Title: The King of My World?

Author: Krys/Kid Dynamo/THE Kid Hardy

Main Characters: Chris Jericho, Krys (OC), some others. Whoever I throw in could be a main character. Who knows?

Disclaimer: I don't own Chris Jericho, or anyone else mentioned in this story, with the exception of Krys, and the children. Also, I do not own Jessica Irvine, or Ash Edward Irvine. They are Chris "Jericho" Irvine's wife and son (I love kids, but damn, he has a wife/cries/) This is my story alone, don't sue. You won't get anything worth much value.

Distribution: Sure, but drop me a line so I can check it out for myself.

Prologue - June, 2004

"Krys, I have to go, baby," Chris Irvine said exasperatedly as he tried to leave the house his wife now barricaded. "Can we finish this AFTER I come back home?"

"Oh no, Chris, you're not leaving this house until you tell me that whore's name," Krystle Irvine snarled, standing her ground against the door leading to the outside. "She's been calling here for you every night, Chris! Don't think I'm a damn idiot, just because I quit working to take care of YOUR children!"

"Hey, they're your children too!" Chris shot back. "And I haven't been doing anything wrong, Krys, please, I have to go."

Krys finally moved from the door. "Fine. Go. But don't think I'm giving this up. Not for one second."

Chris noticed the depressed look on her face, and walked over to her and kissed her cheek. "Baby, I married you for a reason-"

"Because I was pregnant," she said, not looking at him.

"No, because I loved you." Chris pushed the hair out of his wife's eyes, and looked deep into her eyes. "I would never cheat on you, Krys. Never. Jessica was before we met up again. She has no ties to me other than Ash. That's it."

"Then why does she tell me things like you were with her last night?" she asked sadly, throwing her hands up in the air and walking into the kitchen. "She's calling every day and night, and hanging up. She harasses me constantly, telling me she's going to you and her son, and get you to leave me. It scares me, Chris. I think about you, and-and her, and it scares and angers me."

"I'm not going anywhere anytime soon," Chris said, hugging his wife, then walking out the door.

Less than one year later, Christopher Keith Irvine and Krystle Irvine were separated.