Wardrobe Malfunction

Jack Fenton was considered a pioneer in many circles. The pioneer of the daily and constant wear of the bright orange, spandex jump suit.

"Yeah," Danny started. "That is if the circles you travel in include the completely insane."

"Oh no!" Tucker groaned. "We're not doing this again are we?"

"I'm not really into fashion," Sam said dryly.

Why, people often asked, did Jack Fenton chose the orange jump suit over all the other colors of the rainbow? Jack Fenton says it's because orange is a stand out color. You can't ignore orange. It's the color of power! Glory! Happiness! Orange is the color of sunshine!

"Orange is also the color convicts in prison wear." Sam stated.

"How do you know?" Tucker asked.

"I've seen them on the side of the road, picking up garbage." Sam answered matter of factly.

"Orange is the color of orange juice," Danny said, causing his friends to look at him worriedly. "Yellow is the color of sunshine."

When he was a boy, Jack's favorite color was orange, so it only made sense that his jump suit would be orange. No one could miss him, no longer would he fade into the crowd.

"Dad," Danny said. "I don't believe it's remotely possible for you to fade into a crowd.

"He's like a big neon sign flashing, Crazy person here! Run!" Sam whispered. Danny gave her an exasperated look and she smiled.

There was a time when Jack did not wear a jump suit exclusively. There was a time when he wore plain clothes. He was a lot like his son Danny at one time in his life. Jack decided he didn't like getting pushed around, so he bulked up.

"Behold your future," Tucker snickered to Danny.

"As if," Danny rolled his eyes.

"I think Danny has his mother's genetics," Sam whispered.

"And his father's cluelessness," Tucker added. Sam looked at the techno geek and nodded. Danny just shook his head.

Soon no one wanted to mess with big Jack Fenton, but Jack knew there was something missing, so he went in search of something that would make him unique.

"Of course someone should have clued him in to fashion dos and don'ts before hand," Tucker laughed.

Jack's first attempt at uniquity was a bright purple day glo jumpsuit with pink trimmings.

"Uniquity isn't a word Dad," Danny informed his father. He looked at his friends, "Is it?"

"I don't know," Tucker answered. "I'm just trying to wrap my mind around the image of your father in a purple day glo jump suit…with pink trimmings."

"The very thought hurts my eyes," Sam groaned.

But Jack realized pretty quickly that a purple jump suit with pink trimmings was little, let us say, girly. He needed to find a color that was a little more manly, so he chose green with yellow spangles.

"Because we all know spangles are anything but girly," Tucker laughed.

"Yellow ones especially," Sam snickered.

"Shut up you two," Danny said in mock anger.

It was then that the beautiful and brainy Maddie Fenton proposed the orange and black combination. Jack considered for a moment making the color's yellow and black, but decided he would look too much like a bumble bee.

"Jack Fenton," Sam said in a bold voice. "Floats like a ton of bricks, stings like a bee."

"That is so not funny Sam," Danny said tiredly. Sam smiled.

Orange quickly became Jack Fenton's signature color. But more lies beneath the jumpsuit than just orange and black.

"Agh!" Sam cried as she covered her ears and closed her eyes. "I don't even want to consider what lies underneath your father's jumpsuit." Both Tucker and Danny nearly rolled on the floor laughing.

The heart of a lion. Fearless and brave lurked under the orange and black! Ready to face anything! Whether it be man or ghost!

The three friends looked at each other and blinked.

And so, to make his son and his friends, fearless and brave. Jack sat at his work station and sewed them each a suit of their own.

Sam looked at the orange suit Jack handed her then at Danny who sat with one hand over his face.

Tucker unfolded the huge orange suit and looked skeptically at Jack. The suit seemed to be three or four hundred sizes too large.

No longer will you fade into the crowd! No longer will you worry about what to wear! Jack Fenton has solved all your problems.

Danny, Sam and Tucker stared at Jack Fenton as he finished his speech. He winked at Danny, then turned to go back down to the lab. The trio's eyes widened, and then much to his horror, Sam and Tucker fell to the floor laughing. Danny just stared at his father's retreating backside, and the tear which gave everyone a nice view of his green boxers with yellow spangles.

Danny turned and looked at Sam and said, "That settles it, I am so adopted." Tucker and Sam continued to roll on the ground laughing. Danny only blinked at them then sighed, he was never going to live this down

The, ermmm uhh, End

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