"Who the hell are you two?" Smith demanded of Lois and Chloe.

"We're friends of Jonn Jonzz and we want to know what you did to him?" Chloe asked.

"You two know that he is an alien right?" Smith said.

"Yeah, we do. Now were did you take him?" Lois asked.

"Girlie you're in no positions to be asking questions." Smith said. Smith looked out the window.

"Is that your car out there?" He asked.

"Yeah." Chloe said.

"Gimmie the keys." Smith said. Chloe reached into her purse and handed the keys over.

"Alright now let's go." He said. Lois and Chloe walked out of the room and Smith followed, his gun hidden in his pocket. The trio loaded up in the car and drove off.

Clark exited out of super-speed when he got near the main gate of Luthorcorp. He did a quick scan to make sure that the coast was clear and then he made his way to the gate. He slipped passed the guard shack and head toward the lab area of the plant, just as he did when Chloe and he were helping out Bruce Wayne. He made his way down the hall and ducked into rooms if he saw or heard anyone coming his way.

When he felt that he was far enough in to the plant he used his x-ray vision to try and find Jonn. He scanned all the rooms; in each one he saw the skeletons on people and test animals. He stopped he saw the skeletons of two men. He noticed that one of them was not entirely human. Pulling his focus back the x-ray image change to a Cat-Scan image.

He could see Jonn strapped down to a cot writhing in pain. Lionel Luther stood near the cot, watching the whole thing. He was asking Jonn a question. Clark focused his hearing and then waited for the sound waves to reach his ears.

"All this can stop if you tell me what you know about Clark Kent." Lionel said.

"I told you I know nothing." Jonn said.

"You're lying. Three months ago Clark Kent and a man dressed in black broke in here and encountered my best guards. Where the guards fired their weapons, the bullets bounce of his chest. Then one month later my son was stuck by pure energy, my son spent three days in the hospital. When Clark Kent was hit all he ended up with was a tuxedo bill. "Lionel said.

Clark could not believe it. Lionel had known about when he was in the plant and was captured and Bruce saved him. Lionel had some idea that Clark was not human. It also meant the Lionel had helped Clark and Diana with Lex was captured.

"Tell me what you know about Krypton." Lionel said.

"All I know is that the planet was destroyed years ago." Jonn said.

"I'm growing tired of this game tell me what I want to know?" Lionel said.

"I told you that I know nothing." Jonn repeated again.

"Very well." Lionel said. He then nodded to a tech who then moved the dial on a panel. Jonn could feel the heat burning through his body. He could start to feel his flesh burn.

Clark could wait any longer, he had to help Jonn. He ran toward the lab were they were keeping Jonn. He ran toward the door and pushed it off its hinges. Lionel had to duck under the flying door to avoid being hit by it. Lionel stared at Clark in amazement. Clark glared at the elder Luthor with disgust. He walked to Jonn and ripped the constrains off of Jonn and helped him up. Then they left the room and the lab.

A tech ran to Lionel's side.

"Sir should we try and stop them?" he asked.

"No, it would not do any good." Lionel said.

"Sir." The tech said.

"You heard me. Get me all the security tapes." Lionel demanded.

Clark and Jonn ran out of the lab and toward the road leading away from the lab. When they reached a safe distance from the lab, they stopped. Jonn fell to his knees and began to cough. It was then that Clark noticed the burns on Jonn's back and arms. Jonn began cough out a yellowish blood.

"Are you okay?" Clark asked.

"No, I'm having trouble breathing but I should be fine soon." Jonn said trying to reassure himself more that Clark. Clark used to check Jonn's body. He could see that Jonn had injuries to what Clark could only assume was his lungs.

"I think there is something wrong with your lungs." Clark said.

"I think that your are right. I'm having trouble breathing." Jonn said.

"Let's get you back to the farm." Clark said.

"Where is are the girls?" Jonn asked.

"They went to see if then can find Smith." Clark said.

"Now let's get on the move." Clark said.

"Clark you need to know about Lionel." Jonn said.

"We'll worry about that later." Clark said. Clark picked Jonn up and then ran toward the farm.

Jonn took a drink of the milk and a bite out of the Oreo cookie. He turned his head when he heard someone coming up the stairs. He smiled when he saw Clark walking up the stairs with four more packages of Oreos. Clark handed the cookies over and sat down.

"And I thought Lois was thee only one that could pack away Oreos like that." Clark said.

"I do feel much better. Thank you for coming after me.' Jonn said.

"I'm sure that you would have done that same for me." Clark said.

"I'm not sure that I would exposing myself to save someone. " Jonn said.

"I sure that you would." Clark said.

"You' re right." Jonn said.

" I better call Chloe and let her know what's going on." Clark said. Clark took his cell and dialed Chloe's number and waited.

"That's odd." Clark said as he waited.

"What's wrong?" Jonn asked.

"Chloe usually answers on the first ring." Clark said

"Do you think her and Lois are in trouble?" Jonn asked.

"If I know Chloe and Lois they're right in the middle of it." Clark said.

"Then let's go." Jonn said as he started to get up.

"You can't go you're still hurt." Clark said.

"I'll be fine besides your going to need my help." Jonn said.

"You might be right." Clark said.

Smith grabbed Chloe's phone and tossed it out the window.

"You're going to pay for that." Chloe said.

"You give me your phone." Smith told Lois.

"Are you sure that you want to do that?" Lois said. Smith pointed his gun at Lois. She quickly handed it over. It was out the window just like the Chloe's.

"Who was trying to call you?" Smith demanded.

"My boyfriend." Chloe said.

"Well I hoped that he loved you because your going to be dead soon." Smith said.

Lois and Chloe exchanged worried glances.

Clark and Jonn stopped in front of the hotel where Smith was staying. Clark and Jonn entered Smith's room and saw that it was empty.

"He must have been here already." Jonn said.

"Where are Chloe and Lois?" Clark said.

"Give me a moment." Jonn said. Jonn closed his eyes and foucs on Chloe and Lois.

"Lois, Chloe." He said in his head. He waited for a few moments.

In the car Lois and Chloe were startled by the voice in their head. They looked at one another and said nothing.

"Say nothing." Jonn said.

"Jonn we're with Smith and he going to kill us?" Chloe said.

"Where are you?" Jonn asked.

"We're heading towards Metropolis." Lois said.

"Hold on help is on the way." Jonn said.

"Did you find them?" Clark asked.

"Yes and their in danger." Jonn said.

"Where?" Clark asked.

"Follow me." Jonn said. Then they head off after Chloe and Lois.

Using their super-speed they quickly were able to catch up with the car. Jonn turned invisible and quickly grabbed the bummer of the car.

Smith, Chloe and Lois were jerked forward when Jonn grabbed the bummer. Smith looked behind him and saw Jonn standing there. Smith climbed out of the car and ran as fast as he could away from Jonn.

Smith ran to a field next to the road. He looked over his shoulder and hoped that Jonn would not be following him. He then ran into the brick wall that was Clark Kent.

Smith looked up at Clark and fired his gun emptying it. The bullets bounced off Clark. Clark grabbed the gun and crushed it in his hand. He then tapped Smith on the head, Smith was knocked out.

Ten minutes later Smith was being put in the back of a police car.

Sheriff Adams turned to Clark.

"Mr. Kent why are you always were the action is?" She asked.

"Right place at thee right time." Clark said.

"Is that a joke Mr. Kent?" she asked.

"Yes." Clark said.

"Mr. Kent if I were you I would find a different job." She said and then walked away.

"Let's get out of here." Clark said.

Jonn was in the loft he was packing the last of his things. It was time to for him to move on. Clark sat at his desk watching.

"You can stay you know. Besides we could use another hand." Clark said.

"We both know that is not possible." Jonn said.

"I know but I guess I liked having someone I can relate to." Clark said.

"I understand you and I are the last of our kind." Jonn said.

"I envy you Jonn you know about your planet and it's people. Me I know nothing about mine." Clark said.

"You will know soon enough." Jonn said.

Lana walked in a moment later. She walked over to Clark and Jonn.

"Hi guys." She said.

"I'll give you two some time alone." Jonn said and then walked out of the loft.

"Clark, you and I are friends right?" Lana said.

"What kind of question is that?" Clark said.

"Now that I'm with Lex, I think that we have grown apart." Lana said.

"As much as I don't want to admit it. Lana, Lex might not be the person we all thought he was." Clark said.

"Clark what are you talking about?" Lana asked.

"Just be careful Lana. I don't want to see you get hurt." Clark said.

"Clark one day you're going to have to make a choice to tell me the truth or lose me forever." Lana said then she walked out.

Lionel watched the last of the tapes for the lab. He took a drink of his brandy and sat back. He couldn't believe it. Clark Kent just pushed the door off it hinges. Clark Kent was something not of this world.

He took the tape from the VCR and walked to the fireplace. He looked at the tape and then tossed into the fire with the other tapes. He knew that time was running out.

Clark and Jonn stood at the bus stop and waited for the next bus to Metropolis.

"So where are you heading to now?" Clark asked.

"Really don't know yet." Jonn said.

The bus stopped and opened the door.

"Drop me a line from time to time." Clark said.

"I will." He said and then got on the bus. Clark watched as the bus drove off. Then in his mind he heard Jonn's voice.

"If you ever need me I'll be there." Jonn said.

Clark didn't know it yet but soon he would need all the help he could get.