensuke came running up to him yelling about being a Frame Runner Hikari looked surprised that the glasses wearing boy knew anything and Rei never spoke to anyone unless they spoke first and even then her replies would be only one or two words.

"Shinji," a transmission from Naoko appeared in front of him, "Return to the hanger. All the systems look fine and you need to get some sleep. You'll be on stand-by tomorrow."

"Why will I be on stand-by?" Shinji asked. He was usually on alert status, that meant that he had to be prepared to head to BAHRAM's base of operations anytime during the day. Stand-by meant that he would always be within fifteen minutes, by car, of the base encase an emergency came up.

"Eva Unit 02 is arriving from Germany tomorrow and they are sending Captain Kasuragi and the Third Child to meet it and the Second Child," Naoko answered. "You're being put on Stand-by just incase there is an Angle attack. If there is it will be only you and the First Child around to defeat the Angle. Now come on back we need to get home."

"Yes Ma'am," Shinji replied veering back towards the hanger for the night.

The next day Shinji arrived at school just like always, unlike the previous times however there was a noticeable shadow following him the entire way. The shadow was his transportation back to BAHRAM in the event of an Angle attack. Most of the kids paid no attention to the black sedan parked outside the school and those that did it was only brief curiosity. They were used to unmarked cars showing up because of the First and Third Child attending school here.

When he walked into the classroom Shinji was suspecting Kensuke to try and bombard him with a million questions about Idalo just like he did for the past two days. He was pleasantly surprised to see that neither Kensuke nor Toji were present in the classroom. Toji had some kind of grudge against Shinji and tried to fight him the day before Kensuke found about what Shinji was.


Shinji was just about to leave the school grounds and head back home. Naoko would be working late continuing her programming for the next Sub-Weapons for Idalo. Shinji had nothing to do today and was looking forward to just listening to his music that evening. The day itself was rather uneventful but still rather pleasant, he was getting along with Hikari rather well and he felt he found a pretty good friend in the pigtailed Third Child.

Just as Shinji was about to step out of the gates a hand on his shoulder spun him around. In front of him was Toji cracking his knuckles and Kensuke looking worried for him from behind the jock. Shinji looked around and saw several other people were giving them the same looks Kensuke was, not that Shinji could blame them. On the surface Toji looked like he could seriously hurt him with one punch. Then again no one knew that Shinji was trained to defend himself by an ex-special forces unit.

Before anyone could try to stop him, Toji swung a heavy right cross at Shinji's face. To many people's surprise instead of hitting the ground, Shinji blocked the punch and then twisted Toji's arm and tripped him so Toji was lying face down with his arm pinned behind his back. "Why did you attack me?" Shinji asked.

After the surprise left him, Kensuke was the one that answered, "Sorry about this, Toji's just jealous because he thinks you're hitting on Hikari."

"Oh shut up…OW!" Toji yelled from the ground but when he tried to move he only twisted his arm more making it hurt.

"Shinji!" Hikari called from the back of the crowd that formed. The crowd spread and Hikari came through and was shocked to see Shinji pinning Toji to the ground. The shock quickly turned to anger and she stomped up to the two boys. Shinji quickly let Toji go and backed away, he figured she was going to end their budding friendship because it appeared Shinji started the fight. That thought was proven wrong however when Hikari slapped Toji in the face, "What do you thing you're doing picking a fight with Shinji! He didn't do anything to you, what would your sister think if she heard you were being a bully, huh?" Toji had the decency to looked ashamed as he rubbed his cheek. She let out a heavy sigh, "I don't have time for this I have tests at Nerv, be sure to apologize to him or I'll tell your sister what you did." She turned and walked off but not before giving the jock one last glare.

"Sorry," Toji said lacking any sincerity before he too walked off still rubbing his cheek.

End of Flashback.

Since that day Toji had been giving Shinji subtle glares every now and then. Most figured it was because his pride took a major beating from how easily Shinji beat him and the dressing down Hikari gave him soon afterwards. Shinji just hoped that Toji would give it a rest soon he never liked having people mad at him for any reason.

Half way through the day Shinji's cellular phone started to ring and only a few seconds later Rei's began to ring as well. When Shinji answered the his phone all he received was the Director's voice, "Return to base immediately." Not waiting to be excused Shinji picked up his bag and left the room, Rei followed right after him. The class waited patiently for the Angle Alarm but were surprised and somewhat disappointed that it never went off., after all facing a quick death from an Angle was preferable to a slow one from the boring lectures about Second Impact.

When Shinji arrived at BAHRAM's base Lawrence immediately met him at the entrance. "Suit up Shinji the convoy transporting Unit 02 is being attacked by an Angle," Lawrence informed. "We're sending you out to meet them and rendering assistance."

"Yes Sir," Shinji replied. His mind already entering its Combat Mode for the upcoming battle.

No more than five minutes later Shinji was already in the air heading out to sea. "Shinji, according to the distress call the Angle has already sunk at least two ships," Lawrence said. "They are endangering with Unit 02 but because the Angle is attacking from underwater so they are having difficulty."

"If it is attacking underwater we will not be of much help," Shinji replied.

"The transmission said Captain Katsuragi said she has an idea on how to destroy the Angle but she will need Idalo's weaponry to accomplish it," Lawrence reported. "That is why you are being sent out, when you arrive you will be under her command and will follow her instructions."

"Yes Sir," Shinji said. "Idalo remove the limiters on the thrusters we must arrive at the battle sight as soon as possible."

"Roger," Idalo replied. As the Orbital Frame left Tokyo-3 City Limits the Ion Thrusters began to produce high amounts of energy accelerating Idalo to its maximum speed.

Off the coast Japan the American Pacific Fleet was being decimated by the by the Sixth Angle. Six hours ago Captain Katsuragi arrived with the Third Child Hikari and her friends Kensuke and Toji. She had brought the two boys along because Hikari was still nervous about being an Eva Pilot, especially after she had to block the particle beam from the Fifth Angle. The two boys were here to try and relax Hikari and for the most part it work. The only real problems that happened were rather minor, the Admiral of the Pacific Fleet refusing to hand over Unit Two, the initial meeting between the Second Child Soryu Asuka Langley and Toji and of course the meeting of her old flame Ryoji Kaji the Asuka's guardian during her training in Germany.

With attack of the Sixth Angle everything wend down the drain in a matter of minutes. Asuka activated Unit 02 with Hikari inside as well and tried to engage the Angle. The problem was with only the standard equipment and Hikari messing up the harmonics between Eva and Pilot, the Angle quickly overpowered the Eva. Now the Angle had the Eva's arm locked in its jaws under the water. The only up side to this was that Misato had a plan, all she had to do was wait for Nerv's new partner BAHRAM's weapon to show up. "When the hell is that thing going to get here?" Misato asked herself silently.

"Misato I can't reach the Core!" Asuka yelled over the radio.

"Hang on you two! We're waiting for back up to arrive," Misato answered. "I have a plan to hit the Core and kill the Angel but it won't work until help gets here!"

While the conversation was going on Hikari was hanging on for deer life thinking, "What was I thinking climbing in here? I have no place on the front line I just learned to move Unit 00 a few weeks ago. Please someone help us!"

After hearing Misato's reply Asuka became angry. One thing she hated more than anything else in the world was relying on someone else. "I don't need any…" The radar operator cut off Asuka's objection.

"Unidentified Aircraft approaching from the Southwest, estimated speed…" the radar operator paused for the calculation, "Mach 5!"

"Mach 5?" everyone asked at the same time.

Just as Misato was about to question what the object was the voice of the radio operator came in, "Call from the flight deck! One of the transports is requesting permission to leave!"

"What?" Misato yelled. "Who's trying to leave in the middle of a fight?"

"That would be me, Misato," Kaji answered. "Sorry to leave like this but I've got a delivery to make and I can't afford the risk of dieing."

"Kaji you coward get back here!" Misato yelled.

"Good luck!" Kaji said getting into the transport. Without even waiting for permission the pilot launched off the flight deck and away from danger. When they were half way passed the outer fleet ships a bluish-green glow flashed by the transport. Kaji turned and looked out the window and saw the glowing object slow down. "So that's what has the Old Men so nervous. Wonder how it'll do in real combat?"

Out at sea Shinji and Idalo were fast approaching the Pacific Fleet. As Shinji approached Idalo warned him, "High energy reading detected just below the surface of the ocean. Energy patterns consistent with those of detected by those of the previous three Angles."

"So the Angle is down there?" Shinji asked.

"Affirmative," Idalo answered. "Transmission coming in from the Super Carrier Over the Rainbow."

"Put it through," Shinji instructed.

"Roger," Idalo complied.

"Unidentified Aircraft you have entered a highly dangerous combat zone," the transmission said. "Identify yourself immediately."

"This is the Orbital Frame Idalo," Shinji responded. "I am here because of the distress signal the Director of Operations of Nerv sent out for our assistance."

"All right Shinji here's the situation," Misato took over. "Unit 02's arm is pinned inside the Angles mouth and is currently under the water. The Core is at the back of the mouth and Unit 02 can't reach that far. The plan is to have Unit 02 open the Angle's mouth wide enough for you to destroy the core."

"Idalo cannot operate under water," Shinji said. His voice was surprisingly calm to those listening in. They were not aware of his mindset in dealing with combat.

"The Angle surfaces every ten minutes or so," Misato replied. "The problem is that it does not stay up for more than a few seconds."

"With Unit 02 at the mouth I'll have to get in close in order to avoid hitting it," Shinji said.

"Asuka, Hikari you get that?" Misato asked.

"Yes," both girls asked.

"Ok when the Angle starts to surface you two have to force the Angle's mouth open, Shinji and Idalo will do the rest," Misato instructed.

"The Angle is approaching the surface!" the sonar operator warned. "Time to surface fifteen seconds!"

"Asuka, Hikari force the mouth open!" Misato yelled.

Inside Unit 02 the Second and Third Child were trying to force the mouth open. The problem was the Eva seemed to lack the strength to accomplish the goal. "It's not working!" Asuka yelled. "Come on open up!"

"Open up! Open up! Open up! Open Up! OPEN UP!" Hikari yelled in her mind at the same time Asuka did. That result of the combined will seem to force extra strength out of the Eva just as the Angle broke the surface.

"Shinji do it now!" Misato order.

"Yes Ma'am," Shinji replied. Because he could not get a lock on the Core at long range Shinji was forced to fly Idalo down past Unit 02 into the back of the mouth of the Angle. As he approached the blade on the Orbital Frame's arm swung into place glowing with plasma energy. As he dove at the red sphere the Ion Thrusters pulsed resulting in Shinji stabbing the Core at close to the speed of sound. Needless to say the Core was destroyed on the first attempt.

"High Energy Signal has gone silent," Idalo reported. "The target appears to be neutralized."

"No movement from detected," the sonar operator confirmed. "I think it's dead." There was caution in his voice as well as hope.

"Shinji did you destroy the Core?" Misato asked. She had to be sure the Angel was dead in order to stand down from combat status.

"The Angle is starting to sink," Idalo reported at the same time Misato spoke.

"Yes the Core is destroyed," Shinji confirmed as he spun the Orbital Frame around and flew out the mouth just as the Angle's carcass began to sink beneath surface of the ocean.

Seeing the much smaller mecha zip by them and the fact that they could feel the descent of the Eva caused Asuka to kick off the Angle. With a mighty leap out of the water she landed into a crouched position on the Super Aircraft Carrier causing the bow of the ship to dip half way into the water and rise up again.

Once the ship stopped bobbing up and down Shinji radioed the bridge, "Permission to land Ma'am, I wish to make sure there was not significant damage to Idalo."

"Permission granted Shinji," Misato replied. "And call me Misato, 'Ma'am' makes me sound old."

A few minutes later the crew of the Over the Rainbow was helping remove the Entry Plug from Unit Two. When the two Eva Pilots stepped out of the LCL the girls noticed a ring of sailors looking at the Orbital Frame. They also noticed Kensuke jumping up and down behind them trying to get a good look at the machine. "Doesn't look like much," Asuka thought. Her pride took a large blow because not only did she need help in destroying the Angle but also the help came from something that only came up to an Eva's shin.

After getting her bearings straight Hikari made her way over to the ring of sailors. "Excuse me could I get through?" she asked. The sailors looked at the girl for a moment and then parted. They knew that they owed their lives to the kids and gave them a great deal of respect. It was not everyday three young teenagers do what veteran soldiers could not.

When Hikari was close enough she heard Shinji talking, "Looks like you were right Idalo the only damage was superficial."

"Confirmed," the Combat AI replied. "Beginning repair sequences."

"Shinji," Hikari said catching the attention of the Frame Runner. "I…I just wanted to say thank you for…coming when you did."

"Um…ah…You're welcome Hikari," Shinji replied with a slight blush as he had never received thanks from anyone his own age before. "I…it was my pleasure."

"HEY COME ON LET ME SEE!" Kensuke yelled intrusting the awkward situation and causing the several people to laugh off some of the tension left over from the battle.

Hours later in Gendo's office the Commander of Nerv was receiving the package that Kaji left the battle for. "So this is it, the First Angle, Adam," Kaji said.

"Correct," Gendo replied.

"Hard to believe that this thing caused Second Impact," Kaji commented. "Seems rather harmless as an embryo doesn't?"

Gendo did not answer. Instead he switched subjects, "What is you're opinion on the Orbital Frame?"

"It can pack a hell of a punch," Kaji answered. "It's not hard to see why SEELE is so nervous about it."

Gendo remained silent for several minutes before speaking again, "I want you to find out as much as you can about BAHRAM and their weapons and personnel and report your findings to me and only me."

"Already moving against the Old Men I see," Kaji thought. "Sure I'll start poking around see what I can dig up, kind of sounds like fun actually." Soon after he left the Commanders' Office he asked himself, "So which side do you want to be on now Kaji; SEELE, Nerv, BAHRAM or your own?"