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Leaving The Seat Up

Hanging out with the other girls never really appealed to me. For some reason, listening to them complain about their hair and makeup did not ever seem all that important. I was much more focused on work, of course, and would rather curl up with a good book than go out and get wasted. Call me crazy, but I like being sober. Guys just seem like so much better friends; not even to date, just to be with, to hang out with. I was partially right in thinking this. The only problem with hanging out with guys is our subtle differences.

Harry and Ron could spend hours on end talking about things like Quidditch or things like that, though it never really bothered me. They would let me read without complaining, and never made me feel as if I should be conversing with them. Some might consider this insulting, but I know they know I like it better this way.

I have a tendency to be a little bit bossy sometimes, but they let me be, for the most part. I fix their essays, help them with their classroom crises, and they always thank me and show gratitude. They like how I can sit and listen to them talk when they have something to say, even if I don't agree with what is said. I can't say that I'm the most patient person in the world, but I give an effort. We treat each other with respect.

Well, kind of.

Sometimes I get exasperated. Sometimes they mock me. Sometimes we have blazing rows. Sometimes I want to hex them into the next century. Sometimes, they want to ring my neck. But most of the time, we're okay.

We learn from each other, we laugh together. Once or twice, we've cried together, but that doesn't happen often; if anyone cries, it's usually me. After all, I am the only girl.

We've cheered each other up in times of trial and suffering, wish each other luck in our personal endeavors, and help each other find solutions to our problems. They defend me when words or gestures come my way, and they know that they can fall back on me should need be. In a way, they act like my brothers. In a way, I know how Ginny feels.

Living with the two of them this summer has been hard, and sometimes frustrating. There is nothing I hate more than when they leave the toilet seat up in the bathroom, but the message doesn't seem to penetrate their heads when I tell them not to.

But all things considered, if leaving the seat up is the biggest problem I have, then I have to say that I've got it pretty good.


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