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On July 31, 1980 Lily Potter gave birth to twin sons. The first twin, the one named as heir, was named Harlan Walter Potter and looked exactly like his father except for his hazel-green eyes. The second twin, Harold James Potter, also looked exactly like his father, but his eyes were the stunning green of his mother. Unfortunately what no one realized was that when Lily began to have complications and the twins were briefly forgotten, the twins were placed in the wrong bassinets and their birth times screwed up. Harold was really the first born, born at midnight of July 31st, Harlan coming a mere two minutes later. Yet for all this huge and unknown mistake, they were a happy family even when the Potters were forced into hiding for their lives. Neither Harlan nor Harold was given more attention than the other, and the brothers shared a close bond only twins ever possessed. Then, it had happened. Through betrayal Lily and James Potter had been found and murdered by a prophecy-driven Lord Voldemort, their twin sons the only survivors.

Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts and close friend of the Potter family had been the first upon the scene of death and destruction. He had been the first to discover the twins and, being the only person to know the entirety of the prophecy involving one of the Potter children and Voldemort, had declared Harlan to be the savior of them all. Harlan had come out of the whole affair unscathed, while little Harry was now scarred upon his forehead and lying unconscious. At first Albus had thought to name Harry the savior, but had dismissed the idea after seeing Harlan sitting completely unharmed in the middle of the debris of what had once been a house. Harlan had also shown incidents of accidental magic more often, while in the beginning it had been feared that Harry would be a squib because he didn't have the outlandish displays of accidental magic his brother did. It was in this moment that Albus Dumbledore misconstrued a line of the prophecy and ignored the scar upon Harry's forehead, unbelieving that such an obvious wound could be the mark spoken of.

It was then as Albus held both boys in his arms that he came to a decision, one that would change the course of history and nearly destroy one small child. He would raise Harlan in Hogwarts and Harry Potter would not be known to exist, could not be left around to hold back the training his twin brother would surely need. Albus knew he would need to remain in firm control of Harlan's life, had to be the one person Harlan could count on and look up to, and Harry would only be a distraction.

"It must be done, my child." Albus Dumbledore murmured softly to the prone form of Harry, "Your brother must never know of you. I cannot bring myself to kill you, there might one day be need of you, but for now you must be hidden from the world. In the eyes of the world, Harold James Potter died this night."

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