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GSEED Singles Series
Mr. and Mrs. Jule
a hermit junction project

It seemed to be a mutually beneficial marriage,
He'd get protection from his Father in the political arena,
And she, she'd get to be the wife of Yzak Jule.

Being Shiho Hahnenfuss' husband didn't change his way of living,
Didn't stop him from wandering,
From finding the wildness he was entitled as a teenager.

He didn't understand why she'd tolerate his behavior,
She understood that he was trying to drive her away.

In a game of lies, sex and outright infidelity,
All players are losers when emotion creeps through.
When brutal realization hits, both will be cut wide open,

Beyond repair.


'Mr. Elthman! What in God's name happened?'

Wincing at the weight on his left shoulder, Dearka Elthman looked up and found Niolava, the Jule family's housekeeper, dashing up to them.

'Hey.' Dearka shifted slightly. 'Your young master is beyond drunk, he's so wasted.'

'What did you do again Mr. Elthman?' Niolava asked sternly with her hands on her hips. 'How many times have I told you to not bring the young master to nightclubs?'

'Woah!' Dearka's eyebrows furrowed. 'No need to be testy, I'm not the one who made him go, he was the one who kept doing Vodka shots. Be grateful that I at least fought with him for the car keys lady.'

Sighing loudly, Niolava shook her head violently. 'Bring the young master up to his bedroom then.'

'Righty-ho.' Dragging the heavy body on his shoulder up the spiral stairs of the Jule Manor, Dearka managed to throw his best friend onto the four poster bed of his huge bedroom. Brushing his hands off, he watched as the limp body lying on the heavy sheets rolled over, a groan echoing from his mouth.

'You are so wasted man.' Dearka muttered, shaking his head. He was about to turn and leave when something on the dressing table caught his attention. Frowning, he looked away, barracking himself for even thinking of meddling into the couple's problems.

That is, if the problem even existed anymore.

When the sun shone into the bedroom seven hours later, Yzak Jule found himself cursing. Throwing one arm across his eyes, he rolled over and groaned into the sheets, his hands in tight fists. Opening his eyes slowly, Yzak waited for them to focus and stared into the air for a few moments, his mind completely blank.

What the hell happened?

Rubbing his eye, Yzak flipped over and sat up. Racking one hand through his silver locks violently, Yzak looked up and found himself staring at his reflection in the mirror in front of him.

God he looked like shit.

Refusing to let any memories of last night enter his mind, Yzak climbed off the bed and grabbed his robe hanging on the coat tree. Wincing at the pounding of his head, he jumped into the shower after undressing himself quickly, watching as the steam fogged his vision.

When he stepped out of the bathroom again, the sun was shining into the room and something shiny on the dressing table caught his attention. Gritting his teeth, Yzak wrapped the towel around his waist and walked towards it, staring down at the piece of paper lying on the smooth marble surface.

His fists in a tight ball, Yzak turned away abruptly and slid the balcony doors open. Stepping into the light summer breeze, he sat down on the chair and leaned back, staring up at the sky as his hair was lifted up slightly.

'You're stressing yourself too much Yzak.'

'Can I help it? I'm in the council and ZAFT, try doing my job.'

'It was just a comment, no need to be snappy.'

'You use to work for me so you know perfectly well, I don't need you to emphasizing my shitty working condition, not when I'm married to you, I hear enough already.'

'I'm sorry.'

'What are you doing?'

'You have a headache don't you? A message might help.'

The message did help, but he'd never get one again.

Closing his eyes, Yzak tried to block out the flooding memories.

'Where were you?'

'Do I have to report my whereabouts to you? Just because you're my wife now doesn't mean – '

'It was a simple question. Where were you Yzak?'

'I – '

'What did I do wrong?'


'There's no pleasing anyone.'

'She died?'

'She died.'

Opening his eyes, Yzak stared down at the wedding band on his left fourth finger.

''What did you say?'

'I want to leave.'.


Stepping back into the huge room, Yzak reached out one hand and lifted up the red velvet box that held an identical wedding band with his name carved inside.

'I'm tired Yzak.'

'What do you want?'

Putting the velvet box down, Yzak reached for the pen with a trembling hand.

'I want a divorce.'

'If this marriage is a game, that I'm a loser. The stakes are too high and I've already lost. Please.'

'What are the stakes?'


Taking a deep breath, Yzak signed his name on the piece of paper where a tab was labeled, right beside the signature that could be barely read out as Shiho Hahnenfuss.

She was right, the stakes were too high and they both lost. It was already game over.


End of Prologue