Icons: The Martian

Summary: Clark discovers that he is not the only strange visitor from another planet nor the last member of a lost civilization. This ties in with the other Icons stories so it may help to read those. (Please read and Review)

Pairing: Lex/Lana

John Jones was looking for a place to fit in. He had tried living in other place, like the city but just when he thought that he could fit in something happened and he was forced to move on. That was what brought him to Smallville, Kansas, meteor capital of the world. John walked the main street of Smallville, taking in the site. There was the hard ware store, feed store and other small shops. The centerpiece was the old movie house called the Talon.

As he walked down the street he spotted a young girl with raven black hair got out a car with a bald headed man. John watched as the bald man hold young girl's hand. Together they walked into the coffee shop. From the way the two held hands he could see that they were in love.

John lowered his head and thought about her, the woman that he loved all those years ago and how she died in his arms. The pain she went through in her final hour alive. It was times like this when he saw others in love that the pain came flooding back.

John continued to walk down the street. John Jones was very tall for a teenage boy of nineteen, very athletic. He had brown hair and green eye that seemed to look past a person and into their soul. He was a very reserved young man, who enjoyed being by himself. Then again he had been alone for a thousand years.

As he continued down the street he notice a couple walking down the street holding a conversion. The boy was tall and handsome dressed in a blue jeans and flannel shirt, next to him was a young good-looking blond.

"Me and Bruce decided that it was better that we just stayed friends." Chloe said.

"Good, Bruce is a good guy and all but he has major issues." Clark said.

"What can I say I have a thing for guys with hero complexes." Chloe said.

"Ouch." Clark said.

It was then that Clark felt a horrible pain in his head. The pain was worst than when he was around kryptonite. It was like a thousand jagged pieces of glass was being stabbed into his brain. Across the street the same thing was happening to John. He was on his knees and writhing in pain. John ran off.

"Awww." Clark said as the pain subsided.

"Clark, are you okay?" Chloe asked.

"Chloe I don't know." Clark said

To Be Continued….