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Chapter 10

Jack walked quietly but quickly through the woods, behind him Teal'c and Janet were following him. He heard a noise to his left and hit the ground as bullets flew past him; the jerk was using their own weapons.

"Down" he shouted as he fell and he turned to see Teal'c pushing Janet to the ground.

The firing stopped and Jack watched Janet blow out a deep breath as Teal'c helped her up.

"I swear if I get my hand on him then I'm gonna do something I'll really regret, Hippocratic Oath be damned"

Jack smirked "Stay behind me" he said before turning his attention to matter at hand, killing Tempson. The three of them headed in the direction the bullets had come from and soon found themselves under fire once more, they used the trees as cover. Jack looked from behind the trees and fired a few shots as he tried to find Tempsons exact location. He looked over to Teal'c and gestured for him to provide cover fire whilst Jack moved to try and get behind him. Jack looked at Janet who was sitting next to him using the same large tree as cover, he gave her a look that said

'You move and I'm gonna personally come back here and kick your ass'

Janet seemed to get the message and nodded her head; Jack left her behind the tree and moved away from the gun fire being sure to keep low. He moved around the trees and found himself at the other side of Tempson; he was still facing the other way focusing on Teal'c. He moved closer to his target being as quiet as possible.

"Teal'c!" he heard Janet exclaim as the firing stopped and Jack knew Teal'c had been hit. He saw Tempson get up and move away from him to where Janet and Teal'c were Jack quickly followed him.

"You ruined it Dr Frasier, this could have been the most important scientific breakthrough my world has ever seen and you ruined it for me" Jack saw Tempson aim the gun he was holding at Janet's head and that was the last straw, this guy had caused Sam and Daniel to be infected with a deadly virus they were yet to see if either lived through, he had shot Teal'c he hoped he was okay and now he was about to shoot Janet in the head.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you" Tempson noticed Jack for the first time and a look of worry had creased his face.

"Why not?"

"Because I'm a trigger happy kinda guy on a good day and I'm a lot worse on a bad ay and I've had a long string of them. You've infected two of my friends with a deadly virus, shot one and are about to shoot the last one in the head, that is more than enough reason for me to kill you right this second and you're not giving me any reasons not to"

"That's supposing I don't turn the gun on you first"

"You'd be dead before you got a shot off"

Tempson suddenly fell to the ground and it took Jack a few seconds to realise Janet had kicked his legs out from under him whilst he had been distracted. Tempson was already recovering and aiming the gun at Janet. Jack could see he was pulling the trigger and without a moments hesitation pulled his first, the bullet hit him in the side of the head and Tempson was dead. He watched Janet move over to Teal'c and begin tending to the bullet wound he had taken to his chest, nowhere near his heart thank God.

Jack was holding on to Sams hand as though his life depended on having that contact with her, he quickly realised that was probably true now, he could barely believe how close he had come to losing her and he felt no pity to the now deceased Tempson. Her eyelids slowly fluttered open to reveal her beautiful blue eyes,

"Hey" he whispered quietly to her

"Hey" she said back quietly but her voice no longer carried the strain or pain it had carried before and neither did her eyes.

"I thought I lost you back there"

"You nearly did, but I'm not that easy to get rid of"

"Good, because I don't intend to let you go anytime soon" he could feel his heart beating faster "All this made me realise how much you mean to me, I can't live without you and I don't want to, I love you"

He watched her take shape intake of air and heard the beeping on the heart monitor speed up but pretended not to notice. Sam was clearly contemplating her options and Jack half expected her to use what energy she had left to hit him.

"You know those kind of feelings are going to get you into a lot of trouble when we get home"

"I don't care, you matter more to me"

"Good because I love you too" Jack smiled and brought his face down to hers; kissing her lips lightly, feeling her kiss him back he deepened the kiss. He knew he should probably go and tell Janet and Teal'c but call him selfish; he just wanted to keep her to himself a little while longer.

Jack had entered the tent and informed both her and Teal'c that Sam was awake, Teal'c had gone to see her even if it had taken him a while to move from the chair he had insisted on sitting in instead of the bed Janet had tried to force him to lay on, Janet hadn't had enough energy to argue with the stubborn Jaffa so she had reluctantly agreed. Janet was going to stay here until Teal'c came back. She watched as Daniel opened his eyes and smiled at her, she felt her heart skip a beat, the cure had worked and both he and Sam were going to be fine, providing of course that there were no side affects.

"Hey, how are you feeling?"

"A lot better, you found the cure didn't you?"

"Yeah but there could be side affects, we don't know, Sam's awake, Jack says she's doing much better"

"That's great"

"You had me really worried back there"

"I know you had me kind of worried too, cut it a bit close with that cure didn't you?" Janet resisted the urge to hit him and instead resorted to leaning her head down and kissing him with as much passion as she could possibly force out of herself having not slept for going on 3 days now. When she felt him kiss her back with just as much passion a feeling that everything was going to be okay washed over her. She finally broke the kiss, her need for oxygen finally over powering her need to kiss him. She rested her forehead on his.

"I love you" she was sure her heart had stopped beating when she heard those words come out of his mouth and for a moment she was to shocked to respond, finally gathering enough of her brain together to form her response she finally confessed her feelings.

"I love you too"

The majority of the medical team had returned to earth a few days ago but SG1 and Janet had remained on the planet until Sam, Daniel and Teal'c were well enough for gate travel. A small medical team would remain behind on the planet to help make sure the virus was truly gone and to help those of the villagers that were still recovering. Sg1 and Janet however had had enough of this planet to last them a life time, Daniel and Sam had recovered well however it would be a while before they would be back on active duty Teal'c had healed pretty quickly, Jaffa had that advantage, he dialled the stargate whilst the others stood and waited for the familiar whoosh of the event horizon forming.

Jack looked at Daniel with his arm around Janet, they had both been quite open about their fast growing relationship and he couldn't be more pleased for them if he tried. He then looked down to his arm and the beautiful blonde that it was currently wrapped around, he and Sam had both been quite open about their relationship too. They had already informed General Hammond of their relationships, to their surprise and relief he had laughed over the radio and told them it was about time and that they would figure it out when they got home. They watched as Teal'c disappeared through the event horizon of the stargate and then followed him through knowing a whole new life waited for them on the other side.


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