Me: Oh my gosh, I got over 100 hits total for my two oneshots!

Link: Hurrah...

Me: In celebration, here is a little(?) poem about Link's thoughts throughout the child part of OoT!

Link: WARNING: Because Rynada sucks at rhyming, THERE ARE VERY RANDOM THINGS WRITTEN.

Me: Shut up, yous!

'U's: No, never!

Link: O.o

Me: Anyways...I don't own Legend of Zelda and all that good stuff. If I did, Link would talk-

Link: Th-

Me:BUT! Only in Japanese. With subtitles.

Link: Nani...? (What...?)

Me: ;sigh; You sound so cool!

Link: Omae o korosu... (I will kill you...)

Me: O.o; Gotta go! ;runs;

Black clouds

Large castle gate

Oh boy, don't tell me it's one of those "Here comes your fate"

White horse

A large black steed

Watch where you're going! Don't have to go all "Need for speed"!


New fairy "friend"

I wonder how long it takes to get sick of her in the end?

Small shield

Short sword to boot

Heh, let's see if they make fun of me now for being a mute!

Large tree

Huge bug to beat

Tree inwards, gross things, and I eat the heart within the bug guts...neat!

Gray tree

Pretty green stone

I can sell this for a lot of rupees! ..or is this thing just a long-extended loan?

Leave home

Receive friend's gift

Yuck, Saria's lips were on this! Something like that sure ain't gonna lift!

Big field

REALLY big owl

What's up with all the large talking things, you freak of nature fowl?

A courtyard

Princess Zelda

She got no hair under that headress, I tells ya!

Small town

Tall Death Mountain

What in the name of Din is a Fairy Fountain?

Goron City

The leader, D-something-ia

What a geek to dance to the forest song of Saria!

Big cave

Even bigger lizard

(A/n: Okay, this poem is not being done by a rhyming wizard)

Another heart

Nice red ruby

Ack! These monsters want to hug me, and they think it's groovy!

Skip a lot of waterworks

Receive blue rock

What's with the fish freak princess? She doesn't stop giggling, am I something to mock?

Black clouds

Large castle gate

Deija vu? Er, I mean, this is just like the dreams I had of late!

White horse

Something thrown in water

I'll have to get that later, because I'm still wondering if I should've shot her!

A large black steed

A dark man with a long nose

Where have I seen this before? ;Ahem; Well, this guy sure ain't a rose!

Ocarina of Time

The Song of Time

Gee, the sages couldn't find anything to rhyme?

The Temple...of Time

A long sword

Oooo, I bet if I can pull this out, they're gonna have to call me "milord"!

;Slip; ;ring;

A bright blue light

Wow, I bet I am so outta sight!

--And to find out why what he said was true

All you have to do is read and review--

Me: Ha! How's that for humor? You peoples thought my other two works were funny, so I wrote this with humor in mind. If you don't think it's funny, then I shall cry...

Link: Baka (Idiot)

Me: Link, why do I make you out to be so mean?

Link: Eh? (Eh?)

Me: You are supposed to be nice and heroic...

Link: So desu ne? (Really now?)

Me:, Link, do you want to be nice?

Link: Hai! (Yes!)

Me: ...Really?

Link: Iie (No)

Me: Meh. Anyways, Nihongo (Japanese)lesson brought to you by...Karla. Yeah. I forgot the pen name, and I'm too lazy to look it up. Sorry, Karla. Yeah, okay...

Link: ... (...)

Me: Yes, I DO have to subtiltle everything Link says...or not says.