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The Weakness in me

By Forever Gone Forever You

Glass breaking;

Shouting, screaming and yelling.

Tears sorrow; pain.

Unwanted physical contact struck her face.

Silence: Hesitation, gasping and awakening.

She rubs her hand on her cheek with a shocked expression written on her face.

His face too was shocked of what he had done.

Was that meant to happen?

She walks out and slams the door behind her and runs wildly.

'Amy, AMY! Come back'

She continues to run and never turns back.

Amy Rose returned her and slammed the door. She ran up the stairs and jumped onto her bed. She cries her eyes out.

'I've been such a fool what did I ever see in him?'

Amy looks at photographs of her and Sonic. 'This is the last smile that I'll fake for the sake of being with you. You've always thrown everything back in my face but yet I still came running back asking for more. Well I hope you're now happy you gone too far and caused too much pain for my heart to handle! How can I be so gullible and fall for your sweet talk? Well this is it. I must let go and erase you from my brain and most of all... my heart'

Amy jumped off her bed and wrecked every memory she had of Sonic. She tore his photos, set fire to her sonic toys, pillows, cushions. Once everything was wrecked she sat in a corner.

'Amy Rose pull yourself together you can do this. Don't give up now since you've gone so far'

Amy pulled herself back up and chucked everything into the bin.

'Time to start moving on, time to think of me and my life. I will never turn back and continue to waste those years on that selfish, ignorant cocky hedgehog.'

Amy stayed confident. She was determined to achieve her goal. She found her old diary. It was pink and fluffy.

Amy sat down beside her bed and read the first page of her old diary.

'Dear Diary,

Today I went after Sonic again! I know I shouldn't but I can't help it I love him and he never shows love back! I just don't know anymore. Is this love or just a crush that I'll soon get over? I guess I just have to see what the future has in store for me but for now… Sonic ready or not here I come!


Amy sighed and put her diary under her pillow.

'It has been a long day. I'll just have to wait for tomorrow and see what happens. From this day on I'll never set my eyes on Sonic the Hedgehog even if it was ten years too soon!'