Colonel Jack O'Neill stepped out of the Stargate and looked around him, he sighed as he saw the same sight that always greeted him, trees. Everywhere they went looked the same, just once he'd like to walk through the gate and see something really cool, he didn't know exactly what but he knew he wanted something cool and different.

"There's a path through the forest here" Jack turned and looked to where the archaeologist was pointing. Daniel Jackson could be real pain sometimes, when they were on missions he would always find some historically significant detail that he had to share with the rest of the team. He had come a long way though since Jack had first met him, he had been a long haired geek; his years on SG1 had definitely changed him. He had shorter hair for starters, he was a lot stronger and he had good aim with a weapon but he had become a stronger person especially after his wifes death. He could be really annoying sometimes in his crusade to always do the right thing regardless of the consequences but Jack had learnt to value this part of him, he was the conscience of the team and he was his friend, Jack would trust him with his life as he did all of his team.

"Lets go check it out then" The team headed into the forest and Jack fell in step next to his second in command Major Samantha Carter, his resident genius, she was a scientist, without a doubt the most intelligent person he'd ever met, he thought she was probably the most intelligent person in the world as well as being one of the most capable soldiers he had ever known and to top it all off she was beautiful, absolutely stunning and she had a great personality. He had fallen for her very quickly, but military rules and regulations meant nothing could happen so he just admired her from a distance.

"It's nice here" he said wanting to break the quiet that had engulfed them since they had got here.

"It's the same as every other planet we've visited" she replied and he couldn't help but smile.

"At least I'm not the only one that thinks that" he said earning a smile in return, the same smile that had been making him melt for years.

He looked up ahead and saw Daniel was in deep discussion with the fourth and final member of his team, Teal'c and Teal'c was by far the most unusual member of his team, he was an alien, a Jaffa, he looked completely human, technically he was human he'd just been changed slightly, he had an opening in his stomach which inside had a pouch holding a Goau'ld symbiote, it was kind of like a snake only grosser, they were the larval form of the Goau'ld, there worst enemy they saw humans as nothing more than slaves or hosts for their symbiotes. That's how the Jaffa came to be, the Goau'ld took humans and changed them so they could carry their offspring until they matured enough to be able to take over the host body. By carrying a symbiote they gained great strength and it took over their immune system making that a lot stronger too, they could cure most diseases and repair most injuries. The downside was without the symbiote the Jaffa had no immune system, that was how the Goau'ld kept control of their warriors, that and they had them all believing they were their Gods. Teal'c had learnt the truth about the Goau'ld and had joined SG1 to help fight against them.

The trees ahead began to clear and they stepped out of the forest they had spent 10 minutes walking through. In front of them was a village, clearly this was another primitive world; Daniel would have a field day. They walked forward and everyone turned to look at them, a woman and a man walked up and greeted them.

"Hello, I am Dalton and this is my wife Lissia"

"Hey. I'm Colonel Jack O'Neill; this is Major Samantha Carter, Daniel Jackson and Teal'c"

"Where did you come from?"

"We came through the stargate" Daniel chimed in with the smile on his face but Jack noticed the confused look on their faces

"Big round thing, out in the wood there"

"Oh you mean the circle of the Gods, come you must be hungry"

The couple turned around and headed toward a small house and they followed inside it was quite cosy and as Lissia went into another room Dalton sat at the table and motioned for them to do the same. As they sat around the table Lissia returned with some food and they all sat and spoke as they ate.

"So have you come to help us"

"Help you with what?" Sam asked

"You came through the ring of the Gods, did you not?"

"We did" was Teal'cs reply, brief as always

"Then you must have been sent to stop the sickness"

The entire team stopped eating and their heads shot up "What sickness" Jack asked suddenly very weary, he did not like the idea of being exposed to anything.

"The Sickness that has been killing our people for weeks, we prayed to the Gods to send help and you came"

"Everyone pick up your things we're leaving" he suddenly had a really bad feeling

"What we can't just leave them, we should at least take a look, it could be something we can cure" Daniel said, there was that damn crusade thing again.

"We'll send a med team back but we're leaving now that's an order" Daniel looked like he was going to argue but decided against it. He grabbed his things and the team headed out the door followed by Dalton and Lissia. As They were walking back toward the forest Sam suddenly slowed down and then stopped, Jack turned around and walked up to her.


"Sir, I don't feel so good" and with that she collapsed.