Every Little Thing


#5, "Ano sa (Hey, you know...)" PG for the awesome fluff that is Team Eight.


The Best


"Hey, you know…"

Kiba sat at the table, elbows supporting him while he watched Hinata work on one of her salves, Akamaru sleeping on his lap. The little puppy was tired out from a long day of training, and Kiba couldn't say he didn't feel the same. Ever since he'd recovered from that failed mission to bring back Sasuke he'd been pushing himself hard, and the rest of team eight along with him. Having some downtime to spend with his team was definitely welcome.


His other teammate's voice was soft beside him as he answered, and Kiba glanced over at him through the corner of his eyes. Shino was even quieter than Hinata, something that still amazed Kiba. How anyone could stay sane like that he'd never know.

"We're pretty damn awesome." He grinned broadly when his teammates gave him strange looks. "We are! We're the best damn team there is."

"Um, Kiba-kun…"

"We are!" He cut Hinata off, although he didn't lose his grin. On his lap Akamaru yipped brightly before snuggling down again. "We work together better than anyone."

"Not true," Shino cut in softly, and Kiba lost his grin as he looked over at his teammate. "…But neither are we bad."

Hinata set her salve aside and looked between the two boys before smiling softly. "I think…we're perfect just the way we are." Her cheeks turned pink as the boys turned to look at her. Kiba's grin nearly split his face and Akamaru leaned up to kiss her cheek, his tongue rough against her smoother skin.

Shino left soon after, promising to meet them the next day for another intensive session. Hinata finished packing away her herbs and salves while Kiba watched, Akamaru finally asleep on his lap.

"I'll see you tomorrow, then," she said softly once everything was packed away. Kiba smiled and stood, carefully holding the small ninken in his arms. "Goodnight, Kiba-kun…"

"Night, Hinata." In the spur of the moment he leaned in and kissed her other cheek, making her blush even harder. "See ya tomorrow."

He had to admit later that he was rather pleased with himself.