Every Little Thing


This is a series of drabbleish ficlets made for the LJ community 30 kisses. They aren't written in order, and most of them will probably be spur-of-the-moment ideas. But there's lots of fluff (and sometimes angst!), and I hope they're somewhat enjoyable.

This one is for theme #3, "Jolt!"




The first time he kissed her, it hadn't been planned. He'd decided that if there was one thing in his life he would think through, that would be it. So when she looked up at him, sitting beside him late at night and watching the fireworks, he repeated to himself over and over that there was a time and place and that she wouldn't appreciate being kissed without being asked first.

And then the fireworks exploded, illuminating her face, and before she could look away to watch, he'd cupped her face with his hands and leaned down and kissed her hard. The way she tensed sent a jolt up through his spine and he released her instantly. They both looked away, mirror images sitting side by side.

But when he tried to utter an apology she just shook her head, that soft, shy smile playing along her lips. Kiba had never been very good at interpreting that particular smile, but this time, when his stomach tightened and something he could never name passed through him, he thought he might have just figured out what she meant.

The second time he kissed her, the fireworks sparkling in the air around them, she kissed him back.