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Sonics POV:

I ran to the hospital. Shadow was right. The world isn't on my shoulders. I chose it to be that way. But as life changes and we all get older people change. So do i.

Maybe I am ready to be apart of that change….

It's time to express my true feelings instead of hiding it. I walked into the hospital and went to where Amy was being kept.

She looked so beautiful whilst she was asleep.

Apparently, she has been making progress. I wish she was out of a coma so I can hold her in my arms.

"Amy, it's me Sonic" I begun.

"I know that you're in a coma, but, if you can hear me, I just want to say how truthfully sorry I am for insulting you like a doll and hurting your feelings, Most of all, I am sorry for slapping you on that day. I didn't mean it. You were making everything hard for me and I just lashed out. What I really what to say is………. I love you Amy. I guess you might be thinking'well you have a very funny way of showing it'. I had to hide it away from people such as Eggman because, I know he would blackmail me by getting to you and I didn't want to take such a risk of you being hurt and losing you. My cocky, arrogant attitude didn't allow me to realize that the world isn't on my shoulders and that love is about taking risks" I said.

Amy was still silent but I didn't care since I've unleashed my feelings.

I sat by her side and held her hand tight.

To my surprise, she held my hand tighter then her eyes slowly opened.

"Sonic?" She said weakly.

A small smile was printed on her face.

My cheeks were burning hot and were blazing red.

"Sonic… Did you really mean all those things that you said?" She said with curiosity.

I was really shy and embarrassed. I nodded slightly and tears filled in Amy's eyes.

"Sonic… Wow, I don't know what to say. I guess I love you even when at tough times I hated you" Said Amy.

I wrapped my arms around Amy. Her warm touch gave me a warm feeling inside.

I gazed into her eyes as she gazed into mine.

Without thinking, i kissed her.

Surprisenly, she kissed back.

End of Sonics POV

What Sonic and Amy didn't know is what Shadow was watching them. He sat by the window with tears scattering from his eyes.

Shadow's POV:

This was supposed to happen right? I could have taken a chance but I knew me and her wasn't supposed to be right? If so, why am I envious? Why does my heart ache?

Why does my heart cry?

Feelings I can't fight.

It cannot end this way.

But darkness is where I belong.

Loneliness shadows me.

That is how it was before.

This cannot end this way……

End of Shadow's POV

What will become of Shadow? Will he let this go?

Knowing that he can't have her is enough to make him crazy and kill him.

Drastic times call for drastic measures…..

To be continued in the upcoming sequel.